The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Chapter 2
My pillow had been soaked with tears. How can I ever get over this. How?
I never thought Neil could hurt me this way, not with anyone but Tessy! Tessy!
Men are all the same. Why?
I really loved him. How could I!
I sniffled.
The dormitory was noisy due to the dormitory mates moving in and out. It was still 7pm and light goes off by eleven.
The bastard that I called a friend isn’t even back yet.
I wiped my tears but the tears never ceased. How do I even tell my sister about this.
I could remember when she told me not to trust Neil or any guy but I thought Neil was different.
God! This is so unbearable.
I felt someone in front of me. I looked up to see it was Tessy.
I got up with rage.
“How could you Tessy, not with anyone but Neil. How could you be such a betrayer!”
“Nelle your voice is going loud,” she said. That caused me to give her a befitting slap accross her face.
“OHHHHWW!” Exclamations came from all round as everyone began sorrounding us.
Tessy held her cheek in her palm.
“How dare you do this to me, if you liked Neil why didn’t you tell me. You were in this school before me and you knew Neil before I did. Why did you had to stab me at my back Theresa!” I yelled and raised my hand to give her another slap but a hand held me.
Delia’s hand. The dormitory captain.
“Easy Danelle, easy,” Delia said.
“Get your hand off mine Delia. I want to show this betrayer what it means to betray a friend,” I said.
“No no come first, come with me,” Delia said and dragged me out of the crowd to her bed.
Half of the crowd followed us while half stayed with Tessy, some casting her and some defending her.
“Delia I don’t like what you are doing. Leave me to deal with that little bastard,” I said.
“Come on sit here,” she said and I did. She turned to the half crowd with us.
“Go to your various activities please,” she said and they did.
“I’ll be back,” she said and went to the others with Tessy.
“Please to your beds,” she said to them and they left.
She said few words to Tessy who claimed up her bed.
Delia came back to me. She sat beside me.
“Im sorry about it. Just try and get over it okay? It hurts really bad, I know. You can’t trust anyone not even yourself. Every man cheats. It’s in their blood. It’s what they are. Get over it ok,” She said.
I wiped my tears.
“Get over it, it’s not even easy. How can I when it’s my boyfriend and my bestfriend here. I caught them at the old ballet hall making out and you tell me to get over it? it’s hard Delia,” I said.
“So what do you want to do, kill her or your boyfriend?” she asked.
“Never again. He’s no more my boyfriend,” I said.
“Okay Neil. What do you wanna do?” she asked.
“I don’t know. I wish the exams are over I would have gone to my sister,” I said with teary eyes.
Delia hugged me. “It’s okay. You’ll be fine ok?”
Clara’s POV
I woke up the next day to Drake laying beside me, wrapped tightly in duvet and shivering. Oh my God!
I sat up and touched his head and neck.
His body temperature is okay but why’s he shivering?
“Drake,” I called but there was no response.
“Drake wake up, what’s wrong?” I shook him slightly and he opened his eyes and mumbled.
“Im sick.”
I touched his neck again. “But your body temperature is okay.”
“When im sick my body temperature hardly gets high, im really sick Clara,” he mumbled.
I sighed. “Im sorry Drake, you’ll be fine. I’ll go get you drugs.”
“No no, where do you know here. Please just stay with me.” he said.
“I know what to do,” I said and rushed to the ensuite.
I came back with a towel soaked in warm water.
I placed it on his forehead.
His yes appear dull.
“Sorry okay?” I said and covered him well with the duvet.
“You’ll be fine,” I said.
He nodded his head.
“But you still need to take drugs,” I said. He shook his head.
I frowned playfully. “So you are scared of drugs huh!”
He nodded.
“And back there at maymack. You were acting like you cab can take a whole pack of medicine in one second,” I said.
He let out a weak smile.
“Cos I wanted you to get well, I couldn’t bear seeing you sick,” he said.
“So don’t you want to get well too. Getting you drugs here won’t be a day job. I’ll find pharmacy in no time. Remember im a nurse,” I said.
“Please just stay with me,” he begged.
“Will staying with you take the sickness away?” I asked.
“Yes it will, please,” he said. I walked back to the bed and layed beside him.
I touched his forehead again. It was getting a little hot.
I sighed.
“You need drugs Drake,” I said.
“Yeah I know but im fine with you laying beside me Clara,” he said and kissed my forehead.
“Please don’t leave me here,” he said.
I smiled. “I won’t,” I said. He pulled closer to me.
I watched him sleep off again.
I sighed.
‘Because you stayed with me Drake all day when I was sick, im gonna stay with you too. In not going anywhere untill you are fine.
‘And Noah?’ a little voice asked within me.
I sighed.
I don’t know. I don’t but I can’t leave Drake sick here.
I touched his forehead again, it’s getting hot.
I smiled within.
Ah.. pretending to be sick is sickness itself.
My plan is to pretend sick till night when she won’t be able to go see the Noah then we’ll head back to Maymack.
She might go tomorrow.
