(As long as you love me )
chidinma jerry .m.
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_7
Wait..I am still on top of–
I looked on his face and he rolled his eye.
“Why do you seem so nervous?”he asked
“Sir why are you –“I closed my mouth.
I couldn’t talk.
“I was touching your back because you felt too hot from the top…are you feeling feverish? Why do you feel so hot?”he said and brushed out his hand…
I swallowed nothing.
He moved my hair and touched my neck.
“You are ok right? Is this your normal body temperature?”he asked again
I nodded..
“Lets Get up…our food”he said
I nodded and stood up then ran away.
Everything in me feels so disorganised.
I ran into the kitchen
I used the sink water to wash my face..
I drank water
Jesus I Drank sink water
I smiled as I brought down the food then I dished it.
I came to the living room and dropped it on the table.
“Sir,I will just change”I said
He nodded
I ran up and picked my skirt.
Hmmm should I wear a skirt to sleep?
he is not a pervert.
Secondly he will stay in the parlour.
I dropped the white flair skirt then I took my white singlet..this singlet … well I will wear my jacket.
Why did I forget my sleeping wear.
[From chidels library♡♡
Bryans pov.
She felt too hot.
I almost got scared
Is she sure she is okay.
I looked at her from the room wall,I hope she knows that the wall is made of glass.
She removed her hair warmer and packed her hair up.
Then she removed her top..
Mmmmm nice curve…wait what am I doing?
I hastily looked away.
I stupidly turned back again and she was unhooking her bra.
I used my phone cover my face as I ran into the dinner.
That was crazy.
I opened the food.
But what is delaying her.
I covered the food and walked into the room she was on the bed and used the duvet to cover her chest.
“Deya are you ok?”i asked
“No”she said.
“First sit up so you can eat,”i said and dragged her to sit.
She nodded and I tried removing the duvet from her chest so she can sit up but she held it tight.
I even bought cream for this crazy girl why is she still hiding her skin.
“Ummm sir, give me my jacket on the chair first”she said
“Hey! hadn’t I already seen all the marks on your skin..is this the right time to cover your skin” I said as i carefully removed the duvet.
“Sir thats–”
Oh gosh..her singlet was transparent.
I looked away… God am so stupid.
What did I eat tonight.
Ok Bryan forget what you saw.
I cleared ny throat.
She suddenly looked so shy..
She Used the duvet to cover her face…Isn’t this the height of shyness
What is so special about this body of hers anyway? Ahhhh!
I knocked on her head from the bed cover
“Sir”she said without opening her face
“Miss, I didn’t even See anything, not one thing.
Actually I have night –well I don’t see well in a room with uhmm yellow no I mean red light…so what is the colour of your singlet anyways” I said.
she hastily removed the bed cover and smiled with satisfaction.. what a great smile
“Really?”she asked
I nodded and used my hand to cover my eye as I handed her the jacket.
Light blindness?
And she was happy
I handed her the jacket and she wore it.
I dragged down the jacket to cover all her fingers fully..then I zipped it up.
She will kill me when She finds out that I don’t have any red light blindness
She got weaker in sight.
She fell back on the pillow.
I thinK I have drugs here.
Diego always kept drugs anywhere I went to cos I easily get sick in some places.
But this baby has to eat first.
“Deya I will get food”I said.
She didn’t talk
“Hey miss”I said
She nodded and closed her eye.
“Wait for me,” I said and walked out.
[Story from chidels library♡
He has red light blindness and I thought be saw my — I smiled.
I feel so sick, now I feel scared.
I always feel scared each time I feel sick cos I don’t want to die before finding mom.
Am really disturbing Bryan.
He is a very important and busy person.
Who am I to stress him right now.
I better try acting stronger.
Bryan walked in with the tray.
He pulled in the chair and dropped the food on the little table.
I sat up..I sat facing the table.
He sat on the chair facing me.
He dropped his 3 phones on the table with the food.
