DREAM (S2) part 15

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(I thought U can’t B mine )
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_15
Bryan stood up and sat beside me.
He took my hand then moved into my ear.
“Will you say yes”he whispered.
I turned my face to look at him and our faces met.
It was suddenly so close…
I looked down to his lips and those evil spirits in me made everything in Me want his touch.
I closed my eye and looked down.
“Sir…let’s not do that”I said.
he looked down and looked up to me.
“Why?”he said
“Actually sir,I don’t really need all those stuffs. I am a very contended person and all the things you mentioned, well…… I might be uncomfortable if I have them all.
also sir, you are indeed every womans dream, i am one of them too. You are rich, handsome,seductivE,famous.
who wouldn’t want to be with you?
But truthfully, I won’t sleep with you because of these things. Do you know why? Because I don’t like you because of these things.
I like you for you, that person you are is who I like.
Bryan, I kept myself for a very long time and it wasnt easy. Your money or anyone else’s is not worth me.
And if one day I finally do it.
It has to be special because it must be someone that i love and he loves me too, for who I am. if not then I will become a nun.
I will rather become a nun than give myself out for money.
I didn’t do it when I was sleeping in the streets and admirers followed me about why will do it now that i am finally contented with my little life?”I said
Bryan smiled to himself.
“Sir,don’t say that next time…I will really be angry that time”I said and bowed as I walked out to the living room.
Bryans ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
Did a girl say that to me
I looked myself in the mirror.
Wait!! did I suddenly get ugly?
Any ways
I was praying she doesn’t agree.
I was scared she might fall because if she fell..it will break my heart.
I will never date a girl whom I am not secure with.
am no longer looking for a girlfriend I am looking for a life partner.
The set time for me to get married is already close.
But all this while I wasn’t bothered because I knew Allison’s dad wanted me to Marry her.
Even when I was dating nana I knew I will end with Alison.
I am someone who doesn’t actually argue I just do things to make people happy.
Now am in love with deya.
Being with her is not really easy and I actually wondered if she was worth fighting for cos Kim nana was innocent too,I was her first of everything but exposure and money plus wild friends spoilt her.
That fear made me want to friendzone deya….I Dont really want to Mary for love or date again because I fear pain.
I just wanted go and Mary Alison anyhow.
I don’t love her but she’s my childhood friend so I can cope with her .
More than that she is a cia agent she doesn’t even have time for men her dad is very strict.
So getting married to her i feel security…at least even if I later fall in love I know I wasn’t getting married to a cheap girl.
But I love deya so much and what I just did was simple I compared deya to Alison and she passed the test.
Not only because she is decent but also because she is the one i love.
If she had said yes I will surely give her anything money can buy but I won’t date her nooooooo, I will keep her as a mistress..until I get fed up with her.
But because she is a woman who values her self…I will fight to be with you.
I need to start clearing the road now…from Korea to Australia.
Truthfully deya they way I plan to Love you …. I don’t think I will be able to love anyone else like dat in any life.
I will spoil you with money
Oil you with love.
Bath you with attention.
Any money you make from your talent is just a bonus because I am dividing everything I have..everything.
I will give half to you.
Not to look after but to lavish..
I will spoil you stupid.
I will make sure the world hears your Voice.
I can’t let any industry own you
You Wont become a female idol for any firm or band.
prostitution is now the lead activity.
Most industries also use their girls as escorts to welcome rich politicians.
No one will control your life..like s-square is doing to me.
I will make you stand on your own just like Nora..
Then go all over the world.
Idols will wish to be you.
I love you deya
I really want to tell you
I want you to know that i can be yours.
I want you to stop touching me with a finger and hug when you want,kiss me, fall on me when you feel like. I too,i want to be yours so badly but right now a lot things are hanging.
I don’t want to drag you out and get you more enemies.
Being with me is not really easy.
I want to ensure your safety deya.
I don’t want to drag u out and leave you in the middle.
I want to be with you forever.
Right from the first day I propose to you, i want to be with you like that till we get married..
no pains, no break ups, no issues.
I never want you to experience the pain of heart break from me.
I dont want you to get more haters who might even kill you to keep you away.
I am a very patient person deya… I won’t rush us,that way nature will have enough time to take you away from me if you are not mine.
I walked out and she was sleeping on the couch I smiled and sat beside her i touched her forehead to ensure she is ok.
Did I get you angry…sorry
I carefully lifted her up and dropped her the bed
The jacket loosened so I carefully tied it well then banded her hair …I lay beside her.
“Deya”I said she didn’t talk.
I touched her hand she opened her eye.
“Sir”she said
“Sorry,I was just kidding”I said.
She smiled and rolled away I smiled.
I watched her fall asleep again.
She sleeps alot.
She suddenly rolled again i rushed over and caught Her..she almost fell off.
I smiled as i moved her back In.
She backed me so I Lay facing upward.
She suddenly turned again…hey What a crazy slipper. She united her jacket again because of clumsiness she rolled into my arms again and placed her hands on my chest.. then moved her face into my shoulders..
I smiled….what a girl.
I returned her to the bed then I tied the jacket and covered her well.
I picked my phone and rushed out,I poured myself a glass of wine.
Jeremy’s pov.
I walked in from my meeting with the boys outside.
Its still kinda early.
I locked the door and Nora walked out of the shower she tied her jacket well.
“Are you uhmmmm tired?”she asked
“What’s wrong?”I asked
“I feel cold”she said and smiled.
“Are you not a crazy girl..you just came out of–“she kissed me and I smiled.
She blinded the lights and moved into my arms.
