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The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 5
I walked downstairs with my bag to see Johanna who waved waved at me, smiling.
She walked up to me.
“Nurse Clara,” she called.
I smiled. “Johanna, I was very busy today,” I said.
“Yeah I know. So how are you?” she aaked.
“Im fine dear and you?” I asked.
“Im fine just that i’ve been wondering about you. About what you told me. Did you see him?” she asked.
I smiled. “Yeah I did.”
“And?” she asked.
“You won’t believe it if I tell you,” I said.
“What, tell me please,” she said, eager.
“I gave him a chance,” I said.
She gasped. “Wow lovely. You did the right thing, believe me and about Noah, try to forget about him though I don’t mean totally but let that love between you both end cos your future isn’t with him. ” she said.
I sighed. “I feel remorse about what I did,” I said.
“Is it so strong?” she asked.
“Not so strong but it’s there, pricking at me,” I said.
“Is there anything else that had happened between you and Drake aparr from you giving him a chance?” she asked.
I inhaled. Should I tell her about the sex? That I let Drake have sex with me?
She suddenly smiled. “Ah, I get it, it’s written all over you. You both kissed right?” she said.
I sighed. “Not just that, we had sex,” I said with a spark of shyness and embarrasement but her smile grew wider.
“Woww. It’s okay. The remorse is gonna end soonest, trust me on that and you’ll realise that Drake is really the one for you,” she said.
I inhaled. “Alright Johanna, I’ll leave now,” I said.
“Alright, see you tomorrow, goodnight.” she said.
“Goodnight dear,” I said and walked out of the hallway. Getting out of the hospital building, I saw Drake’s car at the parking lot.
I knew he was gonna come. I just knew!
It made me smile.
He was leaning on his car bonnet with his eyes on his phone.
I walked towards him and before I got to him, he had seen me. He smiled and dropped his phone into his trouser pocket.
I got to him and he smiled.
For the first time, I admired how handsome he is on suit.
“Hi nurse Clara Adams, the most beautiful nurse in the world,” he said causing me to roll my eyes with smiles.
“Stop flattering me, im old enough,” I said.
He smiled. “I’ve not seen any nurse more beautiful than you Clara. Well if I do, I’ll let you know,” he said and I smiled.
He took my hands with us facing each other.
“So how was your day?” he asked.
“It was fine but a little hectic,” I said. “And how was yours?” I asked.
“It was great. Today is one of my happiest day,” he said and kissed my hand. That sent chills down me.
“Really? tell me, you mentioned about a goodnews,” I said.
He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Not yet, come lemme take you somewhere,” he said.
“Where?” I asked.
“Dinner,” he said and led me to the car door and opened the door for me to go in.
He did same thing in the morning when he drove me to work.
I smiled. “You can’t keep doing this,” I said.
He smiled. “I don’t mind. You are my queen abd my queen deserves so much respect and care,” he said.
That made me smile. I went into the passenger’s seat and he closed the door. He came in to the driver’s seat and closed the door.
I fastened my seatbelt.
I had no idea there is any bag beside, at the centre inbetween his seat and mine until he raised it to my face.
A pink cute looking shopping bag.
“Have this,” he said and I took it. I opened it to see a packs of chocolates and a small heart-shaped small book with a small white teddy fixed on top. I brought it out and removed the cute teddy.
The cover design is so beautiful with a rose painted and beside the rose is beautifully written this two words, HOW MUCH YOU MEAN TO ME, MY LOVE
Wow.. I looked at Drake and his eyes were on the windscreen. He was driving now.
I faced the small heart-shaped book and opened it to the first page;
I read.
The First time I met you, I fell inlove with you..
It was the only words beautifully written on the first page with heart shape drawings.
I opened the second page and read;
But I was afraid to tell you how much i’ve fallen deeply inlove with you..
I felt my stomache tighten.
I opened to the third page;
Your beauty is without definition, it.caught my very eyes… And your eyes were pure like the heaven, they sparkled when you look at me..
I looked at Drake and I could see him smiling from the corner of his lips but his eyes were focused on the steering.
I turned my eyes back to the small book and turned to the fourth page;
Your voice was like an Angel talking to me.. And your smile made my whole day..
God.. this is really Amazing. I couldn’t the help the smile that was filling up my mouth. I let it out.
I felt butterflies in my stomache.
I turned to the fifth page;
I wanted to be so close to you, beautiful one and I tried my best to be..
