DREAM (SEASON 2) part 8

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Bryans ♡♡♡…♡♡♡
I watched her fall asleep again.
Why do I feel like i wanted her to fall asleep so I can look at her.
Ahhhhhh Bryan don’t make this mistake twice.
Don’t think about it
Don’t wonder why
Don’t put your mind to it.
I don’t want to fall in love again God please.
But all of a sudden..being with this baby doll makes me happy.
I feel like this might be an addiction.
Why did I let her come close to me.
Why am I getting weak for deya
I covered the warmer well.
Am a fool …am stupidly doing it again.
I ran out of the house and looked into the pool.
Zaina knocked and nana’s opened.
I watched her as she opened the door.
she was holding a stick if cigarette.
And I didn’t even know she smokes.
Why do women lie so much
Why the fakeness.
I watched her go back inside.
What exactly attracts me to deya.
For one her shyness brings a spark to my life.
It makes me stupidly happy.
I wonder why.
I want her and I don’t want her.
It seems she even likes Jeremy.
I don’t care.
I won’t fall anymore
Pain scares me.
Diego came out.
“Hey why was your phone off”he asked.
“Deya was sick” I said.
“Was it serious?”he asked.
“Yes very serious”I said
“Ok..the general breakfast will soon start” he said.
“Ok.”I added.
I ran back inside.
Directly into he Room.
I never really agreed that any girl is pretty but deya is.
I lay beside her on the bed..
I saw messages in our group chat which made me smile
From jace”Austin where did you get this girl…she can’t cook”
I smiled.
From evan” Austin I told you I don’t want a call girl..oh fuck!! it was just too wide in there..do you want me to die from drowning”….
I laughed.
From jeremy” Evan I will tell her.
From evan” Austin get me a virgin to repair the damages.
if not you are not coming back to Korea alife.
From Austin” guys who did Bryan stay with
From evan” I better stay alone than swim the red sea like I did last night.
I laughed.
ODEYA …♡♡♡..♡♡♡
Bryan had laughed for a while.
you are my rainbow,my sunshine in the dark
He sang as he played the music in the room home theater..it was so loud I still lay quietly.
do you miss me, the i way miss you tonight he added I smiled..oh this is the sweetest sleep I ever formed in my life.
deya stand up,I know you are not sleeping..you lie he sang In the same rythym of the song.
I didn’t know when i turned and smiled.
He was done switching on all his phones.
everything every thing, makes me love you..my jewel he sang as he sat on the bed and carefully turned down the music volume.
“Good morning sir”I said
He nodded.
lalala,I told that I love you last night he sang camly in a little voice as he looked in my face.
His phone Rang..so many calls.
He picked the phone
“Sorry ..
“I was down last night..
“Send them again..
“I know I was wrong sorry
Sorry was all I heard..isn’t he supposed to switch off his phone?
He removed the hair band and tucked his hair into his ear.
“You feel much better now right?”he asked with a bothered face as he touched my fore head.
I nodded
“Will you bath warm or cold water?”he said
I jumped down from the bed
“Sir don’t worry..I can set my–“I ran into the shower but he was fast to catch me..
He pulled me to sit on the bed So I sat.
“Whippet”he said in frustration I didn’t know when i smiled.
“Warm right?”he said
I nodded so he walked into the shower.
I sat quietly with my fingers burried in my thighs.
The cold is starting again..but it’s the weather Now.
Bryan walked out and handed me the pink towel.
“That’s the dressing room”he said and Pointed to a room door..then he left.
I nodded and rushed in.
Wow so many cloths
I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled
I am a little bit pretty..I smiled as I removed my cloth and tied the towel completely.
I can’t belive I am spending time with bryan.
Oh nooooo!!
This towel is too short.
It was just below my hip
Noooooooo I sat on the floor and folded my leg together.
Ooohhh he even walked out right
I touched my hair which I tied up then I strolled out.
Bryan came in
I moved back as i gently dragged the towel down.
Bryan looked at me quietly and came close.
I left my hip and wrapped my hands around my chest.
i held my towel to my chest tight.
He smiled as he watched.
“Deya don’t move anymore”He said.
I stood still.
He came to me and removed the band from my hair i felt my hair slap my face
“Sir”i said and touched my hair
“Wash your hair”he said
I touched my hair and nodded.
He picked his phones and walked out so I ran into the shower.
Zaina’a pov
Bryan really broke nana.
She sat down and looked at me.
“I can’t believe bryan could say those things”nana said
“It was anger..you know how he gets”I said
“God i cant believe he is getting close to that stupid dirty deya girl..he even opened his door for her..what now..do you think he likes her?”nana said.
“No he can’t..come on..deya! deya? the nobody..nana calm down” I said.
Just then kira walked in.
“Nana you were so bothered I had to look into this..Bryan didn’t invite deya over,Diego sent her there because the rooms are out..he had no choice but to accept her.
you know he never says no to Diego” kira said
“And I am sure nothing happened..he will surely drop her in the kitchen and sleep in the room…cos that’s how low she is” I said.
Nana smiled a bit.
“I know Bryan can never actually stoop so low to touch deya not to talk to of liking her…I was bothered cos I thought they were secretly dating and he invited her over as he always did with me each time we went on trip like this back then..I felt so bad last night..I imagined him doing all the things we did together with that dirty commoner” nana said.
