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Chapter Twenty Four
Emma’s POV.
I looked at them coming towards this restaurant. As they entered I took a look at the girl with him. She was beautiful, her hair black and eyes chocolate brown, her skin fair. She was wearing a black tight dress which reached just above her knees. Edan was holding her and she was smiling. She kissed him on the cheek and he smiled whispering something to her.She giggled. I felt a strange feeling by looking at them, I rolled my eyes.They sat at a distance of two tables in front of us. I quickly hide my face behind my hair.
“Why are you hiding?” Kevin asked me noticing my action.
“No, I’m not…” I lied looking downwards.
“Now you’re the one lying… One just not look somewhere and hide her face. There is definitely something fishy. Tell me.” Kevin smiled looking at me.
“Uuh…It’s Edan.” I whispered
“Who?” he questioned raising his eyebrows.
“Mr. Wilton…” I told him still hiding my face. I’m sure he could see me because his face was faced towards me. And if he stands up he will surely recognize me.
Darn it! Why he has to come here out of all restaurants!
“Where?” Kevin started looking here and there to look for him.
“Kevin! Stop it…” I immediately stopped him from searching.
“What happened?” By then Kate and Jim had returned and they both were panting. Kate asked me looking at the Kevin who was looking around the restaurant.
“Oh… I’m looking for-”
“The waiter.” I cut Kevin’s sentence motioning him, to remain silent. He understood that and nodded.
Thank God….!
“Oh! Yes…I was looking for him.” Kevin agreed with a smile
“Why?” Jim asked sitting beside him as Kate took her place too.
“For ice cream. It’s getting late you know.” I answered him cutting Kevin’s stuttering. A playful smile on his lips.
“Yeah…Exactly for ice cream.” Kevin laughed.
“Okay,” Jim replied believing our little lie. The waiter arrived with our order after 5 minutes. As I was eating my ice cream, I couldn’t help but glance at them after a short while. They were laughing, talking and it seems like they had known each other for years.
I wonder…
Who is she? A close friend? Or someone to just pass the time? Or a girl from one of his nightstands? Or some wh*re?
Seriously Emma… Shut up! Who gave
you the right to think about someone
like that? You don’t even know her.
What has gotten into you? You were
not like that… You just cannot judge
a person without knowing him.
I totally agree…
I am not like this usually… I don’t judge a person by just looking at her/him. I believe that a person even the most arrogant one has kindness and love in his heart.
Love? Does it exist in reality?
Well, still I can’t seem to ignore this… Is she his girlfriend? But… he told Sofie that he was single. Was he lying? I should have known he is a liar… A big fat Liar!
So that’s why he was behaving coldly with me earlier this day. He had found a new girl to play with, he was a player and will remain a player. His feelings for me was a part of his play. I thought for once that he may be telling the truth and I feel guilty for rejecting him but I guess it doesn’t affect him at all…
I looked at them and felt something, which I haven’t felt before… I want to punch him to show him how much I hate him. I feel jealous? No, it can’t be. But why I felt this way… It’s not like we were something but still, I felt hurt… What is wrong with me? Why I’m behaving this way?
“Emma? Hey…where have you gone? You’re ice cream…it had melted.” Kevin snapped me out.
“Uuh…I’m done. I’ll be waiting outside for all of you…” I stood up from my chair leaving my ice cream. I really didn’t want to finish it.
“I’ll come with you…” Kevin said standing up.
“No…I want some time alone.” I said politely.
He understood and nodded. I like Kevin for this, he always understands you.
I walk past Edan’s table glancing at the girl sitting there but Edan was nowhere to be seen.
Where is he?
I was so lost in my mind that I didn’t see someone was coming and bumped into him. I quickly regain my balance and composed myself from falling on the floor.
“Are you okay?” The girl stood up from the table and hurried towards me. I nodded still looking downward, hiding my face from her.
I couldn’t let him see me.
“Edan! You should see where you’re going?” She scolded at the guy who bumped into me and upon hearing his name I froze.
Edan? Oh no! I bumped into the one from whom I was hiding.
Seriously… Why me? Why I have to
be the one to bump into him?
“Why? She should see where she’s going?” Edan retorted.
“Edan… Apologize to her.” She ordered. Wow… She must really get the nerve to order him. No one had got the guts to order him. She must really be close to him.
“No,” he said and walked past me to sit on his table.
