Episode 16$17
Nick would give anything to
have another taste of his
neigbour’s wife. It was a whole
new experience just like he had
felt with Boma. Both ladies had
given him something new and
mind blowing but in different
Who wouldn’t want to have a
taste of the tender
inexperienced woman? How
could a married woman be this
tender and soft skinned? He
had found himself asking. He
didn’t care that he had broken
one of his rules; neither did he
allow himself to feel guilty for
sleeping with another man’s
wife. All he could reminisce on
was how she had moaned and
enjoyed every bit of the
moment. She had yielded to his
touches like he was a magician
and she had made the sinful
act worth his while.
All through the night, he had
wondered how her husband
would react if he found out he
had f—-d his wife. What if he
had caught them? Nick was
sure that the man would have
shot them to death.
Would she want to do it again?
Of course she would. Hadn’t
she enjoyed every bit of the
moment? Nick was sure that
the woman had never had it
like he gave it to her yesterday.
Today was Saturday and Nick
was sure that her husband was
around. Yet he was ready to
take the risk and flirt with her
and if possible give her a
quickly anywhere of her choice
even with the husband in the
bed room. Nick almost pinched
himself at the this thought. He
was acting like a wild dog,
Boma was having much more
influence on him than he
thought. The thought of having
the lady again today was a
risky one and he must be
careful not to get himself into
trouble with the husband.
He must get himself busy
instead of sitting here all day
thinking about sex with a
married woman.
He decided to give Boma a
shout out, perhaps she could
come around and spend the
weekend with him. he picked
up his mobile phone and dialed
her number.
It rang three times before she
answered the call. “Whats up
boyfriend,” she said. her voice
was cheerful.
“Hey… whats exciting you this
morning?” he asked.
“Its weekend and I am always
excited during weekends
because of the endless
possiblity of things I could do
the free time that comes with
it.” She effortlessly replied.
“Mnn, I am sure sex will be one
of the things you could do.”
“Of course. Whats fun in life
without sex?” She said.s
“And who would you have it
with this weekend, me?” he
“Now that is a tough question.”
Nick felt jelouse that she didn’t
just accept he would be the
one she would hang out with
this weekend. He hadn’t even
taken some time to wonder if
she had other men in her life.
“Don’t tell me you have other
men in your life.”
Boma laughed in a way that
made his statement sound
foolish and childish. “Whats
your plan for the weekend?
How is it going with your
neighbour’s wife?”
Nick noticed how she evaded
the question, “guess what?”
“Did you f–k her?” it was an
anticipatory question.
“What do you expect? Of
course you should know I am
equal to the task.” He proudly
“That’s my boy!” he voice
became more excited, “In fact
you just earned the best
weeked of your life. I will be
there before sun down with
my hot friend. Trust we will
give you the best time of your
“Wow. Thanks” Nick
surprisingly replied. He once
again wondered why such
news would excite her to the
extent of wanting to reward
“I have to go now, let me
quickly go get my girl.” She cut
the call before he could say
another word.
Nick dropped the phone. The
evening would be fun after all.
A threesome was something he
definitely looked up to.
He decided to go to the
backyard to see what the
gentle lady was up to. Perhaps
she would want to flirt with
him while her husband was in
the house. He needed to know
what she thought about him
and what she thought about
the sex they had yesterday. He
knew she loved it but he
would love to hear it.
He walked through the kitchen
into the balcony. He was still
on his boxers and the thought
of the wild moment they had
yesterday gave him in
uncontrollable hard on causing
his d–k to shoot out of his
Nick wanted her to see it.
Somebody was in the kitchen.
He was sure she was the one.
The door opened and she came
Had she been waiting for him?
had she been impatiently
looking forward to another
wild moment just the way he
had been thinking all through
the night?
She looked even prettier this
morning in a white see
through night gown.
Why had she come out? he
asked himself even as he
whole body desired her once
again. It was like his body had
been set on fire by her
presence. Though she still
looked gentle and harmless,
she was still capable of stirring
up his whole system even
more than a hotter girl would.
She was tender, yet capable of
making a dead man h—y.
He could see that she was
gazing directly at his erect d–k.
She wanted him, he thought.
Perhaps he should come closer.
Ruth was already wet
underneath. She was enjoying
every bit of the moment as she
imagined the long firm d–k
inside her at the moment.
Her husband was still lying on
the bed and she was sure he
wouldn’t come out so soon.
This was wrong. This wasn’t
her. how could she be this
worldly and promiscuous? She
was married for God’s sake! All
these thought rang in her head
but the wetness in her legs and
the sensation that ran through
her body was more in control
and she was willing to take the
risk and get sinful once again.
Ruth had not thought that she
would be here doing this this
morning. In fact she had
decided she would avoid the
neigbour, a young man she
didn’t even know his name,
from now on. yes she had
enjoyed the sex with him but it
was making her lose focus of
who she was and she knew
more involvement with him
would jeopardize her future
even more.
She didn’t know how she
would sort things out with
Paul but first thing was to stop
making things worst by
sleeping with a nameless
But coming to the kitchen this
morning and seeing the
shirtless young man with his
d–k shooting out of his boxer
made her forget all her
resolutions. She just wanted
him at the moment.
She didn’t even consider the
fact that Paul was home.
She liked him because he knew
what to do at such moment.
She didn’t need him to come
closer before he did.
The heat became fiercer and he
came closer. His d–k had
already pushed the boxer way
out that she felt she could see
its form.
He was walking slowly; she
wanted him to run.
She untied the night gown and
it opened up leaving her firm
b—-t visible to him. she had
only her white pant
underneath the gown.
He was almost close by when
Paul opened the door from
She quickly turned around to
face his wide opened eyes.
Paul could see his lovely wife
half naked in from of the randy
looking young man.
He didn’t know what to say,
but time just stood still for

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