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(kiss with me👄dine with me)
©️ Adesola Adeomowole
Season 2 episode12
Now enjoy🥤🥤🥤🥤
Beauty Dana
At long last,my wish came into reality. Dyna gave me the reason to be here and I’m gonna make sure I reveal to the world that Emily is evil😭😭.
“Beauty you won the competition!!
The judge smiled,my shoulder drop up in amusement.
The cheers was becoming much and more and yet,my votes keep increasing.
I can’t believe my votes had risen up to 99.99milion ranking.
Beauty Dana,you really tried😜😜.
“Can I have a dance with you???
A young judge asked and walk up to me on the stage.
Just then,I sighted seven.
This is trouble🔥🔥
“The dance!!! The judge said, everyone kept mute as the young handsome looking judge stretch his hands forward to me.
I rather say no. If I should say yes,seven will cause trouble🔥🔥.
“I prefer dancing alone” I mumbled,he drop his hands down in embarrassment.
“Sorry,give me 10minutes”
I back the crowd and rush off the stage to the dressing room that was behind the stage.
I changed into a black strapless tight fitting tong Elva bought for me from Washington DC.
I put on the dazling clothes and tied the curly part of my hair up in a tight bun,I fixed two anklets each on my feet and place Bangles on my wrists.
My black mask stood firmly on my face also.
I stepped out and check my vote meter,it was still increasing.
I smiled as the music played on.
From the projector,Emily watch me with total disgust,🙄🙄🙄 but I care less.
I started dancing ….
Very hot like the stripper I had once been,
I split in between dance and made my hair sweep the floor.
Somehow,my mask fell off my face and drop in front of that judge that had his face on my lips.
I stop dancing,my vote meter keep increasing.
“Dance fasterrrrrrr!!!!!
I heard shouts that was trying to block my earbuds out of my ear.
From the crowd,I saw Dyna resting her head on Knight’s shoulders while Len was kissing Deesha(my personal maid).
I smiled and stop dancing.
“The one who is as beautiful as a sun flower is equal to the goddess of the sun ⛅.
“Beauty Dana,you won the competition!!
The judge announced again as I bonce off the stage to meet my mom.
Elva was standing with her too.
She smiled and fundle my already loose hair. Instantly,my guards surrounded me and covered me with a royal robe.
“You’re getting engaged to Mr President tomorrow!! Sindoora giggled.
“But mom and not 23…. I’m 20” I replied,really confused.
“Gonna add three to your age,seven really need his first lady by his side on the throne” Elva satisfy my curiousness.
Emily must get ready because I will soon file an evidence against her!!!
I mumbled under my breath and walk to my car with my guards following me behind.
I connected my phone to the speaker in my car.
(In call)
“Detective Isla did you got the evidence??
I asked,in call.
“Will send it to you in the next 24hours!!
She replied,I cut the call and drop my phone.
Next day………..
15hours later……….
😭Emily Daniels 😭
Beauty the gainer,
Emily the looser!!!!!
I puffed out smokes of cigarettes ad I stared at Beauty and Seven’s invitation card in my hand.
The invitation was titled….
Mr President finally found his happily ever after.
Their pictures was placed in front of the iv.
They will be getting married today at the miles mansion.
I grinned sadly and remove the cigarettes stick from my mouth.
“Do I really need to attend their wedding??
I questioned,aloud.
“Are you sure you can go??? Fiona beemed.
“I don’t think you should go because the security is gonna be sooooo tight!!
Joahhn cautioned.
“Emily,can you just leave seven and beauty alone????
“They deserve better!!! J smirked at her outburst.
“I don’t think I can leave them!! I replied and crook a gun into my bag.
Curly retorted.
“Because I paid Bryce Kali already!!!
I replied,solemly.
Joahan shouted and placed her hands on her head.
“Emily you’re wicked!!!!! She cried and placed her palms on her face.
“Why did you pay Bryce Kali???
“That means Massey is partially gonna come back!!! Curly blurted out with a tear dropping out of her eyes.
“I’m I wicked!!!!!!!
I asked..
“Emily you’re really wicked!! Mitchell drop down on her kneels and started crying too.
“Why did you do it????
“Why did you pay Bryce Kali??? She voiced out and pushed away the glass made center table .
It sharttered into broken pieces.
“Their wedding is today and you know seven is still a young president…..
“Beauty is just 20!!!!!!
Fiona cried also and stood up to face me.
“I now regret being your friend!!!
“I now regret trying to kill Dyna!!!.
Emily you’re heartless 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fiona wipe her tears and picked her back.
“I’m only taking what belongs to me,I’m not wicked!!!
I shouted and grab my car keys in my left hand.
I walked out✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️.
……3hours passed……..
…..Emily at miles mansion……..
I step my feet into the place,
It was so beautiful…….
The first person I met was sevens grandma.
“Welcome!! She greeted someone warmly.
“Aali your grandson is really lucky to have met with Sindoora daughter!!
The person retaliate,I felt a deep spear tearing my heart apart💔💔💔💔💔.
“Niel,he’s so lucky” she replied…..
The priest walked in and sat on the golden laided mat at the center of the house.
The crowd in Mr President house was just getting more and more.
Everyone wants to see the weeding between two wealthy people.
Everywhere became quiet as seven walk down the stairs with knight..
Mumurs lingered.
❤️Mr President is so cute in Indian dress!!!
The crowd gasped as seven stuck his tongue out.
He just look more cute like the man I desire to spend the days of my life with.
Slowly,he sat on the golden laided mat that was facing the priest .
He crossed his legs and place his phones in his hands do as to reveal his very expensive Ruby gemstones on his index finger.
“Mr President!!!
The priest smiled and lit his praying plate up with light.
The fire stuck a single tongue out in fury.
“Where’s your bride???
The priest asked.
“My bride…….
“On her way!!! Seven replied,everyone laughed.
The laugher died away while silence hovered
Sweet perfume filled our nose 👃 as beauty step down the saphire laided stair case.
This house is just too wide and is furnished richly.
She walked down the stairs with Elva by her side,the Bangles in her hand was uncountable while the saree she wore was very tight fitting,making it to reveal her small waist and large hips.
Why am I just seeing her bumbum today???
I must admit it that she have big buttocks than me.
She walk slowly and sat beside seven on the mat.
The priest read out something on his holy book, everyone clapped slowly .
I joined them in clapping but my evil thoughts never left me.
The priest stopped, everyone stop clapping.
The priest asked them to pour flowers into the praying plate at the same time,they did it and stood up at the same time.
Everyone also stood up.
“Take your binding flowers!!
The priest instructed them to wear it on each other neck.
Seven wear his own on Beauty’s neck,everyone clapped.
It was beauty’s turn but she was …..
She’s not even tall enough to reach sevens head.
She stood on her toes,Seven jumped up.
She slam her forehead and smiled.
“Why am I not tall??
She smiled and jump up,the flower fixed into his head in a more romantic way.
Everyone clapped,
Dyna was the one clapping the more.
“Round the light seven times!!
The priest said and tied their clothes together.
Immediately they started rounding the light,
Three messages beeped into my phone…
One from Bryce Kali,
Two from Fiona.
I opened Bryce own.
Should I start????
Bryce message read.
I smirk evilly and opened Fiona’s own.
“Emily please tell Bryce to stop!!
“Emily please!!!!!…..
I stood up and rushed out of the mansion.
“No,I won’t stop🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒”
I replied Fiona and message Bryce Kali( an informant ) to start.
.. this is still not the end …….
Anticipate Semi quarter Finale and Grandefinale ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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