“so am going to feed you now”he said
“Noo noo sir,don’t disturb yourself..I can–
“Shhhh shut shut up”he said
I nodded
“Sir you don’t sit that far away to feed someone”I said in a smile.
“Oh sorry”He said and sat beside me on the bed.
He lifted the first spoon I opened my mouth.
“Shut it”he said,I smiled and closed my mouth..
he blowed air on it for a long time.
then he fed me I smiled and looked down.
“So tell me, Was it hot?”he asked with a bothered face.
“It was very cold”I said
“Very cold?”he asked himself
He took the another spoon.
he didn’t blow on it he just forced it into my mouth like that.
“Ahhhh sir”I shouted cos it was too hot.
My mouth was burning
Ouch…I opened my mouth for air
Bryan chuckled and lifted my chin up.
He moved closer and blew air into my mouth.
My eye widened
He chuckled to himself while doing it.
So he gave me hot food intentionally.
Bryan blew the air into my mouth for a while and the hotness dissolved.
He smiled and truthfully,that was first time I actually felt like I wanted to kiss someone.
I smiled like a fool.
Bryan waved his hand where he was holding the spoon at me
“Sorry Hon” he said
I smiled
He took another spoon and this time he blew air on it and fed Me I ate and looked quietly at his face.
He fed me till I felt full
“Sir am full”I said
“Ahhh! no you are not..we just got started”he said
“Huh! please”I said and used the duvet the cover my face.
He walked out with the plate
and it seemed the spirit that wanted to kill me came immediately Bryan left me.
I felt so weak and broken.
My eye pained.
I held myself firm and wrapped the duvet around myself.
Bryan came back I opened my eye.
He carefully removed the first slipper and wore the white foam bed room slipper.
Yes he wears a slipper to even sleep.
I watched him scratch his hair quietly as he picked his phone.
He walked up to me on the bed I closed my eyes.
I don’t want him to know I got worse.
Bryan sent his fingers to my neck as he picked a call.
By this time of the night.
“Natalie”he said.
“No … nothing yet.
” I know..I will keep trying.
“No sir Edwardo doesn’t know yet
“Two years left
“Ok..thank you
“Has he called you..
Be dropped and touched my neck fully
“How do you feel now, is it–one minute”he said.
Hmmmm another call
Diego is with his fiancee..don’t worry I will do it when am less busy
no, don’t call me tonight
I feel weak so I am turning off my phone.
I know I shouldn’t but right now I need go concentrate on myself.
He said and dropped the phone.
I heard his phone turn off.
Did he turn off his phone to concentrate on me?
He Tucked my hair into my ear and touched my neck again.
I turned to face him.
“I feel so cold sir”I said.
He stood up and took a bag.
He brought out new socks and helped me wear them.
He wore gloves to both my hands.
He folded my hair and covered the warmer well..he dragged the warmer to cover my ear.
“Deya, don’t fall sick on me..you won’t right?”he said.
I smiled
I now feel warmer.
“I won’t sir”I said and he carefully covered my duvet well.
“I hope you don’t fear for drugs?”he said and brought a bag.
I smiled and he handed me drugs.
He lifted me to sit he helped me take the drug.
He fed me water.
I tried lying back he held me.
And made me sit and lean on his shoulders.
“Lets wait a bit”he said and turned off his other phone.
I nodded but I can’t belive I leaned on his shoulders.
I turned and looked at his heart.
My own heart Is beating fast.
I like the necklace he wore, it was pretty.
I smiled.
I feel so dead..so weak.
Bryan I will live so I can became your friend fully one day.
or maybe in another life.
but if that happened.
I will hold your hand as well drag you to school,the market,the rail way,the childrens park..and do everything fun with you.
I need to live so I can finally stop seeing you as God so much..I keep trying to see you as a fellow human but you are just too perfect..to perfect to even have someone like me lean on you.
I gently lifted my head he used his hand to place it back then he pinched my cheek I smiled.
