She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 4

The next day, the appointment between Jude and San was fixed, and jude tried his best in doing his therapeutic job on her, and it really helped a long way, and foe the first time she manage to be her old self, but the vacuum was still there, she loved her husband with the whole of her heart, how he had stood by her throughout the trying period, he had stayed strong for her! Cal has always been caring to her, she was grateful, to God for giving her such a gem as a partner! She still remembered how they met back in school, how their days had remained sweet, how they got married and how they had their first baby, how things had been so so sweet till the baby was taken from her, how they had always had sex every now and then when she was still newly married to him, Gosh sex it’s been a while since i had sex she said to herself for the first time she smiled in four months, I will really have to show up nice for my husband tonight!, mourning is over But i love you daniella she wept, her memory of her came back she could see the smile on her littel dimpled cheek, Those that have hand in your dismissal shall never see anything good in their life, it will never be well with them, she said and headed for the bathroom to wash of mourning from her body, she soon went to daniella’s room after having her bath, and sprayed her perfume all over the room in tears, she didn’t know why she was doing that but she felt her heart was please with it and she soon closed the room door, and went to bed for nap.

Cal returned that day, and was glad at what he saw, his wife really as beautiful as her old self she had put off the mourning clothes and look, welcome back sweetie, thank you dear you look great! Yes dear all thanks to mr jude! The loss of daniella is not the end of the world she said to him, and he smiled! We will make another baby honey! I love you Cal she said in smile which had gladden his heart! You know what San! I really can’t tell how glad i am to see you all smile once again, my whole world, seem bleaked with no hope of restoration then at those trying times when you would lock up yourself in the room in tears mourning our baby, but now my hope is restored because my sunshine has emerge from the shading clouds of sorrow and she is shining brightly, and beaming radiantly I love you san you are the best of me, you complete me he said and planted a kiss at her fore head and all she could do was just smile, without closing her perfect set of teeth the kiss to the fore head had sent sensation down her whole body and she didn’t wait for a seconds more, she brought her own lips to his and it locked in a hot french kiss that had lingered for some mins, before the start tearing their clothes apart without breaking free from each other soon they had been done with the pleasure of the soul that took them very far away from the planet, and they started coming back to earth! What Just happened San asked coyly im a sexy fashion! Huh? I F—-d You Cal replied gayly, mtcheew spoilt child, couldn’t you use a more decent word? She asked feigning anger, it make me feel like am not your wife! Oh common baby! I’m sorry, leave here joor she said and used the pillow to hit his head, ouch fake a groan, oww sowie baby i didn’t mean to hurt you san replied, trying to move closer to him this was his decoy the moment she got closer he pounced on her and draw her closer to himself for a second go! What are you trying to do? She said and they burst out laughing, together, ok baby the last one was bomb i mean it felt so good, just make this one the best she muttered to his ear sexily and this turned his brain upside down! And they…..

Cal was sitting in his office that friday morning when a call came through from his boss, he picked up the phone to answer,

Mr hilton: My plane will soon land at the airport, i want you to come pick me up!

Cal: ok sir will be on my way right now!

Soon cal reached the airport! And he was able to locate his boss quick and, just like a snap they were already in the car, heading for the office, inside the car they had some conversation, and at some point were quiet! During those times mr hilton had stole gazes at cal, and smiled he already had a master plan to be have his wife as his bed warmer.


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