he perfect Couple
Episode 19
Nick was still wondering what
must be happening between
the couple next door when
Boma knocked on his door.
He opened the door and beheld
two of the most gorgeous
women he had ever seen in his
life. While Boma was light
skinned, her friend was ebony
black, average in height and
with a body that could make
the world spin faster. She
wore a very short pink
sleeveless gown and had an
overall neatness that instantly
appealed to Nick. For a
second, Nick thought they
were both water goddesses.
He wondered where Boma had
gotten her from.
“Hi boyfriend,” she said and
gave him a slight hug. Then
she motioned unto her friend
to come in. “Hope we didn’t
keep you waiting for long. This
is Princess, Princess; this is
my boyfriend, Nick. The one I
told you about.”
When Nick shook hands with
her, they were so soft and Nick
wanted to hold them forever.
“You are welcome to my home
Princess. Please feel
“Thank you.” Princess said
and sat down.
“Princess works with a travel
agency; I met her on one of my
trips out of the country.”
Nick wondered what country
Boma traveled to and what
she went there to do.
“We are compatible and have
had the best times of our lives
since we met.
Nick just nodded.
“What is the matter with you?
You look worried.” Boma
pointed out.
Nick, again, wondered what
other abilities she had, now
she was a psychic. “It’s the
couple next door, the husband
caught me flirting with the
wife this morning, he might
have suspected or even found
out I f—-d his wife.” Nick
quickly said. He needed a
second opinion on what he
should do. The presence of the
girls would have made him
forget his dilemma, but he
thought he should sort himself
out before having fun.
“So?” Boma asked
Nick was perplexed.
“Why are you allowing that to
bother you? Is that why you
are going to make my stay
here a frustrating one this
“The man might be suspecting
I slept with his for God’s
sake!” Nick wanted her to see
exactly why he was worried.
She obviously was not getting
the jerk. “They might break up
because of me. Hell, I wonder
what he is doing to her right
“They might be f—–g right
now for all I know.” She
carelessly said.
“F—–g? I think they must
have killed each other. The
house has been quiet all day.”
Boma chuckled, “Don’t bother
yourself. The man is as guilty
as his wife.”
“How?” Nick asked in
“Because I f—-d him too?”
“Common Nick, I f—-d that
man and I am sure the wife
knows. Probably that was why
she decided to f–k you too,”
Boma said.
“You slept that man? How,
where, when?” Nick was more
confused than jealous.
Princess just stood and
watched, obviously enjoying
the show.
“Nick, you don’t have to
bother yourself about all that.
The couple will take care of
themselves. We are here to
give you the best we can. So
just relax and let us do our
Boma’s voice and words were
soothing. Nick liked it. He
looked at the lady sitting in the
sitting room and allowed his
mind to wonder what it would
feel like to caress that
beautiful body of hers. Yet he
wondered how Boma could
have possibly laid that
innocent God fearing looking
man. Was she lying? Probably
that was why the man’s wife
decided to f–k him. What had
Boma been up to? Did that
lady come onto him because
of something Boma must have
done? If this was the case,
then he must have been
bothering himself for nothing.
If the man had slept with
Boma, his girl, then he would
definitely not react the way he
had thought he would. Nick
almost laughed; the man slept
with his girl, he slept with his
wife, that’s equal score. No
winner or loser. This thought
helped in adjusting his
conscience not to feel bad any
“So what do I offer you two
pretty ladies?” he asked after
thinking it all through.
Both ladies noticed he was
now more relaxed than before.
Boma looked at Princess and
a signal transpired.
“We just want to have you.”
she said and walked up to him
and gave him a kiss where he
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He allowed himself to be
kissed. He was going to have
a threesome! This thought
electrified his whole system.
Boma stepped back to pull off
her cloth, Nick saw Princess
stand up behind her. The dark
lady slowly took off everything
she had along with Boma. In a
couple of minutes Nick was
staring at two pairs of boobs,
one pair was huge and dark,
the other was fair and firm. He
instantly forgot his dilemma
as electric wave fired all
through his body. He was glad
he didn’t consider cutting off
his d–k this morning. Now he
was going to make good use
of the tool. Besides, it was
already firm and ready.
“Now will you relax and allow
us to take good care of you?”
Princess said in an angelic
Nick instantly thought he was
in heaven as both naked,
wingless angels gently walked
up to him.
Princess got to him and gave
him a deep French kiss,
allowing her tongue to roll
around his tongue and
strongly rubbing her full lips
on his. “Mnnn he tastes good,”
she said.
“I told you,” Boma said and
began to pull of his cloths.
Soon Nick was standing
naked. Boma grabbed his
strong d–k and began to suck
Nick’s hand found Princess’
large boobs and rubbed it
while they kissed. He caressed
her all over as both of them
moaned with pleasure. He was
enjoying what Boma was
doing to him, while Princess
was feeling his touch. His
hand touched Princess’ p—y
and it was already flowing
with p—y juice. She exhaled
deeply at his touch so he
added more pleasure while his
other hand caressed her all
His touches dazed her and she
almost fell to the floor.
“I think she is ready for you,”
Boma said.
Nick instantly turned her
around and positioned her a-s.
She screamed as his d–k
drove into her. She wiggled her
head and whole body and
positioned herself in a way he
would gain full entrance into
Boma kissed and caressed
him while he f—-d her friend
so hard that she screamed in
This time around Nick reached
c—-x earlier than normal.
The excitement he felt as a
result of the two lady’s
reaction was much and
beyond his control.
“Alright,” Boma said, “we are
all going to have a cool
shower together before having
another round.”
“That’s a nice idea,” Princess
agreed. She couldn’t wait to
have another round with Nick.
She was really enjoying the
They both dragged Nick into
the bathroom and washed him
all up while he stood in the
bath tub like a baby. He loved
every moment and soon he
was getting excited again.
Boma and her friend noticed
he was getting hard and
hurried to get him laid. In the
bedroom, they made him lie
down while the girls took turn
in riding him.
It felt like heaven to Nick. It
was fun having to play with
two pairs of breasts, smack
two tights asses, have the feel
of two different pussies and
listen to two different moaning
sounds at the same time.
What more could a guy ask for,
he just relaxed and continued
to have his fun.

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