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(I will be okay for you✋)
© Adesola Adeomowole
Now enjoy⌛⌛⌛
“Seven who changed my clothes??
“Who changed me into this bikini that is showing my breasts and laps!!
I said,pushing my very long hair behind my back.
“Who else?? he shrugged and my lips..
“You changed my clothes!!
“Did you do.anything!!
I questioned,with my eyes almost close to tears.
“Yes,but I close my eyes!! he said.
“Liar,you did not close your eyes…you you you saw everything!!
I sob little tears and find myself rolling on his perfect body…
He actually pull out the entire robe from my body,my breasts and laps were now visible to a fault.
“Another opportunity to see everything!!
He muttered and took me up in a bridal style.
“Don’t push your hair backwards again,I don’t like it that way,I like it like this!!
He raised his finger,the one that bears the miles ring,he used it to remove the bond away and scattered my hair to fall on my face.
His hands drop down to my waist…
“I did not do anything to your stop that childish pout” he said,I smiled and hugged him…
“Gaaad,seven is so much unpredictable!!
I can’t believe he replace my waist chain and earrings.
“Who brought me here to your house!!
“How did I get here?? I asked.
His phone beeped,he picked it up and connected it to his buds…
“Will be there in the next 1hour..
“Just keep them intact”
He said over the phone and hung up.
“Emily took your earrings” he said,looking at the new one on my ears..
I sturlted as he moved closer and lean on my shoulders.
Again,he was lost staring at the way I look in the expensive white Royal cloth.
“This color suite you!! he clasped my shoulders together with the way I trembled.
I don’t even know what is happening to me that moment, I was just shaking in his hands like I will faint in the next three minutes.
“I know…
“I know that…
“I know that this color fits me” I finally find my voice..
He smiled ,I drop my head down like a royal servant.
He keep staring…
I raised my head and met his gaze…
“Ohh no!!
I tuck my hair properly behind my ear and made an attempt to walk away,he took my hands back and lean to kiss me..
“Seven,I will try to avoid trouble!!
“I will avoid Emily, Mitchell and even Massey!!
I uttered so as to prevent him from kissing me but that was not working because the more I speak,the more he felt the urge to kiss me.
He slam me gently on the wall and held my chin with his hands of golds…
“Seven I want to…
“I want to go and open the door,someone is at the door!!
I said and rushed to the door with a pouding heart.
“Come back here,the person at the door can wait” he dragged me back and collected the door control remote from my hand.
He pressed number 1 on the projector,a picture of a maid appeared on it…
She was carrying trays of expensive foods.
“Deesha,come back,we are not hungry”
Seven said …..
“Deesha,come in,I am hungry”
I said and slip the remote from him,I was to fast to have press open.
The door open automatically while Deesha stepped in.
“Ma’am, this is your favorite” she bowed slowly and smiled at the dish.
I didn’t reply her,I just watch how seven stare at me…
Just me,only me.
“Ma’am, are you really hungry??
Deesha jerked me out if my thoughts.
“Yes…” I look away from him and went to sit on the dinning.
Deesha followed me and put some foods on a plate for me…
“Brownies and Marshmallows!!
I took the diamond spoon she offered to me start eating.
She bowed beside me with a glass of water.
“Why are you standing??
I drop my spoon and collected the glass of water from her hand.
“Ma’am, maids don’t sit with the Miles” she speak and bowed again.
“Please sit down!! I faced her and pull out a chair for her.
“Ma’am, it’s impossible. Sir seven will talk if I should sit down beside you” she replied with her eyes on Seven.
“He will not talk,just sit down” I smiled and force her to sit beside me. She started eating with me..
“Your name is Deesha right??
I started a friendly conversation with her.
“Yes,ma’am” she replied,seven scoffed.
“I wll be back soon, just make sure you dint step outside. Don’t even try opening the door” he said and started fixing his headset.
“Okay”I replied him. He blink his lashes and step out,leaving me all alone to Desha.
“Ma’am,i like you very much,you are not like ma’am Massey.that woman is so so wicked,but you’re kind” Deesha said and was probably staring at my long hair.
“Massey,is she that wicked!! I exaggerated.
“If there’s any other word for wicked,I will use it for her.” She said and pour juice into her cup.
Sir likes you, you’re lucky too.
“I caught him kissing you when you were sleeping.
He kissed your forehead,
He kissed your cheeks,
Then he kissed your lips.
He was about changing your clothes when i run away from my hideout.
“Ma’am, you like sleep.
“You slept till he changed all your clothes.
“Sorry,you slept till Diva changed all your clothes…
“Diva,who’s she??
I cut in…
Diva is also a maid”
“Did seven do anything when I was sleeping?? I asked, a little bit embarrassed.
“No,he didn’t do anything,just kiss” she chuckled.
“How do you know??
“I was hiding” she replied and pack the dirty plates.
She came back minutes later.
“Ma’am, you’re bored.We can play games”
“Okay,i am coming…
Wait, seven said I shouldn’t step out…
“Awww,I have forgotten…
“IIndoor games only” Desha smiled.
“Hide and seek” she smiled again.
“Let’s play,I gave in and stand outside the door,waiting for her to hide somewhere.
“Come in” she said,I entered and start looking for her,I didn’t find her.
“Deesha,where are you hiding!!
I gasped and started looking for her,I didn’t find her..
“Can she be hiding outside??
I pouted and open the door and started checking everywhere in the large villa but I can’t just find her.
Maybe she’s hiding in the garden. I slam my forehead and walk down the hallway.
Every guards I ccame accross keep bowing for me,just exactly the way they usually bow for Seven…
“Sorry please did deesha pass here??
I questioned.
“Not really!!
They replied in unison.
“Okay” I nod my head and took another direction.
I find deesha,she was hiding beside a very huge flower vase in the garden.
“Deesha,I got you!! I smiled and pull her out of her hideout.
“Why did you step outside??
I asked..
“I’m sorry,i can’t hide in sevens room. I don’t have the right to hide alone in Seven’s room” she replied.
“ma’am,let’s dance.
“I don’t know how to dance,I wish I can learn how to do it like Sindoora Dana” she smiled and increase the volume of the maximum stereo.
“I will teach you if you want to learn” I assured and unbind my hair.She did the same and stood beside me.
This is how to do it,
Twist a little bit,
Move your shoulders and fingers,
Split in between dance,
Spin on your toes,
Splits again…
Twist your waist sideways and don’t forget to keep your eyes half closed.
“I will try” she itch her neck before we started dancing.
Our waists moved in the same direction,our fingers in the sane manner, she didn’t get the in between splits but I did mine really well,just like a practioner.
I did tight spins with my eye half closed while she watch me really shocked.
“That’s too tight!!
“Jeeezz the spins are just too hot…
“Please ma’am, repeat the spins again!!
“Spin the more,I am loving it!! She clapped her hands and watch me dancing.
“Gaaaad,wicked Massey is coming here!!
She stop clapping,I stop dancing.
“Aaaahhh,i am in trouble.
Massey stooped in my presence and smiled at my royal robe…
“What did she want from me???
Fire and Ice.

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