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The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 7
Danelle’s pov
“What’s so funny Jayson?” I asked when he was still laughing.
He stopped and pushed his blonde hair back, then squatted beside me, picked a stone and threw into the stream.
“Im not any of that you just mentioned,” he said.
I felt relieved. But what is he then?
“What are you then, why are you so fast in fighting and all? and that statement you always make before and after fighting?” I asked, damn curious.
He threw another stone into the stream.
“Im a trained Ninja,” he said.
I raised my brow.
“Ninja?” I asked.
“Yeap, my mom is a Japanese and when she died five years ago, I couldn’t stay with my dad cos I wasn’t close to him at all. I went to my maternal home, to my grandfather. There, I was always fighting violently and angry at all times because of my mom’s death. My grandfather found out and took me to a Ninja master for me to be trained in the best way of fighting and the best way to control my anger,” he said.
“So why did you come back to America?” I asked.
“Cos my grandfather died, that was a year ago. I was schooling at Castlo but then there was this crazy guy. He was always asking for a fight and when I couldn’t control my anger anymore, I fought him till he lost consciousness. My dad paid all his hospital bill. I left the damn school and my dad sent me down here,” he said.
“Are you related to this school proprietor like people said?” I asked.
“No but he’s a close friend to my dad,” he said.
“Can I ask you this, what really caused your mom’s death?” I asked.
He stood up and slide his hands into his pullover pockets.
“She fell very ill and died months later,” he said with voice filled with sadness.
I stood up, standing beside him.
“Im very sorry about that,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve gotten over it but each time I remember it, it still hurt so bad,” he said.
“It’s just the way It hurts so bad each time I remember my dad,” I said.
He looked at me. “He’s dead?”
“No, he left us and got married to someone else. My mom loved him so much that she refused to get married to another man. She’s been a single mother to I and my elder sister,” I said.
He pulled out his right hand from the pocket of his pullover and held my left hand.
“Im sorry about that,” he said.
“Sometimes I wonder if it is inherited. My mom got heartbroken by the man she loved so much. My sister got heartbroken by the man she loved so much and now I too,” I said.
He squeezed my hand lightly.
“Im sorry but im here for you,” he said, then came to my front and took my two hands.
“Danelle I can’t tell you that I love you cos I don’t understand what that word means. I’ve never loved any girl but my mom. Im more like a badboy and a playboy but looking at you now, I feel like i’ve known you. Im having some feelings that I can’t even explain. Im so relaxed with you and I just wanna be seeing you and be with you all the time. The day I caught you staring at the asshole cheating on you, I felt hurt, I had no idea why. I felt that you don’t deserve that at all so I wanted to get close to you and if possible, help you revenge on the asshole. Being close to you suprisingly makes me so happy, such type of happiness that I lost after I lost my mom. I’ll never try to hurt you no matter who or what I am and what you see me as. I really like you Danelle.”
I smiled.
“I like you Jayson. I liked you the very day you beat Justin who taught no one can dare him. I like how courageous, fearless and strong you are, your fighting skill and all. Im happy you told me who you are, a Ninja, but I wonder why you don’t want anyone to know,” I asked.
“ Naai Ninja where I got trained, a Naai Ninja is hardly recognised as a naai ninja so no enemy can get to find the reason behind his or her fighting skill,” he said.
“Woww. I wish you can teach me how to fight like you,” I said.
“Do you really wanna learn how to fight like me?” he asked.
I smiled. “Yeah, I want to. If you’ll be my master,” I said.
He smiled. “I will teach you the Hand fighting skill and when you might have become perfect and well skilled on that, we will move over to sword fighting and ninja moves and walking skill but before I can teach you all these, I’ll take you to my master,” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“To bless our marriage,” he said.
I raised my brow. “Huh?”
He laughed. “Im just joking. Being a Naai ninja isn’t an easy one, you don’t need to be a ninja, im here to be your ninja,” he said.
I smiled.
He cut out a hibiscus flower and fixed it on my hair.
“You look beautiful,” he said.
I smiled then I recalled the book.
“What’s that book about? the one with the same words, you are beautiful?” I asked.
“It’s a Novel,” he said.
“Yeah, you wanna read?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I said. He removed his bag and brought out the book.
I wanted to open it but he halted me.
“No, don’t. Read it later,” he said.
I shrugged and placed it into my bag.
He smiled and took my hand. “Let’s go, it’s getting dark,” he said.
I nodded and we walked out of the pretty place.
I removed the hibiscus flower and held it.
“I can’t believe you are a ninja, you don’t look like one,” I said.
He smiled but then suddenly stopped and his smile vanished.
“Shh, I feel someone around,” he said lowly.
“Who? what?” I asked, frightened.
“An enemy, not one but more than one,” he said.
Now, he is talking like a ninja. Like the ones i’do watch in movies. They are smarter than smart itself.
“Enemies?” I asked in the same low tone he used.
“Yea, stay closely and don’t move,” he said.
“Okay okay,” I stuttered in fright.
Could it be Justin or who?
“He’s behind us,” Jayson said and I held my beating heart. Before I had even turned, Jayson was already facing the -enemies- Justin and two guys, Jack and Gilbert. I know their names.
