She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 6

That monday San prepared herself for the meeting with Techcom Global, and she arrived at the office in her car, soon that meeting was set Cal was present at the meeting, alongside his boss and other members of the board of techcom global, the meeting with the french men weren’t as hectic as anticipated, the french men had little idea on english, which made san’s job somewhat easy, and she did her best, her performance left a smile on cal’s face, San could notice the weird gazes Mr Hilton was given her, at some point it had made her lose focus, she had even thought she didn’t dress well and tried to adjust her clothes, she had prepared so much for the meeting. By 4pm that day, they were done and she was ready to go home when Mr hilton walked up to her, her heart had skipped a bit, but she manages to act up and cover.

Mr hilton: hello san, you did great today, he said all smiled, and this had left sandra a little relaxed.

San: Thank you so much sir, it’s my pleasure.

Mr hilton: well for a job well done, your account will be credited with 2.5million today, I will collect your acct details from your husband. He said surprising her

San: what??? sir this is so much for so little. She said she couldn’t curtail her joy, this was her first salary as a worker ever since she finished schooling and married cal, and it came so big!

Mr hilton: were you doing it for free before? No so nothing is too big for a beautiful woman like you. He said coyly

San: thank you so much sir i am very grateful. She replied.

Mr hilton: well that is not all I have decided to retain you as a part time worker for some period of time. He said finally unleashing a step to his plan. You will be my private french tutor till i am grounded in the language, by then i would be able to communicate with my business associates! This time he let his words lingered he had said it gayly in a way that sounds very different from his usual tone, such tone could be said to have emanated from the bedroom.

San: what sir i will think………. she didn’t want to tell him her husband would not have agreed to it, so she pulled the will think about it stunt, that mr hilton had countered half way

Mr hilton: there is nothing to think abt, i will tell your husband about it he said to her as they finally exit the hallway leading to the car garage of the company’s building.

San: ok sir that would be fine.

Mr hilton returned to his office all smile, his plans are moving up and inch, just a few more shots before the meat becomes the hunter’s game. He had made sure he appeared very hot in the office that day. One would think this 56yrs old man was mad, but it isn’t madness it’s lack of self control, because there was no way you see san and still have control over yourself, she was busty at the necessary places, she was well endowed, her waist was as curvy as the thin parts of an hourglass, she looks pretty in the face too, a typical example of Karissa kane’s face. Gosh hilton what are you thinking about, he snapped himself out from his reverie. Just wait till the meal is done he said to his evil self with a grin.

San got home that evening, all through her ride she was thinking about what mr hilton told her, she would be very glad to work but she hoped and prayed for her husband agrees to it, the thought of working in the big firm excited her, and she decided to prepare something very nice that will suit her husband and make him susceptible to her suggestion! She hurried to the kitchen to make do with the cooking her thoughts returned to mr hilton at the office he looked so hot, why was she nervous at his gaze while she was doing the ordered Job? Now the last statement he whispered to her, came in a hush sweet bedroom voice that made her heart melt when she recalled how he had said it! _I think he is hot_ she said to herself. Huh?? Sandra what are you talking about she asked her confused mind! What gotten over me? She asked, she tried to wave off the thoughts and focus on the food she was cooking.

Soon her husband returned, they both ate dinner, he had brought up the topic

Cal: San, my boss it’s cool for you to become his private french teacher, what do you think about it baby? He asked her

San: well he told me before, I think it’s honey, i had love to work please it’s just part time she persuaded.

Cal: san ion want you get stressed we have enough to take care of ourselves baby, no need for you to work the chores in the house is already enough work for you bby

San: darling please i want to you know you will be away soon and I will be all alone, with no partner and anyone to console me, only if our daughter were here oh daniella, she cried how i misses her she said again and a tear dropped! This pricked cal’s heart and he draws her closer to himself and cuddled her,

Cal: it’s fine san You can do the Job… he said!

San: you are the best my king, but i miss daniella so much,

Cal: it’s fine san i miss her. Well me make another sweetie! He said cuddling her under his arms


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