She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 5

Mr Hilton: I will be sending you on an international business forum, for 3months it is for you to sign a contract deal with Swisscom Groups, we need to secure alliance with the company, so this will be a step forward for us also. Mr Hilton told Cal some few weeks after his return from Spain.

Cal: but why me sir? You are the ceo of Techcom global, you should be in charge of such business transaction. Cal voiced out his fear, to be candid he really don’t wanna go to the trip, due to so many factors first was because of his wife she is just trying now to be her self, he can’t just leave her all alone for a 3months business trip, also He wasn’t the ceo such deal were not meant for ordinary managers like him

Mr Hilton: Mr cal i have bestowed so much trust in you, i have taken you like my very own son, now are you trying to tell me not to trust you? He asked feigning anger which got cal’s attention

Cal: not so sir just…..

Mr Hilton: no just cal, you are going and that’s final, once you are done with the trip be sure of a promotion! This gladdens cal heart and he signed in for it, but that was it, he just signed the deal, of turning his wife into a cheating wife. There will be a meeting with the french company, that also wants to sign a contract with us here in nigeria, all i need now is a linguist that will help us interpret on that day mr hilton later brought to cal notice..

Cal: well sir that won’t be a problem, my wife is the perfect match for the job. Cal said out of excitement. That was it, sandra’s mother had been a french teacher back in the days, she had passed the knowledge down to her child, so san just studied mass com in the university, but she was well granded in the european language.

Mr hilton: Oh that will be fine invite her over on monday, their visit will be on monday so you start preparing for the trip in two weeks time.

Cal: Ok sir that won’t be a problem! Cal said as he uses the exit

Mr hilton had smile to himself immediately cal left his office, things were going as planned! He knew all along that San was a guru at the french language, but him telling cal was a decoy to let her in on the game, he had battled the way for the french company to sign he deal here in nigeria. She will surely warm his bed, he said to himself, san looks so sumptuous and irresistible, a lot of time he had hold the urge to pounce on her so much when they come across each other, that he always have hard on, he knew he lust for her so much than he could just was off and ignore.

Cal got home that night and told his wife of the latest development she was excitec at having gotten a temporary appointment to be a french interpreter, how she had wished to work a long time a go but her husband never allowed it, she was even glad he agreed to let her work temporarily.

San: Honey so what made you let me in the job? She asked in joy.

Cal: well because it is temporary and it’s gonna happen right at the company where i work, so there won’t be much stress baby he said patting her on the bed.

San: but on the lighter note baby, i ain’t happen you will be away for so long. She said acting up like a baby, I will miss you so much baby.

Cal: oh no baby, you won’t because i will be keeping contact with you, and you will be fine i promise.

San: ok my king anything for you, i love you so much she said and sat up using her b—-t to caress his face.

Cal: I love you too baby, but I am not in the mood am so so weak from work!

San: it’s ok baby, but promise you gonna give it to me tomorrow night?

Cal: sure baby he and gave her a soft kiss to the head, and covered up with the duvet!


San stood up looking frustrated she has been h—y all day, because the weather was cold, she gently stood up and went to her computer in the living room and log on a p–n site she watch how the actors pound away themselves, and she went up to her own room to fetch her d—o and f—-d her self, she has been doing that since morning, and she had hope to get a real d–k when cal comes back, but hell he was tired so she had to build up her own pleasure the best way she could, she loved her husband and she would never cheat so she thought, that was why she ordered a d—o online, she pricked her n—-e and fondle her boobs, inserted the rubber d–k on her p—y and…………….

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