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I enjoyed my meal in a smile.
“Guys Austin wants to meet out,let’s go”Bryan said.
He dropped his spoon and drank water..
“Jeremy drank water too as well as jace and Evan.
“Uhmmm deya, you will stay with min ah and her crew tonight…you like that right?”Diego asked.
I nodded and min ah smiled.
Bryan picked his phone and stood up he carefully beeped on his car and entered.
The other idols entered
Good luck in their practice.
This Austin,thank God i never really met him..
GOD has his way of making sure I don’t meet him.
I watched them drive off in different cars.
Diego ran out with his fiancee.
Nana looked at me …
“Are you really dating Bryan?” Nana asked.
“Nana its obvious..what else do you need to hear? We caught them in the middle of their romance”min ah said.
Nana looked at me.
Well its obvious bryan didn’t want to tell her the truth..should i tell her now.
She stood up and walked out.
I walked into Bryans room and collected my stuffs then I kept them in min ahs room.
he didn’t eat,…too bad.
Will I be able to sleep tonight knowing he didn’t eat.
I locked the door.
Bryans ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
6hours later.
It was hectic…practice was hectic.
But we had to come home so we can rest for like 4 hours before the actual show..
You don’t know how hungry I feel.
I didn’t eat any of those stuffs.
Deya wanted to kill me but she won’t succeed
I drove him alone .
Jeremy and the rest already left in front.
Austin coming here is like
mission impossible.
He can’t possibly leave his toys and girls. sometimes I wonder if it’s still just sex.
Now I need go home and drink coffee.
I don’t even have energy to cook water.
Diego successfully sent my roomie deya away.
I arrived…everywhere looked so cold and snowy.
Was it snowing.
I saw nana outside.
I walked out and took my car key…
I got to my door.
She walked down to me..
she looked so pained.
I moved over.
She walked up to me…she had crazy tears in her eyes..she was still crying quietly.
she slapped me.
Ok she never slapped me before not even when she was mad..
I really hurt her this time.
She started crying and started beating me too..
She just couldn’t stop hiting my chest.
“Nana stop”…
“How dare you Hurt me?”she said and hit me again.
I took both her hands.
“Kim nana stop…move on. You Are hurting yourself”I said.
“Are you dating deya? … why are you with deya when you know I Still love you..bryan stop hurting me please” she said and hugged me tight.
I felt the snow fall on us from different angles.
I gently pushed her away.
“Bryan are you doing this to make me jealous?”she said.
She is Still deceiving herself
Pride got you good Kim nana.
“Have I ever made you jealous, I always avoided that because am a jealous person.
Jealousy pains me differently and I feel like it pains every one else like that so I avoided ever getting you jealous.
But you killed me..
Now you think am making you jealous?
I can’t waist my time making you jealous.
I am with deya cause I want am to be with her,am happy with her, i feel peace with her,and thats enough for me to want to stay with that person”I said.
“But bryan She’s Below you. She is not your class”nana said.
“Well I once dated a girl that was my class, that girl ruined my life” I said and opened my door.
hmmm why is my door open.
I walked into the first door and tried opening the glass door when I saw deya.
I smiled and stood there..
She was done cooking so she set the table.
She played music in her phone and danced in the process.
She is always so happy.
I pray she never experiences real pain.
I smiled as i watched her jumping up in the kitchen to take a plate.
Short girl.
Soon she took it and dropped it in the parlor.
Her hair was braided into two funny styles.
She wore a night gown.
It was red with a white jacket I wonder if that cream is working.
She walked out and turned off the music as she checked her time.
She cleaned her hand behind her butt and ran back to get water.
Soon she was done.
She looked bothered as She checked the time again.
She started moving about.
I can’t believe someone actually cares about me.
Someone is bothered.
Someone Is waiting.
I smiled..I just feel like watching her forever.
Money,I have money.
but this was all I wanted and money never got me that.
I wanted someone to value me.
I wanted to care.
I wanted someone to stay awake and wait on me.
Finally she sat down on the floor.
After a while I walked in and squat facing her.
She already fell asleep.
Who sleeps like this? I smiled.
She tried falling so I used my hand to wedge her head.
Then I moved over and sat beside her.
I leaned her head on my shoulders.
Her phone sang out.
It was an alarm
“don’t sleep till Bryan is back”Was the note song came with.
I smiled and turned off the reminder.
Bryan is back deya.
I opened the other notes.
“Period ..stay with rose.
I looked in her face and smiled.
” check result for sir barders test class,I pray I did well”
*smiles* I kept smiling.
*wake up by 2am so you can start the house work.
2 am? isn’t that a bit too early.
How come she didn’t write anything about all her thousand boyfriends.
I closed the reminder and entered her pictures.
it was Empty.
Ok nana threw her main phone away.
I looked at her cute face.