“Well now you know Diego sent her..stop being so bothered and think of a ways to get Bryan to forgive you for being a Bully” I said.
“That’s cool but I feel Mad And jealous cos deya is Still in that room..I wonder where she slept I mean Bryan held her hand yesterday. I think they are close” nana said
“Kim nana..he did all that to make you jealous and Bella said he let go of her hand immediately he got outside.”I said.
” I wish we could go in there, I know deya will be sleeping in the kitchen or parlour” k Said and nana laughed.
Someone walked in and Nana rushed her.
They hugged.
It was Min ah.
“Min ah”nana shouted.
She smiled
“I thought spark Wont sing” I said
“I came yesterday but my manager didn’t allow me to stay here, he said nana and her crew will distract me” she said.
We laughed .
Nana Hugged her again.
“I heard deya fell sick last night, Diego was just telling Jeremy and everyone is going to check on her. Come on ..you guys will appear mean if you don’t come” she said and nana smiled as we ran out.
Who doesn’t want to know where deya is staying.
kitchen , parlour..
I trust Bryan.
ODEYA…♡♡♡ ♡♡♡
Am still in the shower
I kept smiling to myself while bathing.
Wait what am i so happy about.
Oh my God
I almost forgot.
Mrs Madison
Oh no nana has killed me.
The app is in my phone which nana smashed
I need to–
I hastened my bath and rushed out
Oh no I didn’t wash my hair..ok
I took the wet towel in the shower and wrapped it round my hair.
I used it to touch my hair till my hair felt wet.
Then I tied it round my hair
Oooh am so smart.
I walked out and tried taking my bag when Bryan came in.
I gently dragged the towel down again.
I moved back and held my towel tight
“Sir”i said.
He moved over and dragged me
I followed him like a bag of rice
He placed me on the bed.
I cleared my throat as he squat down.
“Did you wash your hair?”he asked.
“Yes very much, can’t you see the towel I tied to dry it? I washed it with soap and water, very hot water. it’s already drying”I said and laughed.
I only laugh like this when I am lying.
Bryan chucked and smiled
” I always knew you were a born criminal” he said.
I smiled and looked down.
Ok, i was caught.
“I am going to apply this on your leg before you wear the socks so you won’t feel cold”he said and opened a kit.
“I will apply it myself “I said and tried taking the cream he used it to hit my fore head
“Ouch!!”I shouted.
He looked at my leg quietly for a while.
the music in my heart changed to deep blues.
I watched his eye go into my laps.
I said it this towel was short.
I sent both hands there and covered my laps.
He smiled and took his lips into his mouth.
Bryan touched my leg my eye widened.
he looked in my face.
He squatted properly..
I used my hand to straighten the towel so would cover my laps well but it was still short.
I angrily dragged it and the chest almost unitied.I hastily wrapped my arms around my chest.
Bryan used his fingers go cover the towel well then he looked down at my leg.
He took the cream and applied fully on my leg.
“Why didn’t you cut your nails?”he asked
He smiled as he used the socks to cover the leg it felt warm.
I was still very nervous..
Bryan touched my other leg I tightened my grip around my chest.
He looked in my face
“The thousand boyfriends you said you have..where are they?”he asked.
“Well so many places” I said.
Bryan smiled and applied the cream gently and his phone brightened.
He picked the call and used one hand to hold my leg
“Candy.”he said.
He dropped the phone beside me and put it on speaker as he pulled in the socks.
“Bryan give your girlfriend the phone”she said.
“Oh..ok”he said and dropped the phone beside me.
“Hy Candice” i said Bryan smiled.
“Unnie, well…how long should I stay before I sleep with my boyfriend whom I just forgave…to prove i forgave him for real”she said.
I smiled and removed the phone from speaker.
Bryan smiled and looked down at my leg.
“Well…have you forgiven him?”i said
“Yes..he has been begging since” she said.
“Good so let him wait for 1year” I said and the cream fell down from Bryans hand.
He cleared his throat
“Sorry” he said.
“Ok unnie” she said
I smiled and sent her text.
follow your heart
I deleted it and dropped the phone.
I just wanted to see Bryan’s reaction.
“Uhmmm one year…well..isn’t that a bit too much” Bryan said
“Sir”i said
“Never mind”he said.
I smiled.
I dropped the phone and held my chest tight cos the towel got loose there
“Give Me your hand”Bryan said
“No” I said.
“Hey”he said.
“My towel is–no I won’t give” I said
“Hey I need to apply this on your hand” he said
“Noo” I said.
Bryan dragged my hand and I laughed as i took it back.
Finally I left it for him and the towel unlocked.
“Oh my–” He used his hand to hold it.
“You see what you caused?”he said.
“He is holding my” I closed my eye.
“What are you guys doing?” A voice said.
We turned and it was Diego.
Next all the idols walked in.
Jeremy looked shocked.
Min ah smiled.
Nana looked so angry.
Bryan carefully left my towel and i folded it well.
He used his jacket on the bed to cover my body
“We can explain” i said
Bryan smiled with his face hidden.
Is this funny?

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