Psychopath 70+ – Part 3

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Psychopath – Episode 3 (18)

Kill the Drug Lord

I was in the hideous street when I placed a call to Zig, a car dealer
in the City.

“Hey Zig, I need a new baby” I said into the receiver.

“Get a hold SPI, you damn… F–king destroyer” he replied. One thing
about zig, he talks a lot.
I remained silent while he talked for awhile.

“Delivery or you ass your ass down here?” He asked.
“Delivery, I wouldn’t like to see your masculine love. Hommie” I said
and ended the call.

I walked down street, to the major road. I waited for twenty minutes
before Zig employee brought the car to were I stood.

A girl, with very skimpy skirt and a handless shirt both leather, with
feminine boot came out of the car.

I walked towards her, aroused by her out-fit.

“Boss, asked me to give you this” she gave me the keys.

“How about you give me this?” I asked her, I ogled her body intently
“50 bocs” she replied.

I walked towards her and our lips clicked, she leaned on the car and I
positioned in between her legs.

We disengaged from the kiss “have you been f–ked in a pub. Before?” I
asked her “once, is fun” she replied and giggled. Held me by my shirt
and pushed me closer to her.

Incoming car torchlight us with his headlights and yelled at us “get a
roof, sodomites” he shouted, spitted and drove off. Zig employee
leather skirt arched around her waist, and she wasn’t wearing anything

I let my hard c—k free from my trouser, she held it and jerk it fast
“you are big down there” she said and pinched my d–k-cap “aaahh!” I
moaned, I slapped off her hand and gave her w-t p–sy a sharp thr-st.
I pulled out immediately something flashed my mind, I pushed her off
the car and threw 50 bocs to her.

I drove off, not minding if she is hurt or not. I drove down to
Moonlight club, I parked by a distance as I saw three guys loading two
bags from the clubhouse into a car booth. Those fools were not ready
to go out of business, I waited until they were done and ready to
move, I trailed behind them.

We drove outskirt of Moon City, they went down breach. I followed, I
kept a reasonable distance as they parked by the sea shore and carried
the two bags out. I waited for them to carry the second bag, I came
down from my car with two guns and a torchlight.

I climbed down to the seashore, they were chatting happily as they
returned. I flashed the torchlight at them “who the f—k is that?”
One of them asked, I shot him on the forehead.

The two of them ran, but they were unable to escape my bullets. I
killed three of them and drove off to my home. I waked up the next
morning, to receive a mail from one popular drug lord to meet up with
him 5:00pm at St. Patrick abandoned diocese.

I drove down to the abandoned diocese, exactly 5pm I arrived there. I
saw Pate with five armed men standing in the abandoned building. He
threw a sealed package to me, I tore it open and saw a picture of
another popular drug lord who is ‘causing Pate much problems then. “A
full pay, I’ll delete him out of the picture, Pate” I told him, “no
man, half now n’ half after the job is done” he replied.

“No deal” I said and was about to walk away, “you will go with Smart”
he told me. I nodded as Pate released one of his men who followed me.
He is a tall figure and muscularly built, all a waste at the end.

I planned how to kill Sigmurd before nightfalls, he would be having a
delivery that same night according to my sources. I contacted Sheriff
Zubby I knew Sigmurd boys won’t be able to talk him into bribe, in
other to pull Sigmurd out of his mansion, I took Smart to his mansion
with me. We had a plan, we will both go in and ice all his guards, I
knew that will be a total failure. I also knew that Sigmurd must have
gotten an information that Pate has sent an assassin on his tail.

Perfect, I let Smart into the building and turned back. Went into the
car and drove off, I wished Smart luck anyways. I waited for Sigmurd
on a way leading into the City where his drug house is, at exactly 9pm
his goods arrived.

I planted a bomb in my car and parked it on the road, covering the
passage, I left my car and went into the woods, headed to Sigmurd
mansion. I saw his car drove passed me, I followed them.

Three cars, I waited far off from them as they stopped their cars to
remove my car before them. I pressed the button and my car flame up,
burning the three cars close to it.
Two of Sigmurd men was alive, I went towards them and shot them to death.

The next day, I ordered for a new car from Zig. A boy delivered it, I
was expecting a sl-t so I can release some sem-ens. I received a call
from Pate for us to meet up at the abandoned diocese, I knew Pate
would be angry that I placed a bait on one of his tough guys.

I came well prepared, I went into the the abandoned diocese to find
Pate with five tough armed men, Pate was busy smoking “Spiff, you
messed with me, man” he said to me. “I thought he was just a bait” I

“F—k you Spiff, he isn’t” he roared at me with a gun pointed at me,
his boys readied their guns to kill me “if you shoot me, we all are
gonna die here” I told him. I already wore a bomb vest, they were all
terrified. I unbuttoned my clothe and showed them, Pate ordered them
to lower their guns.

The bomb wasn’t actually activated, it was just a trick and they all
fell for it. I shot two Pate men on their foreheads and left him with
just three, they were scared to shoot back. I gunned down another one,
but Pate noticed that the bomb was a trick “kill the psycho!” He
ordered the two men with him.

They shot at me, but I was quick to jump to a wall that shield the
bullets. The diocese has only one entrance to the big hall Pate chose,
I tiptoed to a window by the passage of the wall. And fired one of
Pate men on the head, the other one was reckless. he kept on shooting
on the spot maybe he was terrified.

They were both taken unaware when I appeared on the main door, I shot
Pate and his only guard on the forehead. I left the gigantic abandoned
church, I was about driving out when I spotted someone in Pate’s car.
I always heard rumours that Pate moves around with his daughter, I
walked to the car and saw a girl of 17 with ear pieces plugged to her
ears and her phone in her hands. She wore a white skirt and one hand

I opened the car door, she looked up terrified and removed the
earpiece plugged to her ears “who the f—k are you?” She asked me. I
crawled towards her in the car’s back seat, she shifted back and
wanted to run out of the car’s door. I held her both legs and dragged
her towards me, i positioned myself in between her legs. “Let… Go
off me” she cried, I tore off her one hand top and her red bra came
into view. I took that off too, and held her b—bs in my palms and

I held her by the neck, as I pulled my h—d d—k out of my trouser.
Rolled her skirt up and tore off her white p—t, “don…t r…ap..e
m…e” she cried out, I slipped my h—d d—k into her wet tight
p—sy and started b—ging her hard, I sucked her fresh n–ples as I
f—ked her hard. the car also bounced with my th—ts movements, I
c–med deep in her pussy as I strangled her to death.

I drove out of that place, making sure there was no life left there.

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