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(I thought U can’t B mine )
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_14
Love u
I was about sleeping when nana Walked into my room and closed the door
She sat down..she looked so restless.
“Hey,are you ok?”I said
“Noo, I think I made a mistake”she said
“What did you do?”I asked
“I slept with Austin”she said
I stood up in shock.
“Again,I thought you said it will be only that once?”I asked
“I got carried away and secondly I need something to hold him with so he can help ruin deya”she said
“What if he finds out the truth..will he still help you?”I asked.
“You know He won’t help ” she said.
“So why did you involve him again… just pray this mistake doesn’t uproot the past cos Austin will hate you too” I said.
Nana fell on my pillow.
Nana just annoyed me right now with her vulnerability she has issues with self control.
I just pray it ends like this..
Austin better not find out the truth.
I walked out of the shower while already wearing the pretty towel jacket..I tied my hair with the hand on my wrist.
I opened the curtains and the door.
I looked around for Bryan then I saw him coming.
I smiled as I shifted from the way.
“Are you done bathing?”he asked
I nodded
“Come, in few hours the dye will be permanent”he said.
I nodded.
He picked a kit and opened the door to the shower so I lay down on the glass bench then bryan squatted to face my hair.
Too bad i will be facing the sky..I will miss looking in his face.
This bathroom is pretty.
Bryan removed the hair band and used his fingers to brush my hair back ward I smiled.
“Why will zaina Dress you up,is she your friend?”he asked as he applied some liquid stuff in my hair.
i nodded
“Yes we became friends, uhmmm nana too”I said and smiled as I lifted my eye up to see his face but I couldn’t.
“Soooooo What about me..”he said in a very childish voice
“Huh”I added
“Am i your friend?”he said.
“Hah noooooooooooooo”I said.
Bryan chuckled
“What!!”he said.
“You are too high to be my friend sir ….I will get arrested if I become your friend”I said.
“Heiiiishhh”Bryan said and rubbed the soap on my cheek
I smiled
“So What am i to you anyway”he said.
“My angry bird” I said
Bryan started laughing
“Hey pity me”he said




“Sir you are always angry, and you don’t talk to me” I said as i felt him scratch my hair
“I don’t talk to you? what am I doing now …huh!!”he said and applied foam on my mouth.
“Ahhhh sir…it’s the truth, you really snub me”I said.
“Ahhhhh I am a changed person”he said.
I smiled.
He took he hand shower and applied water I smiled that felt sweet.
I can’t belive bryan is washing my hair
When did this star become my friend.
I smiled as I turned my face to look at him I didnt know he wanted to apply soap
“Deya wait–“he tried covering my eye but too late it already entered my eye.
“Ahhhhh sir I can’t see well anymore”I started crying as i dragged him with both hands on his top to sit beside me
“You are too stubborn…Ahhh why where trying to look at me”he said as he used his hand to wipe my eye.
“Ahhhhh sir am dead..if i go blind who will find my mum”i said as i used his top to clean my face.
“Does she know how much i bought this top”he mouthed to himself.
I angrily hit his chest
“Sir its painful”I said
“Hey open your eye”he said and I opened my eye he started blowing air I suddenly started laughing
“Sir this is not dust”I shouted
“Baby calm down, air can work in any–
“Sir find water? Ahhh mummy!!”I shouted and hit him again.
“Ouch stop hitting me..am not the soap, ahhhhh my heart”he said.
“Sir you have finally killed me”I said and started crying Bryan started laughing.
He picked the hand shower.
It started peppering my eye…I was so scared i held Bryan tight so he won’t run away.
I carefully brushed both hands into his waist.
Hmmm that felt somehow
I felt fire works in my tummy but I still held him like he was mine
He moved my face and poured water then used his hand to wash it out.
“What about now ?”he said.
“Its still peppery, a little”I said
“Hey, leave my body first.
you are seducing me am not going anywhere.”he said.
“No”I said and held him tighter.
He chuckled and I felt him brush his fingers into my wet hair then he brushed my hair behind continuously.
That felt sweet…he is just too sweet.
“Sorry reine, just wait a while”he said.
Reine,what’s the meaning of reine..he called me reine.
I smiled
He carefully moved my hair Into my ear and blowed air into my closed eye.
He brushed his fingers on my closed eye then I felt his fingers move down to my lips.
I collected my smile as i tried closing my lips which was partly open.
He brushed his wet fingers through my lips.
The fire works started again.
I felt him deep his finger into my ear i smiled.
