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(ı ɰıʟʟ ɞє oҡѧʏ ғoя ʏou✋✋)
®Adesola Adeomowole
Now enjoy⌛⌛⌛
Gloominess drips like perspiration beads as i stared at Beauty lips.
I know how it looks to come from a wealthy home….
Her case is different,she is not only rich, she came from the royals.
Only sindoora Dana is equal and this sindoora in question is Beauty’s mother.
“What a tongue twister???
I.just pray Beauty will keep shut and deny the fact that she is not a lost child.
“Who’s your mother???
Sindoora questioned,Beauty gasped.
Thousands of microphones were placed on her mouth piece…
“My mother!!!
She said and shut her eyes down.
She shake her head and raised her hands to her cheeks…
“The love of a mother is….
“Is when….
She shut her eyes down and stop speaking.
Gosh,she’s gaining attention already.”
I grinned,seven gave me a warning look.
“What is your mother name???
Sindoora went ahead and touch her cheeks.
“My mother!!!
She gasped and pulled sindoora into a very tight hug.
I muttered inwardly as I watch mother and child hugging each other.
Sindoora fundled her hairs and hold her cheeks, the resemblance was now very visible.
No one dare talk….
Only mummurs were heard.
I started moving my body in an uncomfortable manner.
“Elva is my mother!!!
Beauty pouted and ran out of sindoora Dana company.
I smiled in victory and brought out my phone, no dulling moment this time around✋✋✋
“I thought she was my daughter but she’s not!!
“What’s all this??.
“When will I see Beauty????
“Meeting closed,everybody leave!!!
Sindoora spoke in anger and dismissed everyone.
“This is just the beginning!!! I smiled.
“How do you know she’s not your child??
“The two of you can do a DNA test to.confirm!
Seven uttered.
My plans crumbled….
I squeaze my face at Seven’s decision. He always got smart ideas just like knight.
Seven thank you!! Sindoora smiled and was almost hugging seven.just because of the idea he brought.
“A DNA test to confirm!!!
“Let’s see how it goes” I said in a wicked manner in my mind and walk.out of sindoora company.
There’s more to this!!!
Liam(Beauty’s dad) must not know about this.
“She left outside now!!
“Track her down and entangle her in a net till Len will reach the squad!!!
I shrieked and hung up.
🔰 Emily be fast,track beauty along!!!
I texted Emily and walk to my car before seven will smell something fishy.
Beauty,here comes your doom. I am finally gonna use you to get back at seven.
Beauty POV💦💪💦💦💦
“Ohh my gaaad,what’s happening to me???
I stopped half way to the hallway and glance back.
“Gosh why can’t I remember anything!!!
I closed my eyes again and find myself in a parallel universe back to the end of time.
Are you alive???
“Beauty dress custom party!!!
“Beauty dress custume!!!!
I held my head and ran out of the industry.
I keep running till I got to the main road.
Everything is just frustrating me…..
The more I stare at sindoora,the more my brain pain me. The pain was so intense that I just have to run out.
I keep running and muttered the little song I remember from my childhood.
🎼 Rock a bye baby on the tree top
🎼 when the wind blow…. The cradle will rock
🎼 when the bough break….the cradle will fall
🎼 Forward and back,the cradle will swing
🎼. No one is as dear as baby to me….
🎼. Even the high roof tops down to the sea…
🎼. Baby is drowsing cosy anddd…..
I stop running and scratch my neck.
🎼 cosy and….
I stop running and look around…..
“Wattttttt,where am I??.?
“God,I am lost!!!!
I look around on the lonely dark alley that I stood.
“Ohhh no!!!
I said aloud with a turn.
My eyes scan around and soon,I sighted Emily and her crews.
She has changed into another set of lemon regalia.
I turn back,thinking I will find refuge in someone but I find none.
Soon,I saw them all.
Apart from Emily,there are four other people.
Mitchell Darren,
Curly April,
Fiona Tripatti….
I didn’t see the last person. Just as I said I should turn around and run, something like a large ring pin my legs to the sandy ground.
I couldn’t just move again.
I fell down weakly to the floor with my lashes flapped together.
“Gaaaad,what does Emily wants from me???
I didn’t do her anything but she’s always after me for some reasons best unknown to me.
“Idiot,your seven is not gonna save you from me!! Emily moved closer and spat at my face.
Curly,take off her golden chains and earrings,she doesn’t deserve them” she said angrily.
“No no no no!!!
“Don’t take them away!! I pushed curly hands away from my waist.
“Queen Lee,she’s proving sturbonness” she reported me to Emily who was already smoking wildly.
“Slap her and hit the gun on her cranky head” she ordered.
“Why must you slap her???