“Well Jayson or whatevr bitchy name you call your fucking self, you were able to beat one but you can’t dare beat three.” Jack said.
“We are finally prepared for you bitch, come and show us what really you are made of,” Gilbert said.
Justin’s eyes fell on me. “And well wow, I see a really fine piece of meat with you. Once we aredone with you bitch, we’ll move over to her,” Justin sneered and licked his lips disgustingly.
I held Jayson’s arms tightly in fright.
“You can’t get done with me talk more of moving over to her rather i’d get done with you assholes. I’ve always told you asshol..” Jayson pointed at Justin “..that I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you are gonna die by my sword.”
The trio laughed mockingly at Jayson.
“So if you love yourself and your life, I’ll advice you in the most slimpliest sentence, get out of here now,” Jayson said.
They stopped laughing and their face became furious as they focused their deadly look Jayson who focused his on them.
“Leave my arm and go far away, I’ll deal with them,” he said to my hearing alone.
I removed my hand from his arm and shifted away.
“You can’t run away cos we’ll feast on you after feasting on your boyfriend,” Justin sneered at me.
I stood transfixed in fear.
“I’ll warn you for the last time, get away from here,” Jayson said.
They didn’t reply but got out daggers from their pockets.
I gasped in utter shock. My heart was beating. I felt tears gather in my eyes. Jayson had no weapon to fight them with.
He removed his bag and threw it to me which I caught and hugged tightly in fear.
They advanced towards him and he to them.
The first to land in a flump far away was Gilbert. He stood up immediately and advanced back with his dagger.
The next thing I saw was Jayson up in the air, he kicked Jack and Gilbert at the same time and they were sent far away. They landed heavily on the ground with their daggers flying high up in the air and then fell down too, away from them.
Jayson landed back on the ground in the next second.
“Jayson!!” I yelled as Justin was behind him and about stabbing the dagger to his back, but in a swift, Jayson slide down, the same method he used the first time with Justin in class.
The next thing, he had grabbed Justin’s arm and twisted it, Justin yelled out in pain and the dagger fell of his hand. Jayson kicked it up with his leg and it landed in his hand. He stabbed it on Justin’s arm. Justin yelled out.
Jayson stabbed it again on his arm then kicked him away and he landed with the others.
Gilbert and Jack sprang up from the ground and took to their heels, leaving their weapon.
Justin layed on the ground groaning in pains as he held his bleeding arm.
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I ran back to Jayson and together, we walked to Justin. Jayson smiled at him.
“I always tell you this but you refuse to listen to me, I hate war but if you bring me into a war with you, you gonna die by my sword,” Jayson said.
I smiled.
“Who the fuck are you?” Justin asked him. He look so scared of Jayson.
Jayson smiled. “I am Jayson Lonergan.”
“Can we become friends?” Justin asked.
I gasped. Did Justin just say that?
“I don’t make friends,” Jayson answered him then took his bag from my hand and wore it. Then he took my hand.
“Let’s go,” he said.
I nodded and we turned and walked away, leaving the bleeding arm Justin behind.
“Im serious! I want us to be friends!” Justin shouted.
I looked at Jayson and he smiled.
“An enemy would always be an enemy. That is one of the things my master told me,” he said.
“And a friend?” I asked.
“A friend might become an enemy and an enemy might become a friend but still an enemy,” he said.
“Explain better,” I asked, confused.
He smiled. “My master never explained to me, I found out myself,” he said.
Just then I remembered Tessy.
She was my best friend but now, an enemy to me.
We got to the way, joing the way to the girl’s dormitory which is at the right and the boys which is at the left,
We stopped.
“So you’ll go now, it’s getting really dark,” he said.
“Yeah goodnight Jayson,” I said.
“Goodnight Danelle. I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.
“You too,” I said but I wasn’t making a move.
He smiled. “Go now,” he said.
“Yeah,” I said and then headed to the girls dormitory.
I occasionally glanced back to see him still standing there and staring at me.
When I entered the gate and turned. I saw him walking out. He wasn’t going to the boys dormitory.
Where is he going to? to Justin?
I sighed.
“Please stay safe Jayson” I muttered and entered the dormitory, 13.
I saw Delia and waved at her. It took her awhile to wave back.
I walked to my locker and dropped my bag, then picked out my towel and nightwears and headed to the bathroom to bathe.

Later that night, I brought out the novel to read only to find out it’s filled up with sex and erotic stories.
Ahh what!
I dropped the book back into my bag.
No wonder he refused letting me open the book in front of him.
Why did he even asked me if I wanna read the book in the first place.
Arghh im gonna deal with Jayson tomorrow.
The next day, I hurried to school and met him at the hallway.
“Jayson,” I called and he turned and smiled at me.
I raised the book to his face.
“What is this book about?” I asked.
He shrugged. “Novel.”
I shook my head. “Just be straight.”
“No need to tell you, you found out yourself,” he said.
“but im sure you read it,” he added and winked.
I rolled my eyes. “No way!”
“Well then do, you’ll learn alot,” he said.
I dropped it on his hands.
“I don’t read such,” I said.
He smiled.
“Alright then. I take my book.”
“Better,” I breathed out.
Then Jayson suddenly kissed my forehead and hugged me.
“Let’s get some asshole a bit jealous,” he whispered into my ear.

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