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(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_3O
After kissing Me Bryan unlocked and looked quietly into my face.
I swallowed nothing as i rolled my eye.
I used my hand to cover my mouth
He smiled
I still removed it.
I was so surprised
I looked at him and looked at his lips
He kissed me..
He smiled as he watched me silently.
I lifted my kneel to my chest and folded my hand around my leg ….
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I feel so nervous but sweet inside.
I looked at him
“Sir”I said
He smiled..he enjoys looking at my face I just noticed this.
He looked at me quietly
“Ma’am”he said I couldn’t talk anymore.
He smiled and took my Hand from my leg where I folded it
“Sorry if I put you in shock deya. I guess i am fond of doing that to you”he said in a smile as he scratched his hair.
I smiled and hid my face he smiled.
“Deya I don’t know how to say this and actually convince you about how i feel but–
“Sir we need to go”a voice said Bryan pouted like a kid and turned in full surprise.
“Must it be now”he mouthed to himself.
“Can you just give me few–
“You got your dad worried we need to take you home..your mom even fainted out of shock.”a man said
Bryan smiled with that”I knew she will”kind of look.
He stood up and one of the guards picked his phones.
They rushed out in front. BRYAN followed them.
immediately the crossed the passage Bryan hastily ran back to me I smiled.
“Sir they are–“he brushed both hands to my neck and kissed me again!
…a deep blue music started playing in my heart.
I smiled into that kiss and gently held his shirt on both sides..
I was too nervous to hold his waist to myself.
Not until the moment captured Me.
I didn’t even know when I opened up to him and kissed him back.
our tongues met.
It was more than a kiss this time it felt so strong
I enjoyed every bit.
I didn’t want him to stop.
I carefully left his shirt and wrapped my arms round his waist till I locked them behind.
We both opened our eye at the Same time and I felt him unlock from my lips.
I got shy so I closed my own eye tight..he kissed my eye and I opened them.
I smiled as I removed my hand from his body and looked at him.
“Call me”he said.
I nodded
“Or better still I will call you”he said
I nodded
“Hey Dont –”
“Bryan!!!!”the Guard shouted and Bryan ran off like a kid
My first kiss
I gave Bryan my first kiss
I heard a kiss sometimes means a person likes you.
Is it possible for Bryan to like me.
That kiss
I cant believe I kissed him back.
how did i do that?
But he didnt tell me why he kissed me
Why did you kiss me Bryan.
I ran out after him.
the guards opened the door for him.
he entered the car.
they picked his wallet which fell off.
Then locked the door.
Then the entered and drove off.
5 minutes to that a military car followed them
So he is being monitored?
All the while even at the pack and the road side…was someone watching?
Does he know?
Hey how rich is he exactly that he is protected like this
I sat on the floors
Bryan kissed me
Did I brush my teeth yet
Oh no!!.
Did I bath yet
Oh no!!
Ahhhhh deya.
I smiled happily.
That star kissed me
but why?
Wait why do I feel so happy.
I let a man kiss me
I am corrupt
I fell in the floor fully and slept off
Am too happy to go home.
BRYANS ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
Ahhh why didnt chance let me tell her how I feel.
Am going to get her guessing and guessing.
My mouth has full cake taste..
So sweet
I couldn’t just get enough of her lips
I got drugged..
Alison texted
hey sugar
what again killer
tell me you are not in Korea
don’t come to Korea without those stuffs
I Wont
ok,I even want you to meet someone.
your girlfriend?
I want u both to meet.
I want you to meet deya.
Only 5 to 6 women matter in my life but their level of value is not the Same.
Deya is a hundred percent.
Alison, wow we have been through stuff together..she was even the one who noticed the therapy and how bad it was then told her dad to stop it for me..I wonder what would have happened to me now..Alison is well..98 percent.
Jacky,Candice ,Sir edwardo’s wife. All 97
Who else ooohh nana.
Kim nana..
Why can’t I hate you yet
I don’t know why I can’t stay mad at that girl
I see everything she does as child’s play,youthfulness.I keep praying for you to change.
I can’t wait for that day when you finally change
I don’t think any one can love you more than I did..but I pray you find someone who can
I blame dad your for your pride.
I blame friends for your life style
Just change nana
I ran into roses room in a haste and locked the door.
Then I fell on her bed.
“Deya, why are you so nervous?”she asked
I fell on her bed and used her pillow to cover my face.
She dragged it out and looked in my face.
“Tell me?”she asked
“Someone kissed me”I said.
“Really..how can you get so loose anyways? I have always thought you about self control I can’t be–
“It was Bryan”I said
“Waaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaat” she shouted and jumped on me on the bed then started rolling on my body.
I smiled.
“Omg deyaaaaaaaa” she shouted
“Huh”I said
“Bryaaaaaaaaan!!! like the Bryan?…Most handsome idol and leader of dreame bryan? …you mean that Bryan?????????????????” She shouted.
Was it Bryan that kissed me or was it a dream…
No it was Bryan
I nodded
“It was Bryan for sure” I saiD
She hugged me tight I smiled
“Really..that rich star kissed you..deya how?”she asked
“I don’t know ” I SaiD.
“Soooooooo Did you kiss him back?”she asked
I nodded.
She smiled and clapped her hands.
” did you hold him?”she asked
“A bit”I said she smiled.
“What did he say,”she asked.
“He couldn’t talk, he was occupied”I said.
“how was it? The kiss.”she asked
“Sweet..it felt better than I thought” I said
She smiled and hugged me
“Deya you are lucky, bryan is in love with you.”she said
I hastily stood up
“That’s how men say they like you..if he kissed you that means he really likes you bes” she said.
“Really” I asked
“Really”she said and hugged ne tight again
I smiled
“Oh my Deya will soon get a boyfriend…you guys are leaving me in this circle..you and hana”she said.
I smiled
“No that’s not poss–
“Better gist me about everything if not we are going to fight. from the kisses,your first romance and all the fun things huh”she added
I ran myself out of her room
I know she is laughing now.
Ahhhhhhh so confused
Ryan call me already.
Am tired of guessing why you kissed Me
I want to trust rose but you are just to good to be true.
In fell on my bed and removed my cloth.
I remembered the kiss and hastily sat up.
Ok ..I Need to bath.
I removed my top that was when my phone rang..Bryan
“Sir”I said as i picked the call.
“No ahhh no..not again”he said
“Oppa”I said, he chuckled.
“Uhmmmm where are you”he asked
“I just want go use the shower..before you called”I said.
“I have something
“I have something
We both stuttered.
“Deya open your window”he said.
I nodded and rushed out

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