I turned to the sixth page;
And when you accepted my closeness, I felt ontop of the world..
I smiled.
How on earth did Drake get this book.
I turned to the seventh page;
It felt so wonderful to be beside you and you beside me. I fell deeply iove, more inlove with you..
Wow.. wow
This is amazing. This book so amazing.
I looked at Drake who’s eyes were on the steering.
‘Drake you can’t cease to suprise me. Where on earth did you get this book?’
I turned to thr eighth page;
And when I couldn’t help it, I poured it all out to you..
I smiled and turned to the ninth page;
And that best and happiest moment of my life was when you said ‘yes’ to me and gave your whole heart to me..
Wowwwww.. this is breathtaking.
I turned to the next page;
I love you, my love..
Oh Drakeeee. I pictured the ‘my love’ wiped off and replied with my name, I love you, Clara..
I smiled. Beautiful.
I turned to the last page.
And im happy that you love me too.
I will never leave you cos you mean the whole world to me, my love..
At the back cover was written THE END
Oh woww.
I looked at Drake and he smiled and looked at me.
“Than you for reading it all,” he said.
“Im speechless” I said.
He smiled and pulled into a place, a restaurant.
“I saw it at a bookstore, it caught my eyes and when I went through it, I couldn’t help but buy it for you to read. It was just like me talking to you,” he said.
I glanced at the book then dropped it into the bag, I dropped the bag and unfastened my seatbelt.
He did too and then took my hand and came very close to me, smiling.
“You are my most beautiful thing, everything to me, my love, my life, my family, you are my all Clara and I want you to know that nothing is ever gonna stop me from loving you, cos you are the best thing to me. I see it in your eyes that you gonna accept me fully soon and love me. I love you Clara,” he said and brought his face closer.
He want to kiss me. I looked down and he brought up my face with his hand on my jaw, he kissed me.
I closed my eyes as chills ran down my spine.
It made me remember things we did together at seashore resort.
When he pulled away, he smiled and squeezed my hand slightly.
I smiled. I did smile.
“Thanks for smiling, it means a whole lot to me,” he said then breathed out as he stared out at the restaurant beautifully built anddecorated in the most perfect way. It was a bit dark due to the dim lights.
He turned to me.
“Let’s go,” he said.
“Okay,” I said.
He pulled out his car keys and we walked down from the car and closed the door. He came over and took my hand in his and we walked into the restaurant.
Few people were in, and suprisingly, only lovers and couples.
“Here,” Drake said as we got to an empty table. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. He sat on the other seat, opposite me. We faced each other.
A waiter came with their menu.
Drake made an order and the waiter went away.
“Drake you know so much about beautiful things,” I said. I couodn’t hide my suprise.
He smiled. “Cos you deserve beautiful things, my love,” he said.
I smiled.
The waiter came back with all we ordered and placed them carefully on the table. My meal, Drake’s meal and a red wine and two wine glass at the centre. He walked away.
Drake opened the wine and poured into the two glasses.
He shifted one to me then looked into my eyes with some charming smile.
“Clara, you are a goodluck to me,” he said.
I stared at him.
He took his glass of wine.
“All I thought of you was actually true, you are a unique lady Clara,” he said.
I stared at him.
“I never thought I could get the promotion at work but just falling inlove with you had brought so much happiness to me,” he said.
I gasped. “You got promoted?”
He smiled. “Yeap, to the position of an assistant manager of the general manager of the company,” he said.
“Wow! this is goodness Drake, im so happy for you. Congratulations,” I said feeling so happy for him.
He smiled. “You are the reason Clara. Your love brought it all. Being with you forever will be my greatest achievement. Thank you Clara,” he said and raised the glass of wine. “Let’s toast to the goodnews,” he said. I smiled and raised my glass and we did.
I sipped from my glass and he did same.
“Wow, congratulations Drake. Like it’s so suprising,” I said, smiling.
“I was suprised like crazy. When I was given the letter of promotion and I read it, I went speechless for minutes. I couldn’t believe it,” he said, smiling too.
“Wow,” I breathed.
“Let’s eat. You must be very hungry,” he said.
I smiled and picked up my fork and knife.
He took a spoon and stretched it to my mouth.
I smiled and opened my mouth. He fed it to me then ate his.
I smiled.
Im falling inlove wity you Drake.
Im falling inlove with you and I don’t think I can stop myself.
Im inlove with you, I can’t keep the pretence but how can I say it to you.