He moved my wet hair and I cleared my throats
“Sir was something on my mouth?”I asked
“Yes your hair”he said and helped me feel it i smiled oh that was it. what was I busy thinking.
When did I start getting so stupid..rose come and hold me
I gently brushed my hands out of his waist and bowed gently as i placed my hand across my eye…
Bryans pov.
Ahhh what was I doing..fine the hair was there but I actually wanted to taste her lips but on second thoughts I can’t do something deya might not want
But I can’t control that need..you are the first girl to make loose control of my desires.
I smiled as I looked at her closed eye.
“I will apply more water”I said and tried standing to take the hand shower deya held me tight
“Sir don’t leave me”she said.
I smiled
Am I drunk
“I won’t, I will just take this”I said and picked it.
She nodded and removed her hand
“I will pour water so wash your face again”i said.
She nodded
I lifted the hand shower and poured water to her face she was already wet so no need.
Oh gosh I wiped water from my own face and my lens dropped ..gosh..I even got used to wearing this,I don’t have Eye issues I just don’t like exposing my eye colour
I watched the water drip down her face into her neck then down her chest.
Where my eye got trapped..it
was beautifull…the first thing I crushed on in her whole body was her breast..
The first day she opened her door early in the morning braless Wearing a pink singlet.
gosh Its pretty, badly tempting.
It is crazily well set…maybe because she Is not yet involved in too much crazy sexual activities..
And that day I touched her by mistake…I can’t forget that day..
I felt a sensation that made me feel like returning my hand gosh!!
What a pretty one..she’s a pack of seduction.
I looked in her face her eyes where still closed.
I forced myself to stop looking down her chest but my eyes won’t give up.
I looked down again.
i closed my eye.
The towel jacket was even loose her cleavage was visible…I felt the water stream down.
I watched it drip down her. her heart, her chest was seductively wet … I got carried away I was no longer pouring water in her face I was busy poring it into her chest.
She didn’t even talk.
“Sir is there something in my chest”she asked.
“Oh!! nooo”I said and poured the water fully.
I smiled as I looked in her face
She removed her hand then she let the water drop dowm on its own.
She was even licking into the water..
The shape of her lips beautiful.
I couldn’t hold it anymore,I want to kiss you.
I smiled to myself as i moved Into her face.
I tried kissing her…those lips they tempt me every minute.
Deya closed her mouth in a smile.
So I moved close enough and tried kissing her
“Sir I can –“she opened her eye and I hastily moved back.
Then cleared my throat.
“Thats what… what i wanted to uhmmm check” I said and looked in her face.
She nodded and used her hand to cover her jacket well.
Fine!! You win. i am in love with you
I won’t deny it anymore.
But only 3 things are holding me back.
Back from asking you to be mine.
Out of the 3 one Is my biggest fear.
I don’t want to date a girl I cant trust,I don’t want a cheap girl,I don’t want a girl that has poor self control. just like nana;I don’t want a girl who seems nice and innocent at first but is carried away by material things.
I am a jealous person and I am scared of the same pain
I carefully moved her wet hair into her ear..
“Uhmm sir?”she said.
“Your hair colour is back”I said.
She smiled and touched her hair.
Ahhhhhh I feel so crazy and sweet.
I just feel different.
Butterflies are shooting into my tummy and heart especially each time Bryan touches me or talks to me
I keep getting crazy thoughts wishing he would hug me or touch me..
I am really getting stupid..I never expected this from myself.
I am becoming immoral in my thinking
But I feel beautiful..I guess this is how love should be
I looked at his white top it was already wet
He tied His hair and still used a white band to wedge it.
I don’t even like looking in his face cause he is too seductive.
I looked in his face and opened my eye wide.
Is this his eye..jeeez someone hold me.
Am going to faint
“Sir you have green eyes.”I shouted
“Noo I don’t”he said and closed his eye I smiled as I looked in his face
His eye is so beautiful why does he use lenses.
Deep into his eye the green has a spark of silver
Bryan didn’t want to open his eye again.
I smiled.
“Sir stop being shy”I said.
“Ahhh stay away from me”he said and used both hands to cober his eye as he stood up.
I smiled
Finally he walked into the room and removed his hand from his face as he pulled out his top then wore his blue slipper.
“Deya I don’t know what you will wear..will you be comfortable wearing my shirt or better still”he took the white band and brushed into his hair then he squatted down and handed me a sealed pink bag”wear anyone you like” he said and opened the shower door..
I opened the bag and it was a set of nighties..females
“Sir who owns this?”I asked
“Me”he said
“Are you a girl?”I asked.