After a while he helped me lie down. I feel so cold I covered myself.
“I will check the door”he said and ran out.
I love him..I love Bryan so much
I said I won’t fall,I thought he was mean But everything about him made me fall.. who wouldn’t fall?
He is too kind
He is beautiful.
I am in love with you…and I love loving you.
I don’t even want you to love me too
I know you can’t be mine
I don’t have strength for nana
I just want to love you
You deserve to be loved by me.
You make my live feel meaningful.
I am glad that you accepted me without knowing that I sing.
I will be here,when the dreame girl will be chosen.
Even of you fall in love with her and date her while spending time and training with her thats okay. As long I will still be your friend..as long as i won’t go far away from you.
All my life I never wanted too much
I don’t even know how to want too much.
[Written by chidinma jerry♡
Bryan’s p.o.v
The reason why deya is so important to me..I still don’t understand.
So many questions I don’t even want to ask myself.
One thing for sure, I won’t fall in love again..They are all the same
If I experience that pain twice,I might die.
I value her now cos she is already someone who saved me from ever being with nana again..And when I finally ask her to be my partner, I pray she has a reason to say yes.
I pray she gets better..
I ran back into the room
She lay quetly so I sat beside her.
When will the drug work?
She touched me with a finger.
I smiled
Isn’t this the first time she is touching me
Why use a finger.
Is she that scared of me
I looked in her face
“Tell me”i said
“Sir..you have a live show,
lets sleep now”she said.
I smiled and lay beside her
I don’t think I can sleep until she feels better.
I watched her quietly as her tears streamed down.Is it this serious.
She looked so cold..seemed the duvet wasn’t doing anything to help her.
She kept shifting after I lay down,I kept wondering where she is runing too.
The bed was quite long and deya shifted to the extreme but not close to the edge anyway.
The space she left in the middle could contain 4 persons.
I smiled..
She is somehow different from other girls.
If I spent 15 minutes with 15O girls in this world.
1OO tried seducing me
5O actually stripped in front of me.
Funny right?
I looked at her
If she stays that far how will know when she is getting worse.
“Hey deya” i said
“Sir” she said in a dull voice.
“Come over”I said
“Huh”she said and used the duvet to cover her face.
I smiled and moved over.
I touched her and she uncovered.
She was shocked to see me so close to her and before I could say Jack this baby doll rolled out of the bed
Thank God i caught her.
I carefully pulled her back in.
She gently bowed then she hid her face in the pillow
I smiled and lay facing upward.
After a while I touched her and her fever died down.
Thank God.
I was awake for long
Now am stressed out.
I looked at her and she was fast asleep.
I checked my time
Oh am finished.
I touched her…she felt okay.
I turned to back her and deemed the light
ODEYA pov 5:39 am
I opened my eye
I can’t belive Bryan stayed up for me last night
I looked at him and he was facing heaven now.
He covered his eye with the eye mask.
The band kept his hair in check
His phone was beside him.
I smiled and moved to his ear where I whispered”Thank you ”
I covererd him well and covered myself well.
Bryan smiled..and cleared his throat quietly.
“You are welcome, but how did you know i was cold?” he said.
” dont forget that there is always pay back deya…it’s not easy to stay awake watching some stubborn girl”he said and removed his eye mask.
“Pay– pay– pay–pay what”i said
What can he possibly want.
I don’t have money.
Oh no
Could he want my–
I used both hands to cover ny chest.
“Well Sir, that’s off limit” I said.
“Heeiishhhh!! I don’t even want that, stop corrupting me u this girl “he said and threw his pillow at me.
“Sir you started it, “i said and picked my own pillow. I tried hitting him
Wait..who did I want to–
I cleared my throat and bowed.
Did the fever touch my brain?
“Sorry sir” I said as i kept tvd pillow back
I felt him touch my neck I turned “Am glad you are okay”he said
I smiled.

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