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“Ma’am you can’t go!!
“Sir wants you!!
“Sir said we should not allow you to go!!
“Sir loves you!!
Jake said and took me in a bridal style.
He took me to Seven who started staring at how I look in my faint form.
“I know you didn’t faint so open your eyes” he said. I open my eyes and quickly close them back.
He realesed me from his grip and made me stand errect.
“Sorry” he said,I look away and pick my sandals,I will just manage to walk.
I took my first five steps,I was about taking the sixth one when my nerves failed me.
With dangling legs,I fell back to the ground and hurt my unhealed feet again.
It started bringing out blood and all I need is just a cloth to tie it so as to prevent it from bleeding but I find none.
The only cloth that was available that moment was in Sevens presence.
I pull myself together and walk to his presence,I blink my lashes at the clothes and bend to pick the cloth but he outsmarted me by picking the cloth first.
He toss the clothes with a snap of his finger.
“Give it to me!! I want and drag the clothes with him.
He raised the cloth above my head and told me to jump in other to get it.
Like a fool,I started jumping but he was a way to taller than me.
“Seven give me the cloth,I need it to tie my leg!! I stop jumping and drag the cloth from his hand.
Within a second,I find him throwing the cloth away and holding my shoulders up.
“Seven stop it!!!
I push his hand away and went after the cloth.
“Come back here….
“I want to kiss your lips!!
He pouted and push me back by my waist.
“Kiss that almost put me into trouble with Emily.
“No,I don’t want to” I replied and quickly move away.
“You want it in a hard way!!!
He smiled and before I knew what was happening,he had taken me in his shoulders like a little kid.
“You can’t run away” he winked and kissed my forehead.
I drop my ego and kissed his lips…
I don’t know how much more I miss his warmth. I can’t just deny the feeling I am always getting from him.
I stop kissing him and hug him instead.
“I’m sorry” I uttered and ran my hands into his hair.
“I’m sorry too ma’am” he said and took me in a bridal style.
He drop me on the hood of his car and took the first aid kit that desha was holding.
“Sorry ma’am,you will change your clothes once we get to the hotel because sir needs to get to a business meeting now” Jake said and applied ointment on my feet.
“Okay” I nodded and entered the car. Shiva was the one driving while Desha sat beside me.
Seven and Jake were sitting in the other car.
“Sorry ma’am” Desha smiled,I smiled at her also and face the window.
Seven POV🔥🔥🔥
“Sir the permits have been pushed through,all necessary things have been done,the only thing left is for the permits to be push through.
“I already told Deesha not to allow ma’am out of the hotel” Jake uttered and continue driving.
“Noted” I answered and continue pressing my phone.
“I don’t want to see beauty out of the hotel she’s gonna lodge into,the guards must also watch over her because she needs strong protection”
“I told Desha already” he said and continue driving.
Soon,the car Beauty was on passed and stop by the side of my car.
Desha whirl down the window.
“Ma’am said you forgot your flashdrive” Desha uttered while Beauty waved my flashdrive through the car window.
I blink my lashes and stretch my hand to get it since my car was on the right side and hers is on the left side,just a little space was left in between us.
“You forgot this!! She said and stretch her hand out of the window.
Again,I was lost staring at how the orange royal cloth fitted her.
I just saw how her lashes stick down to her cheeks .
“Take it now!! She jerk me out of my thoughts,I brought my hand out also and brush it with her Bangles intentionally,she trembled and made the flash drive fall on my hand.
“Seven you’re gonna be late” she uttered and close her window immediately.
Her car drove away.
“Sir,your mask,Massey is somewhere around here” Jake said while Bahu open the door.
“Sir,I think Massey is somewhere around here*
Jake said as we walk into Sindoora Dana residence.
“I know she’s up to something” I replied and put on my mask.
Soon,I got into the suite and took my seat beside Len,my seat was also opposite Emily’s own.
Emily started smiling like she won a lottery
“I will send you her details!! She said to her phone and continue smiling evilly.
“Gaaaaaaad,I need to get Beauty out of that hotel” I brought out my phone.
“Remember the rules!!!
“No pressing of phones in the meeting” Sindoora came in.
“Which rule…?!
“No phone,no standing up,no walking around in the suite!!!
Emily smiled evilly.
“Seven,sit down let’s start the meeting” Sindoora commanded.
“I don’t think I can sit” I replied her and push the royal seat away.
“I need to use my phone too!! I rolled my eyebrows at Emily because I don’t trust her.
“No phone!!!
Emily stood up and hijack my phone.
I smiled at her,because I know fully well that she has sent some people to attack my tender beauty😍😍.
“Is your sight working??.
I nod my head and took my phone from her hand.
“No phone!!!
She started crying.
Why is she crying?…
Well,her cry is not gonna stop me,I will do what i wanna do, Beauty must not get hurt.

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