The last person I couldn’t see clearly speak for me.She was in a mask and so I couldn’t figure her out.
“Shut up!!! Curly snap at the masked.
Within a blink of an eye,arguments started. Emily was also arguing with her crews.
I used that opportunity to unpin my legs from the floor.
Soon,I moved away from my position and hide in a place I will not be noticed.
“What’s all these bullshits???
“And where’s beauty???
Mitchell snarled.
They didn’t see me when I was untieing myself because they had their backs turned against me.
“Where’s she??? Fiona raised an alarm.
All the girls stop talking and turn back.
“She ran away!!!!
Curly itched her neck and faced the mask.
“Stupid idiot,you made her escape!! She rants at the idiot.
“Hey pig,I am not the one,it’s this poor thing that caused it!! The masked girl pointed at Mitchell.
“Beauty escape again!! Emily puffed out smokes of cigarette and signal her crews to get into the car.
“Mask,stay back!!!
“Don’t get into my car because you caused the argument” Emily said disappointedly,leaving the masked girl alone.
Immediately they left,the masked girl unveil her veil and it turns out to be Dyna!!!
(Fire N ice)
I shouted her name in a low tune and step out of my hiding place.
She stared at my pointed nose and long lashes,I stared at her small curvy lips.
“I miss you, and I will do anything within my power to save you even if it will cause my blood dropping down” she said,I raised my expensive Saree a little bit and hug her.
“You are all that I want in a sister” she said and press my pointed nose.
She dragged my hands,we started running.
I stumbled and fell,she help me up till we got to the main road.
She boarded a taxi, we got in and whirl up the tinted windows.
Again,I spotted Emily😡😡😡😡
She didn’t see me but I saw her.
My body grew cold, as cold as an ice💦.
My star dust and flesh gets recomposed, I couldn’t think of anything….
I closed my eyes and open them,it’s still the same thing,nothing changed at all.
“Dyna, let’s drop our head down,I am starting to think Emily is going to catch us together.
“I just hope she doesn’t see us” I said,we bow our head down while the taxi move in a slow manner.
“Ma’am, the taxi is not moving again!!
The chauffer said.
“Please do something,don’t let the taxi stop”
“Sir do something!! I pleaded.
“There is nothing I can do except we push” the taxi man said.
“We should push!!!
“Emily is gonna see us” I nod my head negatively.
“Don’t worry,I will push” Dyna swallower the lump in her throat and step out if the taxi.
Just as I predicted,Emily saw us….
Shittt,she had an eagle eyes.
She went ahead and held Dyna neck like she’s gonna twist it.
Anger surpass me while darkness moved throughout my veins.
“How can she hold Dyna neck like that???
Even Elva has never treated her and I like that!!
“You this jackass,you think you’re smart!!
“You pretended to be working for me but you’re secretly helping beauty???
“Who do you think you are to help that poor thing???
Emily rant.
“My sister is not a poor thing!!! Dyna said and pushed Emily hand away from her neck.
Out of frustration,I step out of the taxi and went straight to Emily, I slap her cheeks,overlooking the fact that she’s a queen!!
“Don’t hold my sister like that again….
“She’s not a toy. When next you see her,treat her like a queen and not a toy to toss aside!!!
I uttered and gave her a disdainful look.
“You slapped Emily!! Fiona chirped in,Emily hold her cheeks.
“Is sindoora Dana your mom? Curly said..
“Who gave you those expensive jewelries and clothes??? Mitchell grinned.
“You slapped me!! Emily said, looking at my pointed nose and lips.
She’s jealous of them,I know.
“Guards get them!!!! She shouted.
“Guards get her too!!! I shouted in a low tone too.
Emily gave me a puzzled glare.
“You’re proving smart!! She snarled,staring at just one golden hair chain that seven attached to my head.
“Get her!!! She shouted to her guards,her guards reached my presence and just couldn’t touch me.
“Idiot,touch her,Seven is gonna kill you!!
“Can’t you see she’s Seven’s……”
Emily guards muttered….
She raised her hand to slap me,I raised my hand to slap her also.
“Nice one!!! Dyna smiled, Emily frown and suddenly started crying 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Why is she crying????
I wondered,terrified.
“You slapped me!!! She cried the more with her hands on her cheeks…
“Omg,why is queen Emily crying????
I brought my hand down and stared at her with an unknown expression, I suddenly started pitying her 😡😡😡😡
Fire N Ice ©aɖɛsօʟa aɖɛօʍօաօʟɛ
ʟɨҡɛ,ʄօʟʟօա,ċօʍʍɛռt aռɖ sɦaʀɛ😍😍😍
ʟօʋɛ ʏօʊ aʟʟ😍😍

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