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He looked down for a while then looked up to the crowd.
“Deya is… just a friend”Bryan said.
“Cool so what about Nana” tasha said.
“At some Point,the relationship existing between I and Kim Nana. I don’t owe anyone an explanation”Bryan said.
Taaha frowned and nana smiled
Bryan walked out faster in front till he met with his Guards.
The other idols watched him in shock
They ran after him but he walked faster and ran into his car.
Min ah took my hand I smiled.
We both walked out.
All the students made way for nana.
I heard them apologize..and I saw them give her different gifts.
Tasha angrily ran into her car.
Zaina’s pov.
I watched nana smile happily.
But she still has the guilty look.
I have a bad feeling…Nana is hiding something..
There is something Kim nana feels guilty about.
Something she wouldn’t share.
I have a feeling…that’s what is actually controlling Bryan
“Yea sorry” she said
“Are we keeping secrets from each other now?”I asked
“Noooo I was just carried away” she said.
Bella came
“Nana the boys are ready… they will surely do it” Bella said.
“Do what” I asked
“Rape deya…Bryan is trying to resolve this …I know he will but luckily for me deya will not be the same way he left her” nana said.
“Did you plan this rape?”I asked
“Noooo its the hate card..Nana doesn’t have a hand in it but am telling her cos it’s good news for her” Bella said
“Nana she’s a virgin”i said
“More reason why I want her rapped…so Bryan will realise that she is not so special and innocent” nana said.
“I hope it doesn’t work…I feel bad for her ” i said nana smiles.
Soon I and Min ahh stopped in the field..we sat down.
“Deya how do you feel?”she said
I smiled and nodded
“Oh fine..am totally fine” i said
“Sorry…i know it hurts” she said
“Actually I didn’t expect much.he said am his friend that means my first dream came true.
being his friend was what I always wanted.
it was the real reason why I came closer to him.
Even when I started getting romantic feelings for him which I never really experienced, before I always wished the best for him.
even if the best was nana.
I never saw myself as that best min ahh…not until he kissed me..
he got me confused” I said
She smiled and hieved a sigh relieve.
“That kiss really got me confused but now I understand it all. The kiss must have been a mistake.
I am still who i was before and thank God that I am a very contented person.
am fine. exams are coming up,i wasn’t trained to think about a boy at Times like this” i said and Min ah smiled
“Do you know what I love the most about you?”she asked
“What”I wondered
“You know how to manage pain deya, you are simple and contented. you look fragile but In reality you are always in full control of your emotions. You are a strong woman deya.. the Bryan I know wouldn’t want to hurt you like this.. but since he did, am already glad that you are okay.” She said
“Pain is my best friend min ahh. I have lived with it right from when I was little. Bryan removed one of the biggest scars that always reminded me of my pains then little by little he made me forget every single pain I ever felt. I guess maybe thats why I fell so crazily for him. But I am fine. Am fine because I never expected more than this..even if it was mistake..I feel happy he took my first kiss” I said
Min ahh hugged me tight.
After a while she unlocked
“If u feel like really crying Or talking about it… come to my house Okay?” She asked
I nodded and smiled.
She left.
Bryan’s pov
I drove down but someone won’t stop trailing me
I had to stop.
I walked out and Austin walked out.
“Bryan why did you do that?”he asked
“When did you start interfering in my Personal life?”I questioned.
“I thought you understood pain more than everyone else..why hurt that innocent girl?” He asked
“Deya is my friend, i didnt tell a lie” I said
“Then why did you kiss her Bryan?
why are confusing her for crying out loud” he said
‘How did you–
“I don’t only know that you kissed her I saw all the things she did at your mother’s grave.
I was there before her but I hid myself because you don’t like anyone being around you when you are hurting.
but that girl calmed you down.
isn’t that enough to get you to love her?
if you don’t why did you kiss her?
you are frustrating that girl Bryan…do you want her to get depressed and commit suicide?”I asked
“Deya, do you like her?” I asked.
He sighed
“Thats not–
“Being concerned about a commoner, I never really saw that in you before” I said.
“You like her, its already obvious. So I don’t need to tell you to protect her ..that hate card..protect her from it..
You know the hate was not harsh cos everyone thought she was dating me in a way.
Nooow …. she is not safe Austin.
Protect her even at that high cost you have to pay. After all that’s what real men do when they love someone,they make painful sacrifices.” I said and entered my car
Austin is falling for deya.
He loves her …I knew he will fall.
His Heart is very weak.
If i dont do this right.
I will leave deya alone..he will love her the right way too..he is a very nice person and he will change for her.
Austin can also sing in the competition with her..I will just sign back his right to him because rightfully he should be the leader of dreame..but he couldn’t stand crowd.. so i was chosen.
He will sing with deya and I will promote her carrier while being just a friend.
Nana really did something she shouldn’t do.
At the end of the day…
Maybe, am not made for you
But when it comes to loving you, i will stop when am dead..
I love you and i just gave way for another man go get your attention.
I miss you and am getting jealous.
I don’t know if I will be to late when I am done setting something in your life right.
If am too late I promise not to drag you with any man.
I won’t stress your heart anymore……….
Wish I can hug you right now.
Am sorry deyaaaaaaa…
but you don’t understand.
I drove off.
Austins pov.
he got me
What is wrong with me?
Why am I falling hard for a commoner?
Why am I falling for deya?
Ahhhhhh I cant stop
what exactly is attracting me to deya.
Now that nana took back her crown, deya is not safe in dream High.
I ran off and came back.
Wait how will I even talk to that girl
I think she hates me.
Becoming her friend
..is that possible?
I don’t even know the kind of person she is yet.
What she did for Bryan in that grave..it drove me wild.
I wish you can also be my friend,being friends with a commoner..I really wonder what it will be like.
Deya is just a friend..will I ever forget that statement.
What pains my heart the most Is that hate card.
I didn’t even know that Austin was really the owner of that hate card and he was the first person to sign that hate card too.
I stood up from the toilet sit where I sat
Everyone looked at me so badly so I just wanted to be alone.
But right now…why do I hear sounds???
I walked out and met a group of boys…
I got scared
“Leave dream high school..you chose not to” one said.
They where all masked.
I moved back till I got to the wall.
Ok 6 boys.
“noooow we just want to have fun deya,no need shouting everyone already left” the other one said and dragged me to the floor..
I sat up
“We would have done this a long time ago but we where scared..we thought she was really with Bryan” another one said.
“Come on hottie…””the other one said as he dragged my jacket
“No stop..please..don’t” i said
All the boys held me firm and one of them removed my jacket.
I started kicking about.
” we don’t need her kicking about right now..where Is the stuff” one said
The other gave him a handkerchief and he tried placing it on my nose I hastily covered my nose..he slapped me and removed my hands
Bryan please come
He forced the handkey to my nose I hastily shaked away.
He tried hitting me again
“Stop it..get out” a voice said they all ran away.
I couldn’t see well..is it Bryan.
I can’t see well..I think this drug is finally working.
He carried me up into his arms.
I can’t move..the person i am with, i hope am safe with you.
I placed my face on his shoulders..
“Sorry,forgive me deya.from now on, i will stop it all..all the Pains” he said
This perfume
I know this–
I felt myself falling into a deep sleep.

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