Fire and ice – part 61

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(kiss with me👄dine with me)
©️ Adesola Adeomowole
Season2 episode11
Quarter Finale😍
Now enjoy 🥤🥤 🥤
Knight Miles 💚💚💚
Ohhhh love,
I never knew I could feel like this for anybody. Most times,people said you’re cruel while some said you’re wicked but not until I try and find myself falling for Dyna.
….is there anything more than that??….
I watched as she was rushed into the emergency ward by the nurses,her eyes was shut dead down while her red blooded lips stood firmly.
“Sir Knight,I don’t think she’s gonna survive it. The gas she inhaled is very poisonious and I’m scared she might die”
The doctor said,I find myself really devasted.
Len faced the other side with his arms crossed.
He bounce walked to my side and tap my shoulders.
“I said I’m changed,I don’t mean any harm” he blurts out.
“What’s my business with that???
I replied him rudely.
Just then,beauty stepped into the clinic.
She went straight and sealed her face on the glass door so that she can be able to see Dyna face clearly on the bed.
“Knight can you tell me what’s happening??
“Why is Dyna not opening her eyes???
She left the door and dish to face me.
“Knight,Dyna heart is not beating!!
She exaggerated like she wanna go crazy.
“Nothing had happened to her”
Len spoke and wanted to touch beauty’s shoulders,she shifted back in a swift and covered her face with her palms.
“Ma, exercise little patience. She’s not yet dead and she has been placed on a special medication with a 50%chabce of opening her eyes in the next 45minutes”
The doctor said.
“What if she doesn’t open her eyes??
Beauty asked.
“Then she’s gone!!
The doctor smirked and hung her stethoscope.
“I’m also gonna close my eyes for 45minutes.
“If she doesn’t open her eyes then I think I will die also”
She swallowed the lump in her throat and quickly shut her eyes.
“Excuse me,is that a protocol by you??
The doctor asked her,she kept quiet with her eyes shut.
5minutes passed,
10 minutes passed,
20 minutes passed,she was still closing her eyes.
10minutes passed again,making it a complete 45minutes.
She opened her eyes and rushed to Dyna ward.
“She isn’t opening her eyes and her heart is not beating!!!
Beauty cried and faced the door.
“Does that mean she’s dead??
Len said with little real tears dropping down his jaws.
“How can she be dead???
I objected….more tears drop down my chin.
“Now,I think I will die too!!!
Beauty cried with her palms on her mouth.
“I can’t imagine how life will look like without Dyna!!
“I don’t think I can stay without Dyna!!
“Dyna who had always wish that one day,she will become a nurse💃💃
“Where’s the person that said she wants to be a nurse????
“Knight call her for me,I want to see her!!
“Can my dream of becoming Miss universe of Indian tommorow turn into reality without Dyna???
“Knight,you’re crying??.
“Len you’re crying??
“Neesha you’re crying???
“Deesha you’re crying???
“You don’t need to cry for Dyna!!
Beauty wept as the doctor cut piece of cotton wool into Dynas nose.
“Dyna are you dead or alive??
“Dyna speak to me!!!
“Dyna you said you will count stars with me!!!!
“Dyna don’t you wanna see me become miss universe tomorrow!!!
“Don’t you wanna see me shame Emily??
Beauty cried and remove the oxygen mask from Dynas nose.
“Dyna can you hear me???
“Is your soul lingering arround!!!
Beauty cried,the nurses drag her out of the ward.
Gloominess builds up,
Life grew back and wax stronger 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬
Dyna opened her eyes and closed it back.
The nurses stood frozen,beauty stopped crying and ran in a slow motion to her side.
“I think I will call mom.
“I don’t think I will go for the national DCP competition tomorrow”
Beauty sniffed and placed a call.
In a swift, Many guards were seen standing at the door.
Beauty dropped her phone and acted more of a queen in power👸👸👸.
“I want you guys closing the boarder!!
“No intruder!! 👷👷👷
“I want my sister safe👩‍✈️👩‍✈️👩‍✈️
She speaks like a queen and picked her phone back.
Her mom walked in.
“Start going home,I will stay with Dyna!!
Sindoora commanded.
“Mom,you can’t understand,I cannot leave Dyna!!!