I can’t believe that I went to seashore resort but was told that Drake had left.
I went to maymack only to find his door locked.
I didn’t even bother to go to the stupid girl. I drove straight back home.
He refused picking my call for the twentieth time and I flung the phone away angrily.
Nikky rolled her eyes at me.
“Flinging your phone all the won’t solve the ish here,” she said.
“I want Drake, Nikky. Where the hell have he gone to again?”
“Why didn’t you check the girl. Who knows if he’s back to the apartment and they went out,” Nikky said.
“Drake said that she have a boyfriend whom she is committed to and he’s avoiding him, trying to stop his love for her,” I said.
She chuckled. “And you believed?”
“I don’t know. What do you think Nikky?” I said.
“Well I think that guy is back to maymack and right this minute, he’s with no one else but her. Come on B, do you think it’s easy for him to stop his love for her? look at it, he rejected your seduction, a hottie like you because of the clown. Think about it. If you don’t want this guy, then leave him for whoever she is but if you want him, then act, act B, act before it get too late,” she said.
“Act what? I’ve already threatened her. My threats shoud scare hee outta that apartment and very far away from maymack.” I said.
She laughed. “Okay, you’ve given her your threats, but she’s still there, then you do something. Show her that you do whatever you say, that you ain’t some coward.”
“By killing her?” I asked, knowing I can’t do such.
“No not that yet, by suffering her a little. You have the money, Go to the hospital she works and bride the heads to fire her to show her the least of the things you can do to her,” She said.
I tilted my head back in thought.
I smiled. “Good idea Nikky.”
“That will make her understand that you are a lady of your words,” she said.
“Yeah but the prob here is that I don’t know the hospital she is working at,” I said.
“We definitely gonna find out and when we do, don’t hesitate to strike,” she said.
“So far it doesn’t involve killing, im in,” I said.
She smiled with a roll of her eyes.
“So tell me how much do you want for this cool idea you brought?” I asked, smiling.
She laughed. “Fifty thousand dollars will be managable,” she said.
I laughed. “Thief!!”
She laughed hard.
My phone began ringing. I couldn’t reach it but Nikky did.
“Who’s that?” I asked
“Mr Carlos, your sugar manager,” she laughed.
I rolled my eyes.
She brought the phone to me. I picked up the call.
“Hello Mr Carlos,” I said with a fake smile.
“Hello my superstar. Your first shoots is gaining so much attraction already. We are lucky to you in the industry,” he said.
“Thanks Mr Carlos,” I said but I know that’s not the only reason for his call.
“So Brenda, why don’t we meet tomorrow at the usual place,” he said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay,” I said.
“Alright, see you tomorrow,” he said.
“See you too,” I said and dropped the phone after the call was cut. I hissed.
“Wow babe, it seems that man can’t get enough of you. Wait, did you use charm on him or something?” Niky said.
I rolled my eyes at her. “I wish I do, I won’t hesitate to use it on Drake,” I said.
She laughed.
“So did you say you are meeting with which model star on wednesday?” she asked.
I smiled. “James Britt,” I smiled.
She gasped. “Wow. I’ve heard news about that guy. They say he’s hot!” she said.
“Yeah he is,” I smiled.
I pulled into Maymack apartment 3 and came to a stop.
Tonight with Clara had been so amazing.
I unfastened my seatbelt and turned to her.
“Thanks for tonight Clara,” I said.
She smiled. “It was awesome,” she said.
I smiled. “Goodnight okay, see you in the morning.”
“Goodnight dear,” she said.
Wow.. did she just called me ‘dear’
I leaned towards and kissed her. This time she reciprocated.
I pulled back with a smile.
She smiled then opened the door and went down.
I watched her till she entered her apartment.
I smiled.
I love you Clara and I can’t wait to have a sweet moment of love making with you again.
I can’t wait for you to fall inlove with you so I could ask you to marry me.
I see my future with you.
The bank gave me just a week to pack into the new house given to me by the company with a new car too.
And im thinking of suprising Clara by getting her a new car.
I wish she’d go with me.
Im scared of seeing you away from me.’
I got out of the car, shut the door and headed to my apartment.
Getting in, I took out my phone from my pocket to see Brenda’s missed calls.
I actually placed her calls on silence so whenever she calls, it wouldn’t ring and I won’t be disturned by it.

I showered and wore my nightwear then I layed down to sleep and soon, I slept off dreaming about Clara and I living together.

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