dream (season 2) part 9

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Nana looked at Bryan and looked at me.
“She scoffed”Bryan are you seeing this girl?”she said with a very annoyed face.
Bryan turned to her
“At some Point..you don’t have the right to ask me questions”he said and nana angrily rushed out.
Evan and jace smiled happily.
They both looked shock.
” come on everyone lets go..we will see deya outside.”Diego said and turned to the door.
Every one left.
“Thirsty!! Am thirsty”min ah said as she ran into the kitchen.
“Bryan, my suite..now!”Diego said.
Bryan stood up.
He picked his phones.
He strolled out behind diego.. through the back door.
I applied the cream completely on my hand.
My hands started sticking.
Oh no! its sticky! how do I dress up now.
Now I understand why he did it himself.
I tried wearing the glove but it kept sticking.
Min ah Walked in smiling.
“Here, I will help you”min ah said and squatted.
I smiled as she applied it on my hand and applied it on my other hand as well.
She washed her hand In the shower.
“You should wait a while before wearing the gloves.”she said
“But I need to dress up before he returns” I said.
She smiled.
“Min ah is here to help”she said.
I smiled
“But It would more romantic if he helped you himself…it always leads to great moments …should I go?”she said in a smile as she held both my hands.
Why is she So happy?
She’s too cute.
“Sometimes I just act sick so Kelvin can dress me up…it’s really fun” she said as she showed me the pink bra she took from my bag.
I nodded
she carefully removed the towel and wrapped the bra round my tummy..
She pulled it up and hooked it from behind…I smiled.
She deeped her fingers into my breast to arrange it I laughed and fell on the bed..Min ahh laughed.
” deyaaaaaaaaa is this what you do with Bryan?” She asked.
I smiled as i walked out of the bed and dropped my towel.
She helped me wear my gown
Then zipped it.
Her phone rang.
“One minute” she said and walked out of the door.
I wore the gloves
Diego’s ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
Bryan sat on my bed and dropped his phone beside him.
“Tell me”he said
“Are you seeing deya?”i asked.
“You just want to look for my trouble cause you know that i am not”he said and fell on my pillow.
“Huh!”I added
“I told you i Wont repeat what I did with nana. If I am going to date a girl I will tel you.
Anyways am not “strict no dating policy” he said.
“You think this is a joke? So why where you touching her breast..are you guys friends with benefits?”i asked.
He chuckled “me? Come on, i am more innocent than that. I wasn’t touching her chest or breast whatever. her towel almost fell and because I didn’t want to see anything I helped her hold it to her heart..heart” he said.
” why where you applying the cream on her body..do you now do massaging services?”i asked.
Bryan smiled.
“That’s not the–“his phone rang”one minute”he said
“If I flog–
“Sorry, sooo. You know it wasnt cream that i was applying am not a pervert and she is not a robot.
It was the Medicinal cream for cold. Someone has to apply it for the patient hand and leg because the stuff is sticky…didn’t your girlfriend apply it on me last year?”he said.
“She did, with a free mind”I said
“Okaaaaaay! so I have a corrupt mind…hey! Do you even know how many women I had rejected? “Bryan said
Ahhhhhh what a kid.
I just want to be clear
“So why didn’t you do it when she dressed up?”i asked
Bryan smiled
“Because I am a very busy person and I don’t have Time on my side.I have not even bathed since morning. I wanted it apply and go into the shower so before I come out it must have dried..then she can wear her glove and join The idols…that was all” he said.
“Final question”I said.
“Yes”he said.
I looked around quietly…after that delay I looked in his face.
“Do you have feelings for deya?”i asked.
He scoffed in a smile” feelings for who?” he said to himself as he looked to the other side quietly and took his pretty lips into his mouth.
He didn’t talk neither did he look at me.
After a while he looked at me
“No, I don’t” he said and picked his phone.
I nodded and watched him leave.
I love Bryan so much
Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if he was my son.
He is just too humble,kind she humane.
