She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 2


The missing baby could not be found, thorough search has been issued and men of the force has combed everywhere all over the country but all seem to no avail, as the more they search, the colder and lesser the trace wane. Depression took over san, as the day goes by, she became a shadow of herself, Cal tried his best to console her but all to no avail!, we will make another baby san stop doing this to yourself and to me! He always tell her everyday” but is it really easy for a mother to move on in such situation? The step of moving on is a gradual thing!.

The city of Lagos housed a very big organization, which has branches in major parts of africa, Techcom Global the organization where Cal works as an associate manager under his boss. Cal was a very busy man, he has earned his position in the company due to his persistence and intelligence, he joined the organization with a first class degree as an Engineering student from the University of Lagos, the same year he finished his service as a corp member! He could still vividly remember how he had met San back then in his university days, his father had been a lecturer at the same university where he schooled, who was retained in his early years as an undergraduate due to his intelligence, the intelligence thing runs in the family, Cal had passed his papers in his o’level and his father helped him secure admission in the university, he focused on his studies with no side distractions from chicks not even the once that made passes at him he had acted as if he was ignorant of them and their intention, who wouldn’t want a cute intelligent dude, for a partner, they made their passes but he manage to ignore and forge ahead, nothing must come between him and first class was his goal!

That day he was coming back from class when he saw her, she seemed to be looking at the ground, searching for what he really doesn’t know, on a normal day he would have walked past her, but there was something pricking him to show concern at what she was looking for”, and she seems very much like who he couldn’t just ignore Hello looking for something? He called out in his loud cool voice she had raised her head from the ground, and behold the sight he beheld left his mouth all opened she was a d–n beauty! Yes I am looking for the teller i used in paying my school fees i need to submit it to the school bursar” she said in her sonorous voice that turned cal’s brain upside down”, oh where did you drop it, cal asked regaining composure, he needed no one to tell him he has fallen for her, I really don’t know but i think i dropped it off when I came down from the bike, by now it was getting dark, cal helped in the search but they couldn’t find it, they left the place that night after searching hopeless for it, she thanked him for his help and went her way. She couldn’t help but fascinate about the cute guy that just helped out, even when the course of help was not sorted, she noticed he was actually acting weird, everything about him fascinates her and she wishes to be under his arms, am i not crazy she thought to herself, someone I just met? I should have collected his number she thought! Ohh please Sandra concentrate na one of her mind was telling her, while the other, couldn’t stop thinking about him, for that day she wasn’t herself, she wasn’t a guy freak, but Cal’s guts drove her to be very much unlike herself! She totally forgot about her school fees teller, that night as she lay on her bed she hoped and prayed they meet again I don’t even know his name, what if he is a ghost? He can not be a ghost she said to herself! Her crushes for him increase when she remembered he moved his succulent pink lips when he spoke. The butterflies tingled in her stomach. They both fell in love at first sight!

Well, how things happens when fate decides is really a misery to us “we mortal”, The next day came just like every other day, and she had gone to the bank to complain about the missing teller and they gave her a note to show to the bursar she’s really paid her fees, she left for the bursary office and did the necessary formalities, as she stepped her feet out of the building , she could notice the fair dude in company of some other boys backing her, her mind had told her it was him, but she wasn’t sure so she hurried along to confirm it and just a few steps away, she confirmed her suspicion and withdraw her fast steps, I really shouldn’t call after him i will just walk past and pretend I didn’t see him, and he might call after me who knows lemme give it a try, she thought to herself and cast a glance at the boys in company who seem to be walking at snail speed, and catwalks past them. Wshh Cal eyes caught Hey he called thank God it worked she said in her mind. He left his company and went forward to meet her, this left the guys he was following all surprise, because cal has never talked of any girl or showed any concern about anything before, so it came as a surprise to them. You… I… We… met yesterday cal stuttered Running his hands over his hair! Yes we did, thanks for the help yesterday she mentioned, it nothing cal said, still stunned at her presence! So what you doing around here he asked her. I came to confirm my payment at the bursar’s office she said to him, so you finally saw the teller he asked and she confirmed to the negative! And explained how the bank gave her a note to the bursar, they parted that day after exchanging contacts. And they two party were glad! My guy you done finally dey loosen up on your self oo his guys commended, he only smiled at them and they continued their conversation. Till they parted to their various hostels too!

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