“Sorry for his behavior and I would say sorry on his behalf.” I looked up a little to see her face. She was pretty and nice too.
Now I’m feeling guilty for assuming all those things about her… It looks like Edan had found someone better than me.
I smiled. “It’s Okay. Some people… just don’t know how to apologize.” I replied taking a glance at Edan. I was looking at him when our eyes met and I quickly turned my head to the other side.
“Well… Thanks by the way. He is one lucky man to have you.” She looked at me confused and I hurriedly strode out of the restaurant.
I went to a small park beside the restaurant and sat on the bench controlling my tears. I was happy for Edan, although a bit hurt too but it’s best for him. Finally, he got the love of his life… And she is caring, nice, polite and loving. Unlike me…
I had only met her for a few minutes and I already liked her, so I’m pretty sure Edan liked her too. A one or two tears escape my eyes this time.
Emma! You idiot! Don’t you dare cry!
I swallow up my tears and forced a broken smile on my lips.
It’s for his best…
“Are you planning on staying here and crying for the whole night?” I jolted at the voice.
I exactly know whose voice is that. I put my head down to hide my face behind my hair.
“Still trying to hide from me?” His voice sending shivers down my spine. His lips brushing my earlobe.
I quickly stand up, wipe down my tears and started walking towards the dark, trying my hard to hide in the dark.
I don’t want him to see me hurt, I
want him to be happy.
When I didn’t hear any footsteps behind me. I slowed down a little and stood right in front of the lake… The lake was looking beautiful with moonlight.
I was enjoying myself alone. This site brings back the memories of my family when we used to go to our little beach house. The sea would shine and reflect the moonlight. I smiled at the thought.
I was lost in my track of thoughts when I felt a pair of warm hands on my waist from behind. I was going to shriek but a hand was being put on my mouth.
“It’s me.” He whispered in my ear and my heart skipped a beat.
I thought I had lost him but I was wrong. After a minute he removed his hand from my mouth and placed it on my waist. He held me tighter, so my back was facing his muscular chest. He nuzzled in my neck. His warm breath against my neck and I placed my hands on his arms and closed my eyes enjoying the moment but then I remembered…
I rejected him yesterday and now I
am enjoying it? S–t! This is wrong.
And he also has a girlfriend. A girl
better than me.
This is wrong…
“Let me go…” I found the courage and spoke up.
“No.” He replied firmly drawing me closer.
“Edan…Let me go.” I said a little firmly. My heart constricting. It does not want that, it wants to remain with him. Shut up Stupid Heart… Shut up!
“No Emma… You don’t know how long I want to hold you. It was so hard to resist you. I thought I could resist you by acting coldly but no I was hell wrong…” He whispered calmly.
I smiled at his words… Emma come
on push him away….he has a
girlfriend now..!
I tried to free myself from this back hug but he didn’t let me go. I turned myself and now I was looking straight into his eyes. I pushed him and this time he let me go.
“Leave…me… a-alone…” My own voice betraying. I turned my face downwards avoiding the stare.
“What happened?” His voice a little soft.
“What are you doing here? You-You should be in there with your g-girlfriend.” I whispered.
“What?” he said coming closer while I stepped backward.
I want to show him my confidence. I want to show him that I’m happy for him so that he could get the hint that we can never be together. I gulp down my tears and put a broad smile on my face. I looked up but not in his eyes instead I was staring at the tree behind him.
“Emma? What are you saying?” Edan said lookin’ towards me.
“I’m happy that you have found the girl of your dreams…I’m sure she likes you the way you like her… ” I whispered still not looking at him.
I could notice a smirk plastered on his face from my peripheral vision.
“No she’s not…” he said and I looked at him wide eyes. She is not his girlfriend?
“I mean… she does not like me. I like her very much. I had never seen any woman like her. Yes…she may be the girl of my dreams but she rejected me. I have told her about my feelings, strong feelings but she won’t accept them… I know deep down she likes me too but she is so darn stubborn and won’t admit… I even tried to play a little cold with her but she wasn’t affected at all by my behavior. You tell me what should I do to win her heart? Her trust?”
Oh…! For once I thought that he’s going to say that she’s not his girlfriend but I was wrong. I was shocked at his words.I can’t believe that he did all this, he confessed his feelings for her. Yesterday he had done all these things for me and today for her… He had given up on me? I guess he had understood my words… he had understood that I’m not good for him, well that girl will surely make him happy.
