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I was never a fan of walking out late at night.I only went out most times with Nani because of
avoiding the situation at home.Yes it’s an everyday thing which I can get used to but who am I
kidding it’s not easy especially since it’s being done by someone who is supposed to protect me
from the cruelty of this world.
I dialed Bank’s number.
Nani: I thought you will be sleeping by now.
Me: Mom kicked me out.
Nani: What? This time of the night?
Me: Yes Nani.Please come back..I am at the Sixth street from home that leads to the main road
next to that Mafadza house..
Vele is the surname of the people who were living here
Nani: Okay stay there.We are coming.But will take a bit of time.
Me: Cool.
I hanged up.I was next to the abondened house that belonged to the Mafadza people.But to my
surprise the lights were on.Maybe they are renting the house…Its better that there is someone
living here because abondened houses you never know if rapists stay there waiting for their next
I waited for 30 minutes until they got here..Well maybe Boss lives far.I got in the car and he drove
off.I was surprised when we got to the house within a 10minutes.Yes he lives at Tsianda which is
the neighbouring village to Hamutsha.
He parked the car in the double garage and led us in the house…Its a very beautiful house.
They were talking non stop and I was sleepy
Me: Can you please show me to one of the guest really sleepy..
Boss:Pick any except the one with the white door because that is my main.
Me: Okay.
I left them there and I picked a room that had an ensuit.I took off my clothes and and went to take
a shower so that I can sleep without struggles.when I was done I slept wearing nothin..
When that girl with a sexy body called Nani to come and pick her up I was kind of happy but she
called at a wrong time..I was busy f—–g her friend.That girl seems different..She seems like the
type that can make a player want to settle down.I wasn’t even surprised when she turned my offer
down..What I will do is offer her a bartender job but she will also have to teach my girls how to
dance like she does..My club will have a lot of customers through her.Alot of men don’t only come
there for drinks,they want to escape their nagging wives and find joy just by watching half naked
girls shaking their booty.Nani was fast asleep because I spiked her drink with sleeping pills so I
went to the room she was occupying..I was carrying juice which had drugs and a sleeping pill
inside for her and a glass of champagne for me.I opened the door and she was naked on the bed.I
became hard same time.I got to the bed and shook her.She opened her eyes slightly and when
she saw it was me she panicked and covered herself.
Rudzi: What are you doing here?
Me: I needed to talk to you about that offer.I seriously could use someone like you in my
team.Even if you don’t have to be a stripper.
Rudzi: Can’t we talk in the morning.
Me: It won’t take long.
I have her the glass of juice and she just looked at it.
Me: Come on if I wanted to spike it will I be here begging you.
She took it and gulped it down at once.
Me: You were really thirsty.
Rudzi: sort of.
Me: I was thinking that you teach my girls how to dance like you do in exchange you can be a
Rudzi: That..that sounds better.
I kept on talking until I could see they are kicking In her system
Rudzi: I’m really sleepy.We can continue to……She fell on the bed..
She is someone who won’t be waking anytime soon.
I took off the fleece and her body was exposed…I was only wearing a gown so I took it off and
d–n I was hard.
I lifted her to the corned of the bed and I parted her legs and went down on her..She was so clean
and sweet..
I realised that she was still pure.How come a girl her age is still sealed? But this is not gonna stop
me from getting my way with her.This is still soon.I have to get her comfortable into coming here on her own will then when she least expect it the boom i strike.The only option I have is to throw
dice while watching her.I was even getting the tip of my manhood at the entrance of her
womanhood..I ended up putting it in her mouth.
When I was satisfied I went back to my bedroom.
Me: Mom but I don’t feelnthe vibe here at all.I just wish you can let me go back to Cape town..This
place is boring.
Mom: So says someone who grew up here.This is your third year Tendi and if I let you go there
you will still play and fail.No I rather let you attend at UNIVEN than let you waste my money there.
Me: Mom i promise I will focus this time around.
Mom: No Tendani!! My word is final..Your father is biting my head off because of you.Im sorry but
this time around I agree with him.Sending you there from the start was a very big mistake.Look at
what you are wearing? You are always patting and you never have time for anything.Im sorry but
you are enrolling at UNIVEN.
