dream (s2) part 16

(Secret craxy romance
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He turned on the music in the car and sang sweetly.
I smiled as I watched him.
Suddenly his phone rang so he linked it to the car
“Trouble”he said
“Bryan i want to come Korea”she Said
“Huuuh…are you done with work?”he added
“Yes, lets spend the holiday…you must sing for me every morning cause you missed my birthday”she said
“I can’t have female visitors in the dream mansion…it’s against the rules”bryan said
“Cool so am coming to your house”she added
“I won’t be home regularly” Bryan said.
“Cool,am not coming to see you am coming to see Korea”she said.
He smiled
“Call me before then”he said
“I will….better take cooking classes”she said
“Didn’t I just tell you i won’t be home”he added
“You keep forgetting that i am a detective..I will have you arrested.”she said.
“Ok fine…Call me before then…jace will show you Korea”he said
“Nooooooo it has to be you”she added.
“You know am occupied,I rarely have time for myself..it Wont work”Bryan said.
“I will tell my dad”she shouted
“Ok fine…come I will show you where i know… which is only dream high, s- square and home”bryan said and she laughed
“So what are you doing Saturday?” She said and bryan suddenly stopped driving.
He became overly quiet..
He sighed
“Omg I forgot…sorry”she said.
Bryan dropped the call and turned on a deep blue music.
He was trying to calm down but I don’t understand
He took his lips into his mouth and took a deep breath.
He looked at me and tried taking his handtowel but his tears failed him.
He was shedding tears like a kid.
I opened my mouth and closed it
“Sir are you ok?”I asked.
He used his hand to remove the lenses which fell off.
Tears steamed down his pretty eyes..I was shocked and confused..
“What is wrong with you?”I asked as I felt my own tears cooking up.
He used the white towel to wipe his face..
I carefully took his hand and he looked at me
“Sir Dont cry…it’s ok”I said and more of his tears just fell
He brushed his hand to his face
“Bryan stop hurting me too” i said as I brushed the back if my hand to his eye and dried the tears.
He smiled
“Am fine, its the lenses” he said and drove off in high speed.
I couldn’t relax anymore I just watched him like a movie.
He increased the misuc volume.
Soon we stopped and walked into a jet.
Bryan blocked his ear with Head phones and looked up quietly.
I sat beside him and looked at his hand..why does he keep folding the hand of his sweater…its too cold and freezing.
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I cleaned my hand on my trousers then i gently took his hand he looked at me
“Sir I just want to drag this down”I said as i carefully pulled down the Hand.
I smiled as he handed me the other hand so I dragged down the hand too
“Thank you”he said while looking out the window
“Sir can you tell me what happened to you?”i said.
He dropped the headphones and turned to face me I smiled.
He sent his hand to my waist i opened my mouth wide but my eye was wider as i watched Bryan pull me into a deep hug.
He felt warm…he held me tight..
At first i was shocked as usual.
I was scared to hold him..
then I realized that a person in pain needs comfort so I held him tight then gently brushed fingers on his back like he was my baby.
“Sir, I will sing the “don’t cry” song for you,my voice is not nice so bear with me”I said.
I can’t sing with my real voice so I sang with my most casual voice
hey you, don’t cry anymore
your tears….make me weak.
you are..better than tears for pain
the only tears,i want to see are tears of joy
I said..I heard him chuckle
“Complete it”he said as he balanced his face on my shoulders
“Ahhh sir that’s the only one I know”i said
He smiled then he sang as he brushed his finger into my hair.
hey sunshine,do you know that i love you?
if you cry, I Wil cry,we will cry…..
we are in this together, just as one.
The only tears that we will shed are tears of joy
He said and another song started in my heart
“Sir don’t cry anymore or else I will cry with you”I said..
He unlocked from the hug and brushed both fingers to my face I smiled as he moved closer to me
I closed my eye tight and he kisses my fore head quietly.
I closed my eye tighter I felt him kiss my eye so I opened them in shock.
“Sir!”I shouted
“Mum”he said in a quiet smile as he looked in my face.
“Did you–did you? Did he…am I imagining things? But”..
He moved into my face again i closed my eye tighter and he kissed my jaw just under my lips.
My eye widened… he smiled
“Sir!!”I shouted and hit him He chuckled and kissed my cheek in a haste
I opened my mouth wide he kissed my ear instantly
“Sir!!”I said and hit him again.
