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…why did you say it😭?
Adesola Adeomowole🥤
Now enjoy🥤🥤🥤🥤🥤
Emily POV 💃💃💃💃💃
She’s still the same person,she’s sindoora Dana lost child. She speaks like sindoora Dana,walks like her,act like her.
She’s just so tender like that top modelist and I hate everything about her, especially her small mouth with which she’s always kissing seven with.
“Seven can you believe she wanted to kill me” I lied,thinking I will at least find favour in his eyes.
He gave beauty a long lasting look which I cannot just interprete it’s meaning.
“Seven she said she doesn’t loves you!!
“She said you’re cold hearted that she likes your money and not you!!
I lied again,making Beauty bones to weaken the more.
“She even have the gut to say it that she had have sex with Len many times” I lied, beauty gasped with her palms covering her face.
“Seven no no no…I didn’t …
“I didn’t….
“I didn’t….” Beauty uttered with dangling legs,seven removed his mask and stared at her quietly.
I fake pretense tears,holding my bleeding hands. Beauty blink back tears and that’s exactly what I wanted.
I smiled inwardly and moved closer to seven but I end up being pushed away.
“You girls are like gold diggers and you cannot change your spots”
“The both of you just keep deceiving me because I am a fool to love.
“You disgust me both and I don’t want you again in my life!!!
He blurts out and threw away his ring.
“Get out!! He yelled at Beauty and I.
“Seven listen up I didn’t say…..”
Just before beauty could complete her statement,seven shouted at her,she flinch back in fear and ran out of the hospital.
“Exactly what I wanted!! I smiled again and also follow her out.
It’s either I have Seven or no one else.
I trail her and finally met her crying beside the female washroom.
“Dear darling diary,
Emily did what I hated the most by lying against me,that’s the most hurtful thing” she cried and fling her diary away.
This is just the beginning!! I said aloud,she stood up and push her long hair backwards.
“If you think I am crying because of Seven,then you’re a fool!!!
“You’re a fool for seeing my tears as my weakness.
“Nothing is worth crying for!!!!
She uttered and push me out of the way
“Just watch how I will deal with you!! I rants,she kept quiet and her quietness is really driving me to the tanget.
I love it whenever she speaks back at me.
“Gross!!! I mumbled and brought out my phone,getting ready for another evil task.
Gloominess drips like perspiration beads as I made my way out of the hospital. I spotted Seven,he was been crowded by his numerous fans.
😭Sir can you tell us the most hurtful thing that has ever happened to you???
A press questioned him and within a blink of an eye,thousands of microphone appear on his mouth piece.
💧The most hurtful thing…..
🔥 Is there anything more hurtful than being a fool to love???
🔥You will just end up being broken!!
Seven answered them and try his possible best not to be harsh.
“Oh no,I caused him more pains….
“That foolish Emily lied against me” I blink back tears and watch him speak to his fans.
🙄sir are you undergoing an heart break???
Another media questioned him. He kept silent when he saw me admist the crowd.
He didn’t say a word,he just rolled his eyebrows at me and walk out on everybody while his guards keep pushing his fans away so that they won’t get more close to him.
I walk out of the hospital and look around.
Everything here is just horrible.
I don’t even know the way back home.
Maybe this is the way home” I nod my head and took the left direction.
There’s no single taxi at all,a I saw were just exotic cars that I cannot afford and so,I started trekking with my feeble kneels and unhealed feet.
(192,000 seconds passed)
It started becoming more dark with me alone on the dark alley. By counting,I have walk pass thirty two kilometers and my nerves are really near breaking points. I have never walk this long all my life.
My legs started shaking,I fell back to the floor. I stood up again and started walking but I was not lucky because I fell down again.
I went on my fours and started crawling,just then it started raining heavily.
All my clothes became soaked,my hair’s stick to every part of my face,I started shaking with a pounding heart.
This is the worst day of my life” I mumbled,while crawling in the rain.
The rain keep pouring on me but I still manage to crawl even if staying under the rain will put my life at risk.
Not quiet long,my hand shook a nail.
A very sharp one to be precise.
I stop crawling and held my hand in pain, watching the blood that drip down my little finger.
I manage to sit on a small Stone and allow excess condense water to pour down on my tender skin.
Soon,I stood up and push my long wet hair backwards so that I can see clearly but the hair keep falling on my face.
“What happen to your fingers???
“Why are blood coming out????
That face which I love to see questioned.
I blink my wet lashes at him and keep struggling with my long wet hair.
“What happen to your fingers???
Seven step out of his car and sqautted in my presence.
I didn’t say anything,I just nod my head negatively since he said that I disgust him.
“What happened?? He bite his lower lips and took my hands in his own.
“N….n…nothing and please don’t touch me!! I manage to say and hijack my hands from his own.
“I’m sorry for shouting at you!! He said in a calm voice and held my chin.
“Seven let it go!!!
“Let it go because I don’t wanna see you now!! I sturttled with a shaking lips because the rain really have an effect on me.
“Sorry!! He mumbled,I push his hand away from my chin and stood up,he stood errect and pull me back to himself.
“What are you gonna do??
“Going to walk under the rain??
He uttered and cage me to himself by my shoulders.
“I want to be alone right now!! I said and finally get out of his tight grip.
Just as I turn to leave,I tripped and fell on his cute body with my nose pressing his pink lips.
“I’m sorry I didn’t…
“I didn’t mean to kiss you” I pleaded with a blank expression.
He smiled,I squeaze my face and get off him.
“I want to be alone!!
I did the namaste sign and walk out on him.
Surprisingly,his guards came blocking my way.
“Seven I said I want to leave!!
“Leave me alone!!
“Don’t you understand!!
I blabbed and find myself fainting on Jake.

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