No she’ll be at work.
I smiled within
She touched my forehead again.
‘God, i hope she doesn’t find out that im pretendiny. She’s a nurse.
And my plan is working perfectly. She is back on the bed with meee.
I smiled within.
I pretended to be asleep but I did sleep off in no time.
I woke up maybe an hour later or so by the continous calling of my name.
I opened my eyes and Clara was facing me with foods and drugs.
Drugs when im not sick. How did she even get the drugs.
“Get up Drake so you can eat,” she said.
I sighed.
“Now,” she added in a quite commanding voice.
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I smiled within and sat up.
She touched my forehead then opened the food.
“Eat so you can take the drugs,” she said. She had another clothe. I guess she ordered from the resort.
“I don’t want to take the drugs,” I said but I know im going to. If I had to keep to the pretence then I will take the drugs..
She frowned.
“You are going to Drake,” she said and took a spoon of the food.
What? she wanna feed me?
I smiled within.
“Let me feed you this time,” she said. I smiled and quickly opened my mouth. She fed me.
Haha.. This is amazing. I smiled.
“Thanks,” I said.
“Shhh, not yet,we are not done,” she said and fed me another spoon. She fed me all the food and then I took the drugs.
“You’ll be fine in a while. Lay back your head on the pillow so the drugs could do it work,” she said.
“Yes my nurse,” I said. That made her chuckle. She really love her profession.
I layed my head on the pillow and she covered me well with the duvet.
Ah sweet Claraaa.
“How did you get the drugs,” I asked.
She smiled.
“There’s a pharmacy a few walks away from the resort,” she said.
“And how did you find out?”
“I asked questions,” she said.
I smiled. “Thanks Clara,” I said.
“Don’t forget soon. We are all still on our ‘no thanks’ rule,” she said. I smiled more.
“I forgot,” I said. She smiled.
The necklace is still on her neck.
Clara stayed with me all day and when night came. I told her I was fine and that we can leave.
She nodded and helped me pack up my things.
When we walked downstairs, I hoped to see Evan and Chelsea to tell them Goodbye and yes I did.
They were heading out from the restaurant.
“Some friends I need to tell bye to,” I told Clara. I took her hand and we walked to the lovers.
Chelsea smiled suspiciously at me. Evan shook hands with me and gave me a look too.
“Man you are leaving?” Evan asked.
“Yes I am,” I said.
“Wow who’s this damsel with you?” Chelsea asked.
I smiled. “She’s Clara, my girlfriend,” I said.
Chelsea raised her brow. “Your girlfriend? What about-” she laughed. “Well good. She’s beautiful,” Chelsea said and turned to Clara.
“Im Chelsea and he’s my boyfriend, Evan,” Chelsea said and shook hands with Clara who gave her a smile.
“So dude why leaving us so soon?” Evan asked.
“Well the reason why im here is over. I have to go back home,” I said.
“Is she the reason,” Chelsea.
I smiled. “I’ve been on leave and it got over today,” I said.
She smiled. “Alright. Bye Drake. We gonna miss you,” she said.
“Yeah we will,” Evan said.
I smiled. “Me too.”
We finally left in my car and headed to maymack.
“Danelle haven’t called me,” Clara said.
“I know who Danelle is, she should have called since yesterday,” she said.
“Im wondering too. Call her please,” I said. She took out her phone and called her Danelle.
“Hello Clara,” Clara spoke.
“Hello sis, how are you?” Danelle asked.
The call speaker was out.
“Im fine and you?”
“Im very fine sis. What about Drake?”
“He’s driving. We are heading back ro maymack,” Clara said.
“Really did you spend the night with him yesterday?” she asked. Clara lowered the volume.
I smiled.
“Okay fine, yes,” Clara said. I could feel the heat of shyness she was feeling.
“Alright take care, bye Danelle,” the call ended.
“She’s fine,” Clara said.
“That’s good,” I said.
Soon we pulled into maymack.
I unfastened my seatbelt and she did too.
I turned to her.
“Im back home,” I said. She looked down.
I brought up her face to look at me.
“What’s going through your mind?” I asked her.
“Nothing,” she said. I smiled.
“Tomorrow morning, im gonna take you to work and when we are back from work, we’ll go on a dinner,” I said.
“Dinner?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I said. It reminded me of that doctoe but I didn’t want to ask her about him.
“Alright,” she said. We walked down and I walked her to her door. She opened it and turned to me.
“Goodnight Drake,” she said.
“Can I kiss you Clara?” I asked.
She didn’t answer.
I bent my face to hers, brought my lips to hers and kissed her. She kissed back
I withdrew.
“Goodnight Clara,” I said.
She nodded and closed the door.
I smiled.
My apartment is just like I left it. I had my bathe and layed down to sleep but Clara wouldn’t get off my mind.
I Iove her and now I have her.
Love is amazing with the one you love but sweeter when that one you love loves yo back.
I hope Clara loves me back soon.
From Author RiRi Library
All right reserved©

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