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(kiss with me👄dine with me)
©️ Adesola Adeomowole
Season 2 episode8
Now enjoy🥤🥤
🔥Emily Daniels pov🔥
Gosh,he just keep looking more hot and handsome each passing day. All his body is just smelling of richness and superiority. As if that was not enough,they made him the next president,that simply means I will be the next first lady.
😘Jeez,he’s so cute
😘Appa looks really stunning
😘Emily is really lucky to have him!!!
The crowd cheered ad I sat down slowly beside him on the royalities chair, I started feeling on top of the world.
“Quiet please!!!! I shouted in a rude manner into my mouth piece,they kept quiet and face Seven and I.
“Quiet!!!! I shouted again,not even a pin drop was heard.
Sevens hand mistakenly collide with mine while his very expensive ring brush over my Bangles,I smiled and touch his hands.
“Don’t tresspass” he said and slowly slip his hands away.
I frown a little bit and faced him again with a softened face..
“Why can’t you accept the fact that beauty will not come????
“Sindoora is a very strict woman and she doesn’t joke arround with her daughter???
I said,he look away and kept a straight face on the stage.
“To the inheritance of India, I, Bharat Sidarth the speaker of the house of representative hereby declare Seven Marley Miles the next president of Mumbai!!!!
The speaker for the house of representative declared seven as the president,everyone cheered him up.
He stood up and bounce up to the with his earrings sparkling all in silver lights.
He shook hands with Sir Bharat and adjusted the small mouth piece to stand firmly on his very pink lips,everyone continue clapping,some were even jumping so that they can see him clearly.
😘Seven we love you
😘Emily thank you for making seven happy
😘Mr President say something
😘We love you verrrry much
The cheers continued,he smiled faintly and open his mouth to say something.
“I seven Miles,promise to put in my very best to make all my country more perfect just as my name implies……
“You won’t even regret making me your president” he said and gave a sweet wink.
I smiled faintly and catwalk to his side on the stage,he blink his lashes at me and fixed his eyes on the spectators.
“You won’t find Beauty,she won’t come!! I said in a slow whisper,he did his mouth in an angry cute way and cast me a glare.
“Seven come,I have a gift!!! Sanjeev (a top modelist) said and brought out a sliver staff, everyone present gasped and keep quiet.
“This staff will always stand to show your authority and supremacy over every persons here in Indian” Sanjeev raised up the staff before handing it over to seven.
“Thank you” he replied with his face still scanning the hall.
“Why is he so stubborn????
“Why can’t he just accept the fact that Beauty won’t come????
“I am very sure she’s gonna carry the last position on the so called DCP day while I will always come first?????
I smiled and walk more close to him again on the stage.
He moved away and went to stand in the most beautiful place on the stage that was decorated with saphire bars.
I became really angry.
I want him to hug me and kiss me in public but he keeps staying away from me.
😘Queen Lee what’s happening???
😘Is Mr President angry with you???
😘Are you not beautiful enough for Mr President????
😘I doubt it if there’s any other person as beautiful as you?????
Again,I walk up to him and start staring at his cute face.
“How can I help you???? He asked rudely.
“Seven I still love you!!! I mumbled and quickly back hugged him.
“Seven please hug me back, don’t disgrace me!!!
“Tell the world you still love me and I promise I won’t hurt you again!!!
I said while holding his jackets tightly.
Camera lights keep flashing on us.
“Emily leave my clothes!!!
“Give me space or I disgrace you” he said with a smirk,I left him immediately.
“Seven as the next president,I present this to your future wife!!!
Mohit(a multi zillionaire) walk up to his side and brought out a well wrapped iron carved pendant that worth billions,he pointed the gift to me,waiting for me to collect it.
“Don’t point anything to her,she’s not my girlfriend!!!
Severn said,everyone shouted. I covered my face in shame.
😘Appa who’s your girlfriend????
“She’s too young to get married??? Severn replied,I became really deeply hurt.
💃Emily you’re a liar
💃Emily queen of evil
💃Emily talk….
💃 Emily are you dumb!!!!
Rumors bleep,I wanted to run away but they surrounded me up.
“Good for you!! Severn smiled and took the gift from Mohit.
💃Emily say something!!!!
They shouted at me and start saying bad things about me,the hall became really disordered.
“Stop it!!!!
“Shut up,I am.still Severn girlfriend and I will still remain your future first lady!!!!
I shouted,they kept quiet but they still surrounded me.
Gloominess drips,
Perspiration inspires,
Wetness clings around,
Someone step in,her perfume alone collieded with every nooks of the hall,
I lit my eyes up,it was Beauty,she came in with Dyna!!!!
My eyes met with Beauty’s own and I suddenly find myself crying.
“Her appearance is an understatement!!
“She looks really stunning in the red saree that she wore compared to the leggings and top I wore.
The saree she had on was a very expensive and modernized one,her waist chain and anklet glitter in gold’s.
I became angry😠😠😠😠
Hatred clings with my veins,I left the crowd and went to stand in front of her. I made sure I block her way so that she wouldn’t see Severn but he saw her already.
“Give us space!!! Dyna shrieked and pointed at me to get out of their way.
“What do you want???
I asked rudely.
“Why do you ask as if it’s your father’s house???? Dyna replied…..
“Keep your mouth off this.!! I cautioned her and wanted to push beauty away,Severn came out of the stage with his guards and came to stand by Beauty.
Everyone watch in surprise.
😘Is that appa future wife.???
I heard mumurs.. .
Seven stretch his hands to Beauty,she glance at me with fear not knowing weather to accept his hands or not.
Seven drop his hand down and took the necklace that was meant for his future wife out,he wants to wear it for her,I became angry.
“Mr President!!!
Beauty said, everyone gasped
😘Her voice is really sweet to hear!!!
😘Is she beautiful than Emily?.?
I started hearing what I hated.
“Mrs first lady!!! Severn said to beauty,I felt like dying but death didn’t come my way.
I shouted her name since she hated noise, she left severn and wanted to run away.
“Beauty leave my boyfriend alone!!!
I shouted,she step back again.
“Beauty come here!!! Severn said,she stop running.
“Beauty stay away!! I shouted,she start running back from Severn while her long hair flow.
“Mrs first lady come!!!
Severn said,she run to him and hugged him, everyone cheered and pour them flowers….
Bit by bit,my body diminished and I fainted ..
….I fainted as Severn kissed Beauty……
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