She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 7

Just by the end of the week, Cal travelled to the states for the business assignment, San saw him off to the airport and Came back with his car. She has finally been granted to work for mr hilton as a private french tutor.

Two days later she was contacted by hilton and they had booked an appointment by 4pm and the venue was Limelights hotel, she had wondered why a hotel as a venue, but she had reasoned that since the appointment wasn’t official, but just a private session, then any venue was appropriate…

With no second thought she had dressed her best that day, by 3pm she was ready set to go… she fetched her car keys and off she when to Limelights. She became a little nervous on the way, as she draws close to the place, her nervousness was not far fetched, somehow she felt hilton’s presence was intimidating, especially when she remembered the gazes he kept on throwing at her the other day at the seminar, and also the way he had delivered his last statement at the end of the seminar. She wished everything will just be normal, especially with a big personality like Mr Hilton, But she didn’t like it the way she kept thinking about his charms.

Soon she arrived the hotel she called him, he had asked her to come to the reception, and she did. Moments later they both could be seen in a dialogue, san has elaborated the rudiments of learning the european language for him, he seems not to be paying attention, rather casting retrospective gazes at her, at some point she had noticed, which made her very uncomfortable, it was better the other day because he threw gazes at a distant range, but not today, she was sitting right close to him. she managed to continue, she had assumed that was the way he stares. San soon round off her lectures she had showed him a book to aid him, she had wanted to leave when he stopped her.

Mr hilton: common going so soon? He asked

San: yes sir, i am done for the day, she replied

Mr Hilton: why not wait for a drink or two.???

San: no no sir, i really would have loved to, buy there are somethings i wanna catch up with at home.

Mr hilton: oh common , san we know that is not true. I know you don’t wanna stay, besides your husband is away so no rush, having a drink is not a bad idea, it will help clear your head While driving Home.

San: Well if you insist! She said and he smiled.

He already have everything planned, he had called a particular waiter, over and placed an order, he also bidded san to do the same, she had ordered, a soft drink, but Hilton was having none of it, he succeeded in persuading her to go for something stronger, and she finally settled for a Scotch bottle, that was the hit…. He had paid the waiter to empty a small amount of ecstasy on her drink. The waiter later returned and submitted the orders. It was a job well done when san started acting funny! And he showed her to his room in the hotel.

San: why did you bring me here? She asked in her excited state

Hilton: well, for obvious reasons, you drink too much it’s not fit for you to drive on this state!

San: ok ok… fine i miss my husband, oh I am hot… I am hot, cal cal… can you f–k me right away?….

This made hilton smiled the ecstasy missed with scotch has done a perfect job, coupled with the waiter’s effort, it was worth paying 250k, soon the drama has escalated by now, san grabbed his shirt… ” Pls baby f–k me, I am very hot down there please she begged really she was helpless.

hilton: Wha? no san please stop misbehaving i can’t do that, he said very obvious of the camera he in the room on record.

San: please baby i need you now, you are hotter than my husband, just do it with me and no one will ever get to know abt it she begged pulling her clothes and throwing them off at different parts of the room! He went closer to him and started ofing his clothes!

Hilton: no san what are you doing, you are my friends wife and I am his boss, stop this! Please stop! He said feigning annoyance just so the camera could pick it!

San: If you don’t do it, I will tell my husband you raped me she said, and he made him to oblige and soon they were fondling each other, and enjoying the fruit of lust!

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