I controlled my tears and look at the tree avoiding his eyes. I’m pretty sure if I’ll look at him I won’t be able to control my tears. I felt heart broken…and it’s all because of me.
It’s my fault…
“Aah… You should not give up on her, tell her you like her. Take her to places she loved… Show her that she could trust you. Show her how much you like her.” I found my voice and despite I don’t want to say these things but I said them for the sake of that lucky girl.
“You know Emma? What’s her problem? She doesn’t believe in herself, she thinks that she is nothing, she blames herself for all the troubles.” Edan said, his voice a bit amused? And why did I hint that he’s going to laugh?
“Well… You should tell her, she’s beautiful, it’s not her fault whatever happened in her past.” I replied feeling a little bad about her.
She sounds like me but she is so pretty and looks bold. I know she is
way braver than me and now she has Edan. She’ll be fine now.
“But Edan…if you love her then love her till the eternity, never let her go, never break her heart, solve the problems together and never ditch her and always have trust on each other,” I whispered my voice getting heavier with my tears.
I faced my back towards him to hide the tears which could not be controlled now. I was wrong about my feelings. I had fallen for Edan and now when I had lost him I had come to know how much I like him. Saying those words worsened it…
“Emma? You okay?” Edan said from behind me and I nodded.
“So what should I do to gain her trust?” he asked me for advice.
“Well….Take her on a d-date in a romantic restaurant,” I whispered hiding my hoarse voice.
“Okay…I’ll do that,” he replied calmly.
I heard my phone ring to see Kate. I pick it up.
“Emma we are waiting for you. Where are you?” I heard her voice.
“I’m coming.” With that, I hunged my phone and wipe my tears. I turned myself towards the restaurant.
“You should go to her now. She’ll be waiting for you.” I said to Edan as I walk past him but he grabbed me by my hand. I looked at him.
“Are you crying?” he said.
“No…it’s just flu.” I lied trying my best to smile.
“You are a terrible liar…Miss James,” he said drawing me closer again.
“What are you doing Edan? Let me go… You should not be doing this.” I said trying to free myself.
“Why?” His eyes sparkling with amusement.
I wonder why
“You cannot flirt or kiss me
That will technically be called cheating on your sweet girlfriend…” I reminded him but he didn’t let me go instead he pulled me into a tight hug.
“Like this.” He whispered seductively in my ear and kissed on my cheek.
“Edan… Stop… Remember the girl you like.” I stopped him trying my best to remind him of that girl. My heart hurt
at that.
“Oh yes…I remember.” He said seductively kissing my jawline.
I bit back a moan. I love the way Edan turn me on, he made me lose my mind… S–t! But I need to stop him.
“Edan… Stop…p-please…” And this time he stopped.
“She will be waiting for you…”I said referring to that girl in the restaurant.
“Don’t worry she said me to go and apologize to you for bumping into you.” His voice tickling my ear.
“Apology accepted now go,” I ordered him this time a little firmly.
But my heart doesn’t want that….it
wants to remain with him. STOP IT
“But I haven’t apologized yet,” he said playfully. “And she said not to return until I apologize to you.” He said seductively in my ear and I felt a shiver ran through my spine.
“W-Well t-then a…apolo..gize,” I said feeling nervous.
“Not now.”
“Because… I don’t want to…leave you.” He kissed my forehead.
I was going to protest when I heard my phone rang again and this time Edan pick it up.
“She’s coming with me… You should go now. No! I’m her boss and there is something that needs to be sorted.” With that, he hung up.
“Edan? What did you do?” I yelled at him glaring at him. How could he do that? I’m not going with him and his girlfriend.
“I told them what was needed.” He held me tighter but I was pissed at him. I pushed him and this time harder. I succeeded in freeing myself but couldn’t control my balance.
I was going to fall in the cold water of the lake when Edan hold me.
And now I was back in his arms looking into his blue eyes. He pulled me up.
Crap! D–n!
“Thanks,” I mumbled.
“That’s why you should never push too hard.” He chuckled and warm crept onto my cheeks.
“Let’s go.” He held my hand but I didn’t move. I’m not going with him.
“No… I’ll find a taxi. Go to her.”
“To whom?” He questioned.
“To the girl you liked, to the one whose heart you want to win, whose trust you want to gain.” I reminded him.
“Well then…” He paused and held my face in her hands.
“I’m already with that girl.” He said and the next thing was, his lips on mine.
to be continued……

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