“I don’t even think I can continue with the DCP stuffs. I dash Emily the golden crown 👑,trophy and the miss universe.
I don’t want it.
All I want now is Dyna!!!!
Beauty said back to her mom with full authority.
Sindoora smiled,
Beauty pouted.
“Beauty go,I will be ojayy!!
Dyna manage to say.
“No Dyna. Don’t beauty me….
“No DCP competition for me again, all I want is you!!!
Beauty shutted with a finger on her lips.
Silence hovered.
(Next day,DCP competition at national hall)
Emily POV😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
The first round had gone, I won.
The second round went,I won.
It’s the second to the last round now and Beauty Dana isn’t here!!!
“All the same,it’s for the best!!
I smiled and choose my outfit in a more unique way.
“10minutes more!!
The moderator said through his mouth piece.
“Ma’am you need to be very fast with your dress 👗 since you’re number 5 on the list.
“I know you will emmerge as the winner!!
My maid said to me in the dressing room.
“Time up,contestants!!
The moderator said.
“Number 1!!
The moderator called.
“Gangaa santa( a hot dancer) step out on
the vote counting metre.
She had 8.9million votes.
“Number 2!!
Charlotte Dave(a talented script writer) had 7.4million votes.
“Number 3!!
Ashley Lucas (an actress)
Had 9million votes.
Samantha Ivory (a composer) had 9.9million ratings.
“Number 5!! The moderator called.
I smiled and catwalk to the stage from the dressing room.
In a stylish manner,I stood on the vote counting meter.
Emily is sooooo cute😍😍😍
I smiled and read my votes, it was 11.7million.
“Number 6!!.
“Reailey Neil( a trained mind reader) step out and stood on the vote counting meter.
She had a total of 11.6million votes.
“That was so close!!
A judge interjected.
“Number 7! The moderator called.
Everywhere became quiet.
“Number 7 are you present or absent!!
The moderator queried.
I smiled faintly,knowing fully well that beauty won’t come.
“How can. She be absent for four good rounds???
One of the judges blurts out.
“Remove her vote counting meter to one side on the stage!!
The judges concurred.
“Reiley and Emily are on the same range, they will be the one to go for the next range!!
“Dressing as a queen!
One of the judges said and set a time limit with a small remote control.
Reiley and I walked into the dressing room…..and came out separately again.
My votes counts fast…..
I got a total of 23million ratings….
Reiley got a total of 19million.
I was amused at my performance.
“Emily Daniels!!
The judges smiled at me,more lights flashed on me on the stage.
“What’s the definition of a queen to you??
One of the judges asked and brought out the gold made crown and trophy to be placed on my shoulders.
“A queen!!!
“Miss universe!!
I smiled but my smile fades away when I saw Beauty’s face through the projector.
She looks so true to be real.
Her face become more visible……
The judges were lost by her sight as she walked in alone up to the stage.
She passed my presence on the stage and walked to where her vote counting meter was.
“I’m sorry I came late!!
She said and remove the piece of saree that was covering her face.
She step on the meter,
The meter beeped red and started counting.
The meter was taking sooooo long to read.
Finally,it stopped.
The judges were shocked,
The crowd gasped…..
Fiona fainted on Mitchell’s lap…..
Beauty had a total vote counting of 53million…..
She smiled to reveal her tight dimples,her votes increased to 61million.
My body started shaking…….
The judges kept quiet.
“What’s the secret of your beauty??
The moderator asked.
“What’s the definition of a queen to you??
One of the judge asked.
She open her mouth to talk,her votes increased to 68million rank.
“A queen to me is like an empress in her empire!! She answered in a sweet voice..
Her meter beeped more red lights.and increased to 87million ranking.
“All the judges stood up!!
“The spectators also stood up!
“The moderator knelt down beside Beauty!!
“Beauty Dana you won the DCP!!
The judges announced,I left my meter and rushed to Beauty’s side.
I sturttled at her darling eyes and frown.
I ran off the stage with tingling feeling of hatred in my soul.
Beauty the gainer!!!
Emily the loser!!!!!
I mumbled and ran out amidst the crowd.
….. anticipate semifinal and grandefinale❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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