I also want him to fall in love and date a girl like deya.
Someone who will love him crazily,never cheat on him,someone who has experienced pain just the way he has, innocent, pretty, amazing voice..and simple. I love that girl..i just love who she is.
But not right now.
Bryans contract is almost ending and square does not want him to go because he fetched too much money for them..
So right now their eyes are open and they are looking for mistakes or violations in his contract policies so they can use it to hold him back.
If Bryans contract ends, s square is scared that he might decide to be like Nora. He might not want to be part of a band or be owned by an industry.
More than that he might leave music totally…his real dad is not even a fan of music.
Its just few years left…or should I say one year and few months.
Bryan just wait..be careful.
Bryan needs a faithful woman beside him.
His future is not a simple one.
Only a simple and content girl like deya can be with him.
Cos as his net worth grows the more enemies he gets and seriously I don’t know where bryans net worth is growing too.
I am tired of investments.
I even cut him out of his work as a model for now…the money he has is getting much..
And we have not even added his real wealth to it yet.
Just like sir Miguel said Bryan will get married at a very young age.
So his wealth will be divided and an account will be created in her name.
Not for lavishing but for safety.
They lavish as a couple.
That’s why he needs a real girl.
Sir Miguel is his real father’s friend.
He is a very kind man and he even has a daughter Alison.
Just their age bracket.
Bryans dad is a multi millionaire but also an only son.
Everything he owns is in Bryan’s name.
He lost his parents too.
They came to this part of Korea on vacation when they got killed or should I say when the accident happened.
People who found Bryan took him to the orphanage and sir Miguel first conducted a secret burial for Bryans parents and buried them here in Korea.
Everything was on a low key cos He wanted to find Bryan and ensure his safety first.
So when he saw bryan in the orphanage..he left him there…
To stay like a commoner for his own safety.
Soon the news of Bryans parents death shaked Australia.
Even Korea.
Everybody was looking for Bryan both for good and bad.
He went back to take Bryan but he was late cos sir edwardo already adopted Bryan without even knowing who he is.
He left Bryan for edwardo because edwardo is a good man..but he never expected edwardo to make Bryan an idol.
When Bryan turned 18 he was exposed…Sir Edwardo was there present as Bryan claimed all his wealth and property back in Australia.
Miguel wanted him to come back and focus on business but he can’t leave s-square until his contract is complete and secondly sir edwardo is his legal father…only him can make decisions in Bryans life and I can say he has been a good dad.
So Miguel left Bryan.
Bryans parents death is still under investigation.
Miguel said he Wont stop until the killers are found.
If Bryan didn’t loose his memory from that day this should be easy cos prosecutors belive that it was the same person that saved little Bryan who killed his parents.
Bryan is more useful alive than dead cos he is the only heir..if he dies the wealth goes with him.
So I think that’s why they didn’t kill him.
If only Bryan didn’t loose that memory..
Right now I don’t know what’s going on in his mind.
He is not an open or free person.
After this contract I wonder if he will still do music or he Wont.
Bryan has alot of firms and people working for him all over the world..he can even be paying s-square daily salary.
But he is humble as anything.
If you are not Told you won’t know who he is.
Its been long I got dressed but I was waiting for Bryan
I sat on the bed quietly wondering if Diego shouted at him.
I already mixed his bath.
I got bored so I ended up braiding my hair..it wasn’t pretty.
I turned to the door and Bryan was looking at me quietly..I smiled and he walked in quietly.
He threw his phone into the bed and removed top
“You should go for the general breakfast”he said..
I noded
“I mixed your bath sir”I said.
“Ok”he said as he picked the towel and walked into the shower.
I walked down and looked at the room for a while
Did Diego scold him?
I even forgot he is the quiet type.
I got carried away with the crazy moments I shared with him.
I ran down and everyone sat facing an almighty big table.
All the idols.even nana was there with her crew..I smiled and moved my hair into my ear.
I am going to dine with stars today.
