*Part 5*

While a mama was trying to recover from the dirty slap Mr. Bayo gave her, he ordered other
inmates to go while mama was asked to stay back. Mama and Mr. Bayo were left alone in his office. He headed straight to the door, jammed it and began to force mama unto her back.
Everything that happened between mama and late Bayo was recalled in a flash.It was like
history will repeat itself again. Mama will never break her vow, not with a prison warder. The
struggle started again like the day Bayo died. ‘Sir,don’t do this to me I beg you.Thiswas exactly
what brought me to the prison;don’t allow history repeat itself sir. I beg you in the name of God;
seem easy our own daughter who wants to keep her dignity at all cost. Don’t defile me sir, I
have a vow not to give away my virginity to any man but my husband. ‘On hearing mama was
still a virgin he pushed harder to have her. Then another tragedy. struck again. Having succeeded
in getting mama down on her back, mama gathered all her strength for a push and pushed him
away so that his head landed on their on burglary. proof of his office door. He fell down and
began to bleed. Mr. Bayo screamed in pain and all the female inmates rushed out from the room.
The scene was not different from what happened on the day Bayo died.
Immediately the ladies composed a song, “Funmi don kill Mr. Bayo”. Loudly they began to chorus it to get her until other male inmates heard and two other prison staff came into meet Mr.
Bayo in the pool of his blood. Mama was whisked away while Mr. Bayo was rushed into the
prison clinic.Three hours later Mr. Bayo wasoutoftheclinicwithbandagesandstitchesonhis
head, he made it.
Mama was moved from Kaduna prisontoKujeprison.Additional 5 years was added to her
prison term for attempted murder. Her case became more complicated because the Inspector
General of police was interested in her case. Within a year mama was moved from Kuje prison
to three prisons in Nigeria. Inmama’sentirepredicament,she held firm to her decision never to give away her virginity. Mama got closer to God not with standing.
Why is mama’s virginity more important to her than her life? Why did she give up everything just
to keep her virginity? Was it just that she wanted to keep her dignity or her desire to keep her virginity for her future husband? Who will marry mama after she’s through serving her jail term?
Mama was 22 when she was jailed and her first jail term was 20 years an additional 5 years. She
will be 47 at the end of his jail term. Who will marry a 47-year-old woman who has spent her
prime years in prison?

More revelation in the next episode….

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