“No I bought it for a girl, uhmmm my ex”he said
“Oh ok” I said.
“But ummmm she kinda rejected it. I forgot at that moment that she doesn’t wear what others wear she has her own cloth brand sooo I had to get another. if it’s local for you too you can drop it on the bed” he said and ran into the shower.
“Sir its very pretty!!”I shouted.
“Secondly this Is the most beautiful thing In my wardrobe.
“Lastly……the fact that its coming from you makes it special”I said and smiled to myself
“Ahhhhhh She’s making me blush” he said I smiled and jumped up.
Now I will wear this
“Sir tell me before you come out”I said
“What are you hiding?”he asked
“My bodyyyyyyyy”I said
“Ahhh whatever”he said
“Dont forget”I said
“Ok doll”he added
I smiled and hastily removed the jacket and wore the short.
I chose the white one.
I wore it and it was really short just below my hip I dragged it down.
Ahhh how can he buy something so seductive for her.. I dragged down the short..
I felt the door shaking so I used my hand to cover my chest.
“Bryan!!”I shouted
“I was kidding”he said and I smiled..i heard him laugh
I removed my hand from my chest and wore the white top gosh it was a crop top.
Just below my breast Jesus Christ.
How can she dress like this and stay indoor with him.
This means …. they are both immoral.
I carefully arranged the singlet hand then I faced the mirror
My nipple is visible and I hate it.
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I don’t even like my breast..
But all my friends and friends of friends prefer mine to theirs.
if I ever come out braless they touch me at any chance the get.
I end up covering my chest while working with them …it mastered me thats why I end up covering my chest each time Bryans eye goes down… I feel like he will become the next hana.
Its just too lifted and pointed even if I don’t wear a bra I can wear anything.
I looked in the mirror for minutes
But What do people like about my body stature anyways.
I smiled to the mirror as i brushed my fingers to my breast.
Am shy!! oh mirror
Why are you showing my breast
Stop and close your eyes
I sang in my heart as i touched my Breast…I feel–
I turned and Bryan was watching me
“Ahhhhh i caught you, deya what are you doing?”he asked
I hastily removed my hand and wrapped them around ny chest
“Sir I said tell me before coming out” said
“What else are you hiding?”he said
Ahhhhhh am Dead
I used both hands to cover my face as i ran away Bryan smiled and dragged me back
“Sir”I said.
He wore a white short now, just 3 quartered and a red top.
Red room slipper too.
How can someone dress well even at midnight.
Ahhh am so shy every part of my body is visible and Bryan is looking at me
I closed my eye tight
Until I felt him take my hand I opened my eye and he carefully pulled in the jacket of the nightie I smiled.
so it has a jacket?
“I guess you didn’t see this”he said and helped me wear it completely then he tied it well
It was very long now I feel better.
He folded the hand very well
“Sit”he said.
I nodded and sat on the bed he squatted.
“Your leg?”he said I nodded lifted my leg..he looked at my fit for a while.
“Am sorry for this”he said and pulled in a socks I nodded.
“The other one” he said and I lifted my leg.
he also pulled in the other sucks.
he stayed like that and looked at me for a while.
I too was lost looking in his eye..
Then his lips.
My eye has no control.
Bryan suddenly looked at me in a different way.
Ahhh that kind of look.
just like in the movies.
God save deya.
I used the pillow to cover my chest and Bryan smiled.
“Do you know that you are a spoilt girl”he said
“No am not”I said and held my pillow tight as i cleared my throat.
Bryan gently pulled up my socks then touched my leg in a way I felt butterflies.
“How old are you?”he said as he gently rolled up the socks to my leg joint
I can’t think straight
He removed his hand and my thinking came back
“Getting to twenty”i said as i leaned on on my pillow.
He smiled seductively.
“Lets have one night deya ,whats your take?” he said and looked into my face as though he was reading a book.
“Huh!!”I shouted,he smiled.
jets, lands etc. I can give you anything as long as money can buy it”he said.
“Sir” I said
“I know am more than anyone’s dream boyfriend deya,so do you still need to think about it?”he asked.
“Huuuuh!!”I said.
He smiled to himself and looked Down as he squatted well.
“What you have to say,i really want to hear it deya”he said.
One night With bryan uhmmm waaaat!!
Is Bryan drunk..does He really–
What is he doing
He touched my leg and I shivered he smiled
“I want to hear from you”he said.
this is the guy I like right?
He is handsome?
nice, i am confused,simple.

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