Me: Mxm arghhhh I hate my life and I hate you!!!
I ran upstairs to my room
My name is Tendani Mudau,I’m 21.The only child to both my parents.Mommy is mixed raced while
daddy is a pure Venda breed.Mom is a fashion designer and dad is a business man.He owns
clubs and has shares in different companies around.I grew up spoilt and according to me I don’t
see any use of going to school because when my parents pass on then everything will be on my
name.There is nothing i lack..For two years i have been at cape town university…Honestly I only
attended classes when I was bored if I wasn’t then I was out patying or on vacations with my
friends and most of the times I was the one paying..What I can say now is that my parents are fed
up and they want me to study at the University of Venda which is the last place I want to be
because there is no vibe here and they won’t give me money like they used to when I was not
Walk with me aswel on this journey.
When I woke up it was around one in the afternoon..
Me: S–t my head hurts
I rubbed my eyes which were disoriented for a while.I got up the bed and went to take a shower.It
was wierd because rhe entrance of my k—y was a bit painful when i pee When I was done I wore
yesterday’s clothes.Nani got in when I was about to got out.
Nani: I almost reported you dead.
I chuckled.
Nani: I got clothes for you.
She gave me the Mr price plastic and there was a high waisted black jean with a red crop top.
Me: They are new?
Nani: Yes
Me: Thanks Nani
Nani: Thank boss because he is the one who insisted.
Me: Ohhkay.
I changed and we went downstairs where boss was watching tv.
Boss: Look who woke up.
Me: You guys should stop.I slept late.
Boss: Here are the car keys.I have to get home.Im sure my wife has turned into a dinosaur
breathing all kinds of flames..
Me: Okay
He put the keys on the stander the left.
Me: How many houses does he have?
Nani: I’m not sure hey. Come let’s go and eat then go home.
Me: I hope mom won’t give me problems.
Nani: I’m sure she is calm now.
Me: I hope so
She made bacon and eggs, we ate with bread and apple juice.
When we were done with tidying up we took a local taxi home.
We got off at the main road.
Me: Friend did I tell you that there is someone living at the Mafadza house?
Nani: No way.The house has been abondened for long.
Me: Well last night the lights were on.And look the yard is clean.
Nani: I didn’t know that.Well maybe someone is renting.
Me: Maybe.
Nani: Friend don’t look 6 o’clock direction there is a handsome banana bone guy wearing a cap
I turned and looked.
She slapped my hand.
Nani: I said don’t look.
Me: He must be New in the are I don’t know him.
Nani: Nana even if he lived here for years you wouldn’t know him because you are always home
so don’t claim.
But I’m allowed to say I don’t know him at all..
We were talking looking at him we didn’t even notice him approach us.
Les: Sorry can I help you?
Us: Huh?
Les: You are starting and starring is rude.
Me: uhh sorry.
Nani: What are you sorry for friend?
Me: Starring.
Nani: Mxm why you gotta apologise.The eyes stare at what they want to stare.Dont let cheese boy
threaten you.
Les: Excuse me.
Nani: You are excused.
She walked away.
Les: I’m Lesley by the way.The grandson of Mr Mafadza.
Me: Uhh I’m Rudzani but Rudzi in short..uhhm I have to go my friend is leaving me behind.
Les: Okay.Nice to meet you.
Me: Likewise.
I walked away.
That is one beautiful girl.I took a taxi to town.What I did first was to job hunt.I came across a club
“Tendi’s “..I got up and they directed me to the boss.
Boss: How can I help you Mr…
Me: Lesley Mafadza.Im looking for a job
A man has gotta do what a man has gotta do.I couldn’t say my direct surname.Coming to think of
it im gonna change to my maternal surname because dad leave me no choice.
Boss: The only post I have is for stripper.
My eyes widened.
Me: What?
Boss: yes.
Me: Well I will take it.
Boss: You must be kidding but I have a post for bartender.It’s yours if you want it.
Me: Wow really.
Boss: Yes bit you must know that the money is not alot.
Me: I will take whatever is thrown my way…
Boss: Go to Peter and tell him that I said you must go to him for training..You will start tomorrow.
Me: Thank you sir
Boss: Sure now get out.
I walked out.Maybe this is where my breakthrough will come

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