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(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_31
I rushed to the window
“Are you dressed?”he asked
I looked at my mirror jeez!!
I used my hand to cover the phone..
Then I hastily tied my wrapper and placed the phone in my ear.
“I did already”i said
“So open the window”he said
I opened the window and saw a girl
“I had been waiting Patiently, here” she said and handed me a bag I closed the window
“Your top you tore, i just replaced it”he said
I smiled
“Jacky stop–hey I will call you”he said
I nodded and heard him drop.
I hastily ran into the shower after bathing I locked Every where and covered myself with my duvet.
I kept looking at my phone.
I feel so different.
I placed my face in my pillow as i imagined Bryan hugging me under my blanket..you see the kind of thoughts am having?
I smiled and turned to face upward.
I love you so much… everything about you.
I just love you so much
Ahhhhh so cute…I love that sweet sir.
My phone rang again..I picked
He laughed and locked a door.
I smiled…is Jacky disturbing him again.
“Deya are you done bathing?” He said
“Yes”I said
“Did you dress?”he asked i hastily covered my body…
Ahhh thinking about him made me forget to dress
“Ahhh not yet..later”i said
“So you are totally naked?”he asked
“Well blanket “I said in a small voice
“…quickly dress up..it’s cold”he said.
“Oh ok..I will dress up now”I said and picked my gown which I hastily wore then covered myself again.
“I did” i said
“Oh ok. can I text you? I am kinda busy..sorry”he said
I nodded and fell back
do you feel sleepy …
I smiled
nooooo why?”I said
I want to tell you something
I smiled
oh ok
but I really can’t say it here … ummm i need to look in your face while doing that
so uhmmm, go out with me?
lols….let’s go on a date deya…
well I …
totally your treat, take me anywhere you want to..
I smiled
ok.. but I can’t go out from home you see, my dad won’t give in…
them come back..
come back where?
mansion…will You?
sir when is our date?..
yea I will…
goodnight too…
He didn’t text again and as usual I went back to the old text.
I smiled happily.
Am happy..
I wanted to be with Bryan everyday and its happening
I now see him every day
I must go home very early in the morning
I better call Jeremy
I called him
“Oppa!!!”i said
“Are you okay?”he asked
“Yesssssss, oppa open the door really early for me, you hear?”..
“Ok…I will even open it now..do you want to surprise someone?”..
“Yes Bryan…
“Awwwwn am happy for you deya”…
“Kumawo,oppa bye”I said
He dropped
On a date with Bryan?
What do I wear?
I hastily opened the bag Bryan sent
Ahhhhhh what will I wear tommorow
am dead
I brought out a white top.awww cute
I felt something else..it was a hanger.
I lifted it and it was a white gown
I hastily dropped it and deeped my hand I brought out a white bag and slipper.
I deeped my hand again and brought out a small pack
I turned it
Oh my gosh!!!
Diamond ear ring.
I need to meet dad.
I ran off to his room In high speed.
I hope he won’t shout
Well he has money
He is kind to me when I get money
Now s-square is paying him soo I ran offf
Zaina’s pov.
I hastily ran into nana’s house without knocking.
Her dad pulled out of his secretary in a haste.
Gosh they where kissing
Her dad is sleeping with this little girl
So soon
Her mum Just–
This is going to hurt nana so bad cos she always told her Dat that he must never marry another or else she would stop singing
She loves her mum so much and her mum was so kind.
Who knows maybe he was even cheating
I hastily turned back
“Zaina!! .. wait”he said and ran after me.
Gosh!! now I see where nana got her super hot looks from.
Her dad is a shot!
“Uhmmmm where is nana?”he asked
“Her penthouse”I said
“Uhmmmm what you saw was a mistake zaina..you can’t tell nana”he said
“But you where really kissing your secretary for real..isn’t she nana’s–“he used his hand go cover my mouth..
“Ok sir”I added
He nodded and left.
I can’t even tell nana.
Nooo I can’t hurt her
Not today when I got good news.
Finally nana is going to be so happy when I tell her this..
What I found out
All what I found out.
I arrived and ran into her room.
“Zaina school is resuming tomorrow…am finished..am so scared”she said
“Dont worry..with what I found out..tasha won’t defeat you anymore bes”I said
She smiled and stood up
“It’s about deya,..her past is interesting nana and with this Bryan is coming home”I said.
Nana smiled and sat well
“Tell me all”she said
I smiled and sat beside her.
Wow all thanks to Jeremy I returned to the dream mansion really early.
And luckily no one saw me
I ran fast till I ran into someone
“Sir..sorry”I said as tried moving away in shock ..I almost fell and he watched me fall down.
he cracked.
I hastily stood up and bowed he smiled and walked past me I ran to my room.
What Austin did..that’s crazy
I smiled.
Why did he let me fall
Did he want to laugh at me so badly
Oh jeez I will bath twice today.
I ran Into the shower and bathed.
I slept off
Oh Nooo
It’s really
1O am
I woke up really late
I took my bath again and ran out.
I packed my hair up..no he hates that
I removed the band.
I applied powder.
I looked in the mirror.
I don’t feel good enough
I feel on my bed.
I got courage so I hastily stood up and wore my dress
It was beautiful.
I wore my bag then the slipper.
Wow I look simple and expensive
But I never went on a date before
What –how–when–
I feel so happy..I have good feelings…I guess
Am just forcing myself to do this..I feel really nervous and scared
But it’s ok, bryan might like me too. he didn’t do that for pleasure..I know he didn’t
I want go hear all he wants to say
I looked in my mirror one last time and opened my door..
I looked at his door.
Female slipper?
Whats —
The door opened and nana walked out.
My eye widened
Bryan walked out too while pushing the door to open well.
Nana wore only a black polo but it was very very short.
She held her car key and her phone..then deeped her leg into the white slipper..
Bryan packed his hair then wore a gold coloured tracksuit with a gold earing.
Then a gold chained slipper too.
I was both shocked.
Someone please tell me its a simple visit.
Bryan watched nana walk out then he turned that was when he saw me
He closed his mouth queitly as
He watched me quietly from hair to toe…
Say something…
am really going crazy
He moved in and his door closed
I can’t–

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