“Where is bryan”she said and pouted her lips as she woke up.
She saw Me and shivered.
“Ohh sir welcome. sorry, I didn’t sneak into your house.
Well I actually” she only stuttered.
“Thank you”I said.
She smiled.
We both sat on the floor quietly,no words.
I just watched her.
“Sir,uhmmm I ,I was wondering well”she didn’t complete that statement too.
I can’t believe her fear for me.
“Am hungry..I was wishing someone will cook for me..ahhh too bad it seems no one did”I said
“No I did..I actually cooked for you”she said and i smiled as she ran to the table like a ghost was chasing her.
She carried the tray
She dropped it and handed me the chopsticks.
I smiled.
“Thank you”I said.
She nodded as she sat down like a Muslim worshipper.
I tasted the food.
Wooooow she is a great cook.
I tried talking when I choked.
I coughed and she handed me water.
I smiled as she gently brushed her fingers down my back.
“Sorry sir…don’t talk while eating” she said as and tapped my back.
“I was just saying thank you..is that wrong”i said
“You shouldn’t say thank you until you are done eating”she said and hit my back.
“Ouch Hey!!”I said
“Sorry sorry..is it stopping?”she asked.
I smiled..I even forgot that i was choking.
Ok so she isn’t scared of touching me now.
Okaaaaaay lets goo.
I started faking the choking.
“Oh deya, my heart”i said
“Sorry sir, Sir is it ok”she said as she gently touched my back
“Ok? Nooooo…it’s still starting,I think it’s in my heart”I said and started coughing again
She removed her from my back and gently touched my chest.
I smiled.
Seems I will choke till morning
“Sir its ok now right”she asked
I nodded
She smiled and nodded
“Please continue eating”she said
I nodded.
Ahhh each time I see her I keep remembering the thousand boyfriends.
If she had one it would be an easy case.
ODEYA ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
I am sorry he choked.
I watched him happily.
He ate fully
I smiled..I can’t believe I touched him..he must be so irritated
I looked at my hand to check if it was clean.
“Sir do you need more?”i asked
He didn’t talk he kept frowning his face like a baby.
I watched him till he was done eating.
I carried the plate
“Here is water”I said
He still frowned and Drank the water.
I got bothered as i returned the plate in the kitchen.
He stood up and traced his steps sluggishly.
He saw Me as i walked out he angrily rushed up.
Did I do something wrong.
Ok..I better go.
I ran to the door and before I could open it Bryan ran over in high speed..he dragged me back and closed tbe door.
“Sir”i said.
He smiled and scratched his hair.
“Deya”he said.
“Yes”I said.
“Thousand boyfriends… well” he scratched his hair” isn’t that a bit too much?”he asked
“Its not like i care about your personal life, I mean why would I care? its not my business. but, But,but,
s- square just –well as a worker of s-square you shouldn’t have a boyfriend,
not even one. right now
s- square wants to fire you and tell your father. So better call all your boyfriends and break up.”he said and placed both hands on his waist.
Fire, fire, fire, fire!!
Fire meeee
Noooooo I cant go back to Lydia
I can’t live without seeing Bryan
That’s a lie….I was playing when I said that
I tapped him
“Sir i don’t have a thousand boyfriends. I never had a boyfriend before. I was joking.if you want you can call rose..I will give you her number..I really swear” I said.
Bryan cracked and smiled.
He suddenly started laughing.
“Sir whats wrong” I asked.
He laughed like he won a world cup.
“Sir Are you okay?”i said
“Baby doll” he said and dragged my nose.
Bryan hid his face and smiled again.
Is he okay?
“Sir call s-square”I said.
He nodded and we both walked to the couch.
Bryan sat down and poured himself a glass of wine.
“Sir call s-square” I said.
He nodded and lifted his phone.
He kept it in his ear
“Heloooooooo!! is this s- square? well odeya is innocent of all accusations. no need to fire her and tell her dad”he said.
He sipped his wine
‘Sir convice them more”I said.
“Yes she doesn’t even have a thousand boyfriends, it was a rumour.”Bryan added.
He drank his wine again.
“I really don’t have a thousand boyfriends,I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet” i said.
Bryan vomited everything he drank into the cup.
“Huh”he said.
“Sir the call”I said.
“Oh oh s-squsre!! S-Square, did you hear that..ok goodnight”he said and dropped the call.
Finally my work is secure.
I smiled.
Bryan looked at me quietly.
“Sir”i said
He didn’t talk, he just rolled his eye and sent them down to my lips.
He looked at my face and smiled as He gently touched my hand.
I took my hand back.
My hand is dirty…from the used plates.
I cleaned my hand and gave it back to him..he smiled.
“Thank you” he whispered as He leaned his head on the couch.
He is holding my hand
The way my heart is beating,I wonder if his own beats like that too.

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