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chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_13
I gasped as he carried me like a baby
I closed my eye tight.
Then I opened it …I cant believe he is carrying me. It was just sweet each time he was lifting me up to balance.
He sent his eye to my shoulders I rembered that my cloth was strapless.
I hope it doesn’t pull out.
And zaina removed my bra totally instead of removing the hand..
“Where is your bra?”bryan asked
“Huh?”i said
He smiled..and chuckled quietly.
“Dont wear what you are not comfortable wearing next time “he said
I nodded
“Am glad,the cream worked”he said
I smiled as I used both hands to cover my chest.
“Hey, with your hand there I can’t see well”Bryan said
“Huh”I said.
“You are blocking the way, do you want us to fall into the ditch?”he asked.
“But …. i covered my chest” i said
“Oh really…i thought it was the way” he said.
I smiled.
Bryan frowned.
“Sir what’s wrong Now”i asked
“Ahhhh your hand is blocking my sight”he said
I hastily removed my hand from my chest.
Bryan smiled
“I wonder what I will be now if I didn’t meet her”Bryan said.
“Who”I asked.
“No…no one”he said.
Soon we got to car which was filled with a lot of security men.
Bryan dropped me on the floor and we arrived
“Bryan are you ok,where you attacked,” security asked
“No I left the car when I sensed something…is my driver ok?”Bryan asked
“Well he …well..the…”he was looking at me lustfully.
Bryan traced hiz eye…Bryan scoffed and used his jacket to cover my body I wore it well and he closed it.
“He wasn’t shot,he is ok”the man said.
I and Bryan walked into the car.
Soon we arrived at the house and rushed out.
“Sir good night”I said as i handed him his jacket.
he took it and I bowed
I turned to walk and he stood there watching me.
I waved at him
“Sir goodnight”i said
He nodded
I smiled and moved my hair as i walked in front.
I turned he was still watching me.
“Sir go”I said as i waved
“you go first”he said
I nodded …is he looking at my back?
I touched my back and looked at him He smiled
“Go”I said
He nodded and walked up to his door while placing a call.
I pushed min ahhs door and it was locked.
What do I do..
Now bryan might think I enjoy disturbing him
I will pretend like the door is open until he locks his door.
I turned and bryan walked into his house
My phone was ringing..unknown number.
I picked the call.
“Come over, so I can lock my door”I smiled and turned back Bryan waved at me with the hand he was holding the phone.
I stood there quietly smiling like I won a world cup.
Bryan smiled as he watched me quietly.
“I like you”I said in my mind as i waved at him
“Come over”he said.
I nodded
“Ok sir”I shouted
“Quickly”he said
I nodded as i dragged up my gown to my chest.
Bryan smiled and leaned on his door.
I tucked my hair into my ear and dragged my gown down
He smiled again and closed his mouth quietly.
I smiled as I moved over while holding my purse to my thighs quetly.
The more happy I am the more Nervous get.
Finally I got to him and he took my hand.
“Welcome”he said
I smiled and watched him close the door.
I dragged my gown down again he smiled
“Come”he said and took my hand so I followed him.
He opened the drawer and handed me a towel jacket.
“Bath and wear it”he said.
I checked the length it was long enough so I smiled and nodded.
Awwww my leg..I hope it won’t pain with water
I made sure Bryan walked out so I closed the door very well.
Even the curtains
Then I blinded the lights..in case he finds a way to peep.
I smiled to myself as i ran into the shower.
Tonight seems fun
Bryan kissed my cheek
Awwwwn it felt good but it was somehow too.
I used my hand to cover my face as i turned on the shower I know he was drunk..he is not blind to want to kiss me.
I smiled to myself as i bathed.
Austin’s pov
I only Drank little…gosh that moment was crazy.
I don’t know why I felt dizzy.
Bryan should be less Mad by now or I better text him.
I saw Nana’s team mates walk out of a particular room..
Is that where Kim nana is in?
Crazy girl.
I rushed in and she turned..
Wow hot she wore a night jacket with a white bra and white short.
Pretty girl…..
“Hey Hon”I said
She looked so angry so I moved over.
“Why are you like this?”i asked.
“Well someone keeps getting me angry”she said.
“Tell me who it is?”i asked
“Never mind”she said
“Really..I thought we where past this”I said
“I don’t feel like talking..am not in the mood”she said
I nodded as i moved in and untied her jacket..as I kissed her neck
“What are you doing?”she asked
“Nothing “I said and opened the jacket then brushed my fingers into her waist from behind..I pulled her in she moved back
“Just Get out”she said.
“I will,if you say it again”i said as brushed out her waist chain which fell into her p*nt from the front side…
She didnt talk again




“I missed you” i whispered into her ears as i unzipped the short till the last.
“Austin st–“i pulled her in with both hands on the sides of the short then I kissed her tightly,she kissed me back so I pulled down the short instantly and carried her up into my arms.
We kissed for long minutes as i wedged her on the wall..I kissed her lips down her neck..then placed kisses on her cleavage from the bra which I unhooked immediately I leaned her out of the wall and dropped her on the bed.
I came up and she raised her hand to pulled off my top,she unhooked the belt as i knelt facing her..then she pulled me down so I kissed her lips again for a long while. she unlocked from the kiss and gently pulled my head down so I kissed her neck sweetly down to her ni**le and that was when she gave me the silent moans i was waiting for.
Our session was fun as i dragged the white bedsheet to cover us.
Then I just kept hitting it harder.. the right spot.
her moan made my night.
She locked her pretty ankle down my waist…love it when she does that it made me lean in to give her a sweet kiss
It was crazy and fun.
Till it ended.
This should be our second affair or is it third
But this ..so sweet, more mature than the first.
She finally sat down on the bed and poured herself a glass of wine I smiled as I took a glass then I leaned on the pillow
“That was fun,we should try this some other time”I said
“In your dreams Austin..I want Bryan back”She said.
“Ohhh Bryan …I am grateful he spoilt you more, the sex was much more fun the first one”I said
“Stop reminding me of that,I need you to help me with something”She said
“Yes I had been meaning to ask you who got you angry”I said.
“ODEYA,odeya Blake…I hate her..I want her to go far away from everywhere mostly dream high”she said.
“Who is she..who is her dad”I asked
“She’s a commoner”She said
“Sweet…..then it’s not a big deal”I said
“Yes it shouldn’t be, you are the lead bully in dream high”nana said
“Is she a student?”I asked
“She’s the hate student” nana said.
“Wait deya deya..I think I–does she have anything to do with Bryan?”I asked
“I don’t think so…she’s a no body. if she is around him then she’s just seeking attention”nana said
“Is she pretty”I asked playfully and nana poured her drink on me.
“You got me wet … I was kidding”I said.
She sighed.
I gently dragged the white cover on her chest till it unlocked.
“Stop”she said and covered her body well.
“Ruin odeya Blake…let’s seal it with a quickie.”I said
Nana Dropped the pillow on my face,I smiled
“Dont worry…I will teach her to know her place…as a commoner”I said and nana smiled.

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