“He smiled happily and kissed my nose.
I used my cloth to cover my face.
When did he become so stubborn
I felt the jet land.
I opened my face Bryan moved in I closed my face again he smiled.
“Hey”he said
I opened my face
“Thank you”he added
I smiled.
He took both my hands
“I will–“his phone rang.
He picked the call.
He left my hand as he carefully folded the sweater again while listening to the call.
“I am on my way,yes,ok”he dropped the phone and sighed..
“I am so weak”he mouthed to himself.
We both walked down.
He waved at me and i nodded.
“Take her to the mansion”he said to his driver as he entered another car me I entered the next.
“Miss, I will take you to the mansion”he said.
I entered the car and logged
In to the finding mom app,had been checking since morning.
I went to the search button and typed
‘Dream odeya dream”
It was loading when I saw a text from rose so I logged out and opened the text
deya I have been trying to call you,your dad had an accident and Lydia wants to travel.she said I should tell you to take some days leave from work
I called rose
“Deya finally”she said
“How is he?”i said
“Mitchy had to come home from school,but I don’t know if she is even feeding your dad..you need to come home deya”rose said
I nodded.
Lydia’s daughter…Mitchy
As evil as her mum.
Can she take care my dad?
I better just go.
I picked my phone and sent square a text.
I got a reply instantly
Take as much time as you need deya…Mrs brooke
“Sir please take me home”I said to the driver
He nodded and turned.
“But Bryan asked me to drop you at the dreame mansion”he said.
“I know i will text him now”I said and the Driver took off in high speed.
Minutes later we arrived so I rushed into the house..even rose rushed in immediately she saw me.
I hugged her tight
“Where is Mitchy?”I asked
“Went out with that guy she is seeing.”she said
I nodded
“Where is dad.”I asked
“I don’t know…let’s go”she said and dragged my hand i smiled as I walked into the living room only to see my dad on the floor
“Dad!”I shouted as i and rose rushed him.
Austin’s pov.
Finally …am back
I feel good.
Right now Am even in dream high. school is not in session till tomorrow but I have a meeting with people that matter.
If this deya girl had known what was good for her then she should have avoided Kim nana in the first place.
How can a commoner keep challenging an idol.
Nana said I shouldnt expose her as a commoner,she is real lucky..
But she is still a hate student and as long as dream high is dream high hate students can’t survive more than 2weeks in dream high
Even if an idol defends you the bullying continues the next day.
It doesn’t stop …it doesn’t end. As long as all needed idols signed the card .
The bullying only stops when the person dies,commits suicide or leaves dream high.
I wonder what this deya did for her punishments to get to this level.
Even if someone stands up for you…one person can’t fight the whole school.
the whole school is against you.
Only zaina will save her.
The person who laid a complaint should forgive the offender for the hate card to be dissolved.
This girl doesn’t know what she got herself into.
I sat facing the boys..these are the lead rulers in dream high..
“A hate student doesn’t stay more than two weeks after receiving a hate card,why is deya still safe?”I asked
“No, her hate card is just few days old and school has not been in session yet so we left her to enjoy freedom”one of them said
“Secondly Bryan stood up for her in the cafeteria at the camp…we are being Careful..she might be his lover…we can’t harm her if she is with him”another one said.
“Although I don’t think she is is his lover we believe he stood up for her cause s-square’s staff’s where there too;at the cafe” another one said.
“But a hate card is a hate card…whether bryan or anyone stands for her…we won’t stop hating until she runs away or kills herself.”the leader added
“Deys will regret entering dream high …not to talk of fighting an idol.”one said.
“This meeting is pointless for now Austin…we have been doing this for many years now,we didn’t forget rules.
We are just waiting for school to resume session. odeya Blake is still a marked student”the other one said.
Well i don’t need to stress myself over deya….I even forgot she is a hate student.
“All right guys you have one week..deya has to go…I will give you some tips in the group chat”I said
They nodded and left one after the other.
I called nana
“Nana I thought you said Bryan doesn’t know deya?”I asked.
“I don’t care if he knows her…she’s a pretty girl and she has been trying to take Bryan from me … I don’t know how she is doing this but Austin it hurts because I still love Bryan”she said.
“Dont cry over little issues…I will take care of the deya girl”I said.
Why is Bryan involved… hmmm

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