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Cleaning a house is not easy..Im lying on the couch tired..I have been cleaning this place since I
got here and it’s now spotless..One thing about me is that I’m a clean freak.It was already late and
I had nothing in the house to cook so I had to settle for take away.I took a quick shower and after i
walked to the nearest chisa nyama.i bought half chicken and pap with chakalaka..Tomorrow I will
have to use this money to buy food.I can’t afford to waste this money because it’s the only money I
have left.
Boss: So I had a lot of thinking and I would like to hire you (pointing at me) as one of my stripper.
I didn’t know how to answer him because I’m scared of how he looks and how he keeps his face
serious without a little smile.But I have to stand up for myself,otherwise if I don’t then who will.
Me: uhhmm no I can’t..
Nani looked at me with a shocked expression.
Nani: But you need the money.
She said that in a whisper tone.
Me: I’m sorry Mr boss but I have to turn your offer down.
Boss: Why don’t you think about it the get back to me next weekend.
Me: I’m sure my answer will still be no but I will do that.
Boss: Great.
We attempted to walk out.
Boss: hey why don’t you join me for a drink in the Vip section? I will pay.
Nani: Surely you can’t say no to free drinks aswel.
I didn’t want to turn her down so I just agreed for her sake.
We went out the office and went to the Vip section.. I asked for mainstay while they had whatever
they were drinking..They seemed to be so cosy together. A part of me felt like there is more to them being a boss and an employee..
I was getting drunk now soon stood up and started to dance it off.
Me:Dad I can’t find him.His clothes are gone.
Mom: Don’t worry about that black sheep he will surely come back.There is nowhere to run to
around here.He will come to his senses.
Me: Mom why are you this heartless.He has nothing on him..How will he make it out there? It was
better when he was around and I could see him but to not know where he is then that is
torture.what if he gets killed or commits suicide out there? Have you no heart.
Dad: Stop it both of you.Im trying to work and you are disturbing me.We were at dad’s study and
he was busy on his laptop.
Me:Dad you are not gonna say anything?
Dad: I only have one son which is you so I don’t know who you are talking about.Noe stop
disturbing me..
With that said I walked out…
I shouldn’t have cut him off.I shouldn’t have made him feel like he is a burden to me..What kind of
a twin brother am I? I know that him and I were not close and we didn’t have a single thing in
common but we shared a womb for crying out loud and that should count for something..
I shouldn’t have let our parent nor a woman come between us.Im such a fool.
My phone rang or should I say my oun rang? It was mom..I became sober minded same time.I
wonder what is it that I have done this time.
Nani: If it’s your mom don’t answer it.Im not gonna spend time nursing you making you to stop
crying because of that old woman..She must learn to respect your relaxing time away from her
tantrums.When Nani talks like this she is drunk so I switched my phone off…We drank till I wanted
to go home.
Boss: Why don’t you guys spend a night at my house.
Me: I have to go home otherwise mom will be breathing fire.I don’t want to get burnt.
Nani: I will take the offer.
Boss: Okay come we drop your friend home first.
We walked out.
The drive home felt long that I ended up sleeping.
Nani: Wake up Rudzi you are home.
I got out without a word…I searched for my keys in my bra and unlocked the gate as slow as I can
without making noise..I had to be extra careful when unlocking the door.I tip toed to my room and
when I approached the passage the lights went on.
S–t is about to hit the roof.
Mom:ni coubva ngafhi?( Where are you coming from?
Silence Mom:Rudzi ndi cou amba na inwi( Rudzie I’m talking to you) ni cou bvafhi vhusiku vhu ngafha?
(Where are you coming from at this time of the night?
Me:ndo vha ndo di visa na khonani dzanga ( I was out with my friend.
Mom:zwino ni cou lavhelela uri ndi dzule vhusiku hothe ndi cou vhilaela nga inwi uri no tsireledzea
kana hai ? ( So you expect me to sit here all night and worry if you are okay or not?
Me: pfarelo mma (Sorry ma
Mom: ibvani nduni yanga (Get out of my house
Me: Huh?
Mom:no mpfa.humelani hune na bva do vhuya ni si cha nukha sa chipotoni (You heard
me.Go back to where you are coming from.You will come back in here when you don’t smell like a
Me: mianga avha mpfarele.ndi cou humbela pfarelo, zwinga si cha itea (Mom please forgive
me.Im won’t happen again.
I turned around very fast because when mom is angry anything can happen..

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