“Baby Not tonight, you stressed yourself too much”I whispered.
I fell back on the bed and removed my top thank God i bathed earlier.
She smiled as she moved Into me on the bed as i sat backing the pillow she carefully sat on my legs I smiled and picked the remote.
“Nora sleep before we fight”I said.
“I will, in your arms”she added.
I smiled as she moved Into me and kissed my neck with her fingers on my chest.
I carefully untied her red towel jacket and she dropped it.
she smiled and sent both hands to drag pant up.
I smiled
“At your age you still wear micky mouse pant”I said.
Nora smiled
I moved in and kissed her tight she deepened the kiss then i brushed my fingers from her tummy to br**St which was facing me.
She smiled and moaned into my lips as we deepened the kiss.
She wrapped those arms over my neck.
She kissed me tightly and I brushed brushed my fingers to her back then up to the br**st again she tightened the kiss as pressed and fondled her softly.
She unlocked from the kiss and unhooked my belt
“You are not really tired”i said
“No no no”she said and i hastily dropped the pant then moved her into me i smiled as i watched her take control.. my smile turned into wild moans..as I raised my fingers to her breast she smiled as she rode me to heaven.
After a while she fell beside me on the bed right into my arms I smiled as she fell on the pillow.
I looked in her face and She smiled.
“I love you”she said.
I smiled
“Nora”I said
“Tell me”she added
“Be my girlfriend”I said
“Huh?”she added
“I want you to be mine..I will be yours..don’t worry I Wont cheat on you and I really Care so much right now ..don’t say. no to me…what are you saying?”I said.
She hastily kissed me i smiled and held her tight.
I need to own her…I don’t know what I feel but I suddebly get jealous each time She is on call with a man or she is with any man.
I woke up with a smile and i looked around for BRyan
I held my jacket together and opened the door ..where is he.
I ran into the living room he wasn’t there I went to the balcony and saw him in the little pool I smiled as walked out..
“Sir Good Morning”I said he turned and dropped his phone
“How are you?”he asked
“Am fine”I said
He nodded as he walked out to sit and poured himself a glass of wine.
He looked sweet i watched the water drip down
“Uhmmm so we are living in few minutes…uhmmm min ah looked for you earlier so you might want to see her too”he said and touched my shoulders as he walked past me into the house holding the bottle of wine and his phone.he was topless tgen wore a black short.his physique is pretty
I walked in and he walked into the living room
“Deya please save time”he said.
I nodded and ran into min ahs room.
She walked out wearing a white polo she sat on the bedroom bed as i came in fully
She was arranging some stuffs in her bag
“Honey you need to be fast,I already helped you pack “she said
I nodded and walked into her shower.
“Your nightie is pretty”min ah said
“Oh thanks”I said as I locked the door.
“So what where you doing last night miss,why did you over sleep?”she said
“Nothing”I shouted.
“Boringggg so You guys didn’t —
“Oh my God no”I shouted
“Wow so was zaina right,you are still–
“Yes”I shouted
“Wow pretty , is he waiting or bugging … my first boyfriend waited only 2 weeks” min ah said.
I opened the door
“Am not dating Bryan, we are not even friends”I Said
“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat”she said
“Yes…it’s nothing”I said
She smiled
“He will ask you out soon,he likes you”she said
I laughed
“Is he drunk, what exactly will he like about me”I said.
“Everything about you is likeable…what if he did will you say yes” she said
“Well he can’t ..he can’t but if he did which he can’t …I Dont know …how do you be a girlfriend?”I asked
She smiled
I walked out and she gave me a black dress to wear.
I smiled.
“I will be outside”she said and I nodded.
After packing my hair I wore the warmer then wore my school bag.
I ran into the living room after dressing up she wore a short under the top and her guard’s carried her bag out.
She took my hand and we walked out.
“Deya why the warmer?”she asked
‘It has mastered me..it helps me–
“Stay inferior…that’s why you keep covering your ear and eye each time you see nana…
“That was before …we are friends now,you forgot”I said.
Min ah smiled.
We walked out
Nana walked out with her crew..
She looked at me and smiled.
“Uhmm deya sorry about the dressing stuff..they where kidding”nana said
“Its ok…everyone liked it”I said.
She smiled and tried walking to her car when Bryan walked out from his suite.
the other guard took his bag. nana stopped and watched him quietly.
I think she is just lusting after him.
I mean the way she looks at him …so much desires,love doesn’t look like that.
Bryan met Diego and they spoke Diego knocked his head and he smiled.
Everyone smiled.
All eyes where on him.
He laughed and brushed his fingers into his hair.
The other idols walked out and Jeremy handed him a file.he tied his hair as he looked through it Diego knocked him again
“Ahhh sorry”he said, I smiled.
Finally he closed the file and waved at Jeremy after some simple signals he beeped his car.
He dropped the file and drove off.
He stopped in front of me.
He looked at from the open window
“Lets go”he said
“Huh!”I said.
He smiled and walked out.
I wore my school bag well.
“where is her bag?”he asked min ah
My eye widened
Min ah gave him the bag he held it in one hand and dragged me with the other hand where he held his phone.
I followed him till he stopped and and turned to my face
“The fact that I don’t like this,I told you right?”he said
He removed the warmer and dropped it on the floor then he unbanded my hair and dropped the band.
I smiled.
He moved my hair behind with his fingers then tucked them into my ear.
I smiled and looked down
“Come on..we are late–Diego I will call you” he said and waved at Diego who waved back With his mouth open.
I looked at Nana as she stormed into her car..
Bryan locked my side of the car and drove off
“You look pretty”he said.
I smiled

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