“Come faster sister in law” Evan said.
Nana fell back on her chair angrily.
I rushed over and sat down.
“Deya is Bryan coming?”min ah asked
“Hmmm I don’t know”I said
“He won’t you know he hates Crowd”jace said
“Too bad,this was an opportunity to look at him for a long time”Bella said…
Nana looked at her
“As friends..I mean as friends”Bella added
Are all the g friends crushing?
“deya take his food inside” Diego said.
I turned and Bryan was walking out.
Everybody was surprised.
He wore white tracksuit.
Then a black slipper.
He packed his hair this time and wore two black simple earnings.
Then he wore 2 rings on one hand With a lot of bracelets.
The other hand was bare.
Nana looked at him for a long time
he sat beside me..I smiled and nana frowned.
He dropped his car key and his phone on the table
He received a text so he took the other phone.
“Ladies we are hungry”Diego said.
Nora smiled as she carefully served jeremy.
Diego’s girlfriend served him.
Min ah served jace.
Kira served Evan..and nana.
Bella served zaina and served herself.
Some other idols I didn’t know served themselves too.
Are guys not allowed to dish.
The females dished and min ah served me.
I smiled.
But everybody was scared to serve Bryan.
Bryan looked out of his phone and dropped it on the table
“Am hungry”he said and fell on his chair.
Nora smiled “Bryan i don’t know your preferences”Nora said as she dropped the spoon.
So did min ah.
Everybody looked at nana.
She leaned out and picked the spoon.
I am really not good enough for Bryan in any way..
Bryan watched nana silently as she opened the food
“His girlfriend should do it..you know his health is delicate”evan said.
Nana scoffed and dropped the spoon.
Jeremy signaled me to take it.
“Me? I dont know anything about him”i whispered to Jeremy as i took the spoon.
Min ah smiled.
I looked at bryan …oh God am Dead.
Finally I just served him.
I kept the plate.
I couldn’t even eat i wanted to hear what he will say.
“Deya bryan doesn’t eat fish..he doesn’t eat tomatoes, he doesn’t eat cucumber and he hates fiery Chile paste…what do you even know about him?” nana said.
Every one looked at me.
Even those I didn’t know.
Some where silently laughing at me.
I got so embarrassed.
Bryan cleared his throat and picked the chop stick.
“i hated it before but I love it now. I guess those who are not part of my future won’t know that”he said.
Nana angrily dropped her chopsticks on the table.
I smiled to myself..But bryan’s face made it obvious that he wasn’t enjoying the food.
He kept picking the tomatoe and dropping it.
I smiled.
At least he saved me from nana’s embarrassment.
Finally he turned to look at me.
I smiled But the look in his face was like”you can never kill me” I smiled and hid my face.
“Deya baby, here is some more sweet fish..just like you “Evan said and placed the fish on my plate.
I smiled happily and picked the chopstick.
BRYAN scoffed”hey she doesnt eat fish..do you eat fish?” Bryan said and removed the fish he kept it back for Evan.
I cleared my throat .
Everyone looked at him in shock.
Ooooh seems he doesn’t know that i eat fish
” i eat fish” I said
He sighed
“Dont tell me”he said in a little angry voice.
“I know you eat fish my dear…you already look like a mermaid” Evan said in a smile and returned the fish to my plate.
I smiled and looked at Bryan.
His face wasn’t encouraging.
He was seriously drinking only water.
Jeremy laughed and hid his face in nora’s Palm.
I smiled and faced my fish ..
I picked the chop stick.
Bryan was looking at me like he wanted to kill me.
Is the fish safe?
“Sir”i whispered
“Quickly return it “he whispered.
i couldn’t even hear him, I just followed his mouth movement.
“Ok sir ” i whispered too.
I carefully returned the fish to Evans plate.
Bryan cracked a bit.
Then used his own chopstick to give me fish.
I smiled..and started eating.
Nana rushed out
Diego watched Bryan with his mouth open

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