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®Adesola Adeomowole
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“Massey!! I sturtled her name and shifted backwards, she moved closer to my direction.
“Ma’am,let’s hide” desha pulled my tiny hands.
“No point tryna hide,she saw us already” I replied her and stare back at Massey, in turn she stare at the way I look in the royal robe.
What have I ever done to her???
This is the same person that wanted seven and I dead for some reasons that is best unknown to me.
“You’re here again!! She snap her fingers at me,I drop my head down.
She smiled and push her hair backwards.
Anyway,I am sorry for the other day,I didn’t mean it to burn you and Seven,it was just a mistake..
I am deeply sorry and I want you to look at me as someone you can always talk to…” She smiled and before I knew what was happening,Massey was already hugging me.
“I am sorry I hurt you” she said and fundle my hair.
“Is this a prank or what???
“If its a prank or trap,I better not fall into it,i will rather play along….
“if she thinks she can play smart with me then I am gonna tell her I am the queen of gambler.
I blink my lashes and hug her back.
She can never change her spot…
Massey will always remain wicked.
She fuddled my hair and uttered the word sorry but I thought sorry is not in her dictionary..
With the way massey was hugging me,deesha face went pale.
“Massey is very wicked,stay clear and ttune”
She gave me that look which I can easily interprete it’s meaning.
“I am happy aunt” I said and pretended to be happy with the way massey was hugging me.
“I am happy too” she replied and kissed my cheeks.
“See you later then” she smiled and left while two maids followed her.
Immediately she left,desha face lit up.
“It’s better you don’t trust her because if you do,you will become her puppet.
Now,she’s pretending to be good and that’s how she usually does.
“Ma’am don’t trust her,just avoid her” desha grinned.
“I know…
“Massey is up to something this time around…
“I have caught her stealing some files in seven’s room,she forced her way in into seven’s room and stole many of his important flash drive and music records but seven never finds out…
I can’t possibly tell seven that his aunt has been stealing his important files…” I said to desha as we walk down the hallway.
“Ma’am, sir seven must hear this” she gasped
“No,don’t worry, I already return the necessary files back. I did exactly the way massey did,I sneak into her villa and pick back seven necessary file….
I make sure I kept them back safely too”
“I just pray massey will one day change”
I speak to desha and dashed into seven’s room before he comes back.
Forever is not enough to tell the tale of my ruthless lifestyle. If you don’t know me since when I was in my teens,then you will never understand me.
I love playing dirty games because dirty games and challenges makes life interesting.
I can go to any extent in getting whatever I want but its just seemed as if seven is perfect in all areas.
I can’t even lay my fingers on what he treasures the most.
Seven’s younger ones are actually smart just like him,especially Knight.
Knight is the fastest thinker….
He rarely step his feet out on a plater of gold and that’s why he choose to live in Dehli.
He doesn’t like seeing people around him but he got what we call brain.
DDavesena is hard just like seven,she’s capable of frustrating any fucking body.
I won’t lie,davesena is my fear. I loathe her to the general of the dead.
I can’t hit at Seven not to even talk of his siblings.
I just keep wondering how seven fell in love with beauty.
I will just sit here and spoil their life’s.
I smiled and thought of my plans.
“What can I do to beauty???
I shake my head,while pacing around my huge chamber.
Only me knows what I am gonna do to her.
Mere looking at her,she’s not a commoner.
I saw it in her right from the very first time I set my eyes on her.
The way she walks,

The way she speak,
The way she act and the way she thinks said it all.
I know she’s sindoora Dana lost daughter.
She’s the one because they look very much alike.
Sindoora Dana is a top model who lost one of her daughter on her way back from a dress custom party fifteen years ago.
I guess beauty must be four years old when she got lost…..
Beauty with Seven,
Seven and Beauty….
Seven already had the fame and popularity….
Beauty is also from a wealthy home but she doesn’t know yet….
Ohhh no,this is not gonna happen….
Beauty is gonna make seven get more games and she might even make his name appear in the golden book of DCP….
Beauty is one of the royality,I can’t believe this…
“Beauty Dana!!!!
The Dana’s are what we call the treasurable….
Liam Dana(Beauty father) is so much stinkling rich…
“TThis is not gonna happen!!!!
“Sindora must not find out about Beauty and seven must also sstay away from Beauty.
In frustration, I took my regilia and walk up to Seven’s chamber, he’s not back from the royals meeting.
i smirk at his guards.
“Who’s in???
I pointed my fingers at Seven’s automatic doors that was made and painted with golden bars.
“It’s only ma’am beauty!!
Shiva bowed,still guiding the door.
Just then beauty step out,she had changed into another set of red Saree….
That Saree now made her looks just exactly like sindoora Dana.
“Beauty,let’s talk!!!
I didn’t think twice,her dragged her hands in a friendly manner, she followed me like a fool.
“What’s happening here???
Seven’s voiced came up.
Out of shock,beauty took her hands away from my own and ran back into Seven’s villa.
“I am in trouble
“Seven said I shouldn’t step out but I did step out!!
Beauty muttered and ran into seven’s villa,making sure that she shut the door automatically.
“Why are you holding her hands??
Seven smirk at me,looking straight into my eyeballs.
I starmmered,his face and mood changed….
“Gosh, seven’s anger is uncontrollable!!!
“What are you doing with beauty???
He grabbed my neck, forgetting the fact that I am his aunt.
“Seven you’re holding my….”
“You want to kill her exactly the way you killed my mother!!!
He speak,just like a knife was stabbed into his heart.
Here again,I caught me.
He knew I was going to kill beauty exaxrky the way I killed his mother.
“Get out!!!
He pushed me away and rushed into his villa to meet BBeauty.
I followed and enter his villa.
“Ohh my gadddd
What is he doing to beauty?????
“Seven stop!! Beauty shake in his arms.
“Seven I went out by mistake….
“I didn’t tell Massey to touch me!!
“I was!!
“I was!!!
She shifted back, seven moved closer to her and clasped her shoulders.
She keeps shaking,seven stared into her slainted eyeballs..
“What did I tell you???
Seven speak,she keep shut with a pounding heart.
“This is what I want,I want the both of them to fiiiiightttttttt” I gasped and watch how beauty shake with seven hard grip….
She gasped and continue shaking,her long hair move randomly….
“Gosh,beauty is really beautiful!!!!!!!
I can’t deny that……
“Arggggh,what’s seven going to do with her, I want to know!!!
“Ohhh my gaaaaad!!
“Ohhh my gaaad!!!!
“Beauty,stop shaking!!!
“I want to see what he’s gonna do to you!!!
I keep gasping but Seven only stare at the shaking beauty with an undefined expression!!!!!
“Argggh,what is he gonna do to her??.?.

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