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(As long as you love me )
chidinma jerry .m.
[Star – queen] #Season 2_Episode 6
“Sir, it seems i am lost”I said and tried runing away he dragged me back.
He moved me in and closed the door.
I smiled and bowed..he walked in and he still dragged my hand as he took a call.
I can’t belive he was still holding my hand..with his hand where he wore a diamond laid bracelet and one ring.
I kept looking at his hand..
No girl is here ..sweeeeeet
“Jeremy don’t worry I saw her.
“Diego texted me earlier too.
“Goodnight don’t forget the stuff.
He dropped the call and let go of my hand
“Sorry I forgot”he said.
No need to apologize ..feel free to hold me sir.
I Bowed.
“So uhmm Welcome, you can drop your bag in there. don’t bother explaining Diego texted me earlier then Jeremy had called” he said and moved a finger into his hair as he looked into his phone while tracing his legs into the room sluggishiy. The slipper he wore..omg, what a classy guy,it was chained with pure silver.
No wonder nana cried because he got mad at her.
I held my school bag tight.
I actually wore a white top,with a blue trouser and a white hair warmer.
Then my bag white.. simple and comfy..with a jacket of course.
I looked around the suite.. it is so customized, like it belongs to him.
Bryan who had gotten to the room door stopped and turned to me
“Hey Will you drop your bag there?”he said
He walked Down and moved closer to me.
I moved back..
He still came to me.
I kept remembering that incident..I carefully raised both hands to my chest.
And cleared my throat.
And closed my eye.
Bryan stopped moving and chuckled.
I closed my eye…his body is too –Nooo.
He carefully dragged my hand and i stood still. He removed my school bag and took it up with him i smiled and ran behind him.
Finally we walked in,the room was wow. This suite is wow.
Bryan picked a black top and wore.
He removed the hair warmer and forced a white band into his hair.
Then dropped his watch.
He picked his other phone and walked down.
I smiled as I ran down behind him
He sat on the holder of the white couch with a cup of wine.
Then his leg was half fitted into his slipper.
I walked down.
He chewed in quietly for a while as he looked in my face.
“So uhmmm,what was Jeremy doing…why did he send you out?”Bryan said.
” Oh he was …well Sir, he was removing nora’s bra,” i said.
Bryan looked at me in shock.
He opened his mouth and closed it.
He cleared his throat.
“Huh?”he said in smile.
“Sir he was removing her bra, he said some stuffs entered her cloths ..I guess the same kind of chemicals that touched us that day” I said.
Bryan laughed, and held it in after a while.
“Ooooooohhhhhh ok, i almost forgot. Such chemicals are much in miami” bryan said.
I nodded.
“But bra? … sir isn’t bra personal?” I said in confusion.
bryan laughed again..
He still controlled his laughter
“Gosh! this girl wont kill me. its not personal, models where them openly”he said
I nodded
He looked at my chest,but he did that unconsciously. he still controlled his eye and looked in his phone.
Why did he–because I talked about bra.
I sent both hands to my chest he smiled and looked away.
“Dad we arrived” he said into his phone. I didn’t even know when his phone rang
“Noooo am not with nana..uhmm I will tell you later
“No she’s fine…
“Ok..it’s tomorrow..
“Ok cool…
He dropped all his phones on the couch and walked into the kitchen I followed him.
He was trying to cook… or not.
Only water was in the pot.
“Are you cooking?”i said
“Uhmmm kinda”he Said
“Can you cook sir”I asked
“Yes sometimes. but am glad you are here,help a friend” he said and pushed the spoon into my hand then dragged me to the cooker
I smiled
“Sir what would you give me in return?”i asked.
“Anything you want..there’s nothing I cant possibly afford” he said.
He walked out.
I mixed the food and came out.
He sat on the couch alone.
The bottle of wine was there.
I smiled and he tapped the chair for me to sit down so I sat.
“Do you drink?”he asked
“Huh”I repiled
He smiled
“You dont?” he said and sipped the wine as he looked into his phone.
“No..never”I said
“Do you want to try?”he said
“Nooooo I Dont know anything about that”i said.
He nodded
“You didn’t go out much?”he asked
“Ummm,only to my aunties shop and multiple jobs I work”I said
“Yes like the ‘pouring hot coffee on bryan’ kind of work” he said.
I smiled and he smiled as he dropped his cup of wine.
“That was pause for pizza, I worked with rose there sir..sorry for the coffee”i said.
“That’s good..so do you live with only your dad”he said
“No my dad and lydia..
“Who is Lydia, the cute one”he said.
I laughed
“Hahaha the cute one is rose”I said he smiled and nodded as he looked down to his phone which was ringing.
He ignored the call then tisha called.
Bryan picked the phone
“How did she get my number…gosh Austin”He said calmly as he took the call
“Ummm how did you get my number”..
“Oh that’s nice ..sorry but uhmm can you not call my line anymore..
“Thank you..
He dropped the call
“All girls just seem so chea–“he looked at me and my eye widened.
He didn’t talk he just cleared his throat. I smiled.
“Sir i have not told you what I want”i said.
He smiled
“Tell me”he said
“Sing for me”I said
He smiled.. and nodded.
“ok” he said.
Only the ok he said made my night.
“Ummm this song is dedicated to some baby doll”he said and I smiled.
Baby doll…really
He cleared his throat as he typed in his phone.
“Wait let me reply my manager”he said and dropped his phone.
He picked the other one.
All the phones where new.
“I even forgot to give you this”he handed me another phone..it was still sealed.
I smiled and become quiet.
I couldn’t contain it anymore.
I will soon explode.
“Dont you like it?”he asked
I shaked my head In disagreement then I nodded.
I looked at the phone..please deya don’t cry.
He turned his face to look at me as his head leaned on the couch
“You are welcome”he said I smiled and then ussed both hands to cover my face.
He chuckled
I lifted my face”sir you forgot my song”I said.
“Noooo I was about singing”he said.
I smiled and sat well.
I met a girl..her name is deya..
He sang and looked in my face
I used my hand to cover my mouth so I Wont laugh,the voice was great but Bryan is playing with me.
this deeeyyaaaa, i think she’s pretty.
He said in cute smile and looked at me…that was the first time I saw his teeth in a smile..he has an open teeth..so seductive.
she keeps covering her chest..when she sees me.
I looked at him
I used both hands to cover ny face..I stood up and ran away..
I heard him chuckle before I finally heard him talk in a call.
I checked my food and rushed back out..
I sat in my formal position
“Are you done cooking?”he asked
“Are you hungry?”i asked
He nodded..I smiled
“Just a little while sir”I said
He stood up and walked to the balcony.
I walked out it was so pretty and colourful.
He lay down so I sqat beside him.
A little distance away
We both looked up to the stars.
“I miss my family”Bryan said
I smiled “I miss my mum”I said.
He smiled.
“Sir will you do something else for me”I said
He nodded
“Tell me”he said
“Tell me a story”I said
“I don’t know..I never really got to listen to any..ok fine, you win”he said
I smiled and clapped my hands together
“Come closer,I don’t want to shout” he said and dragged my hand he didn’t know I wasn’t balanced so I fell on him fully.
Right there where he lay with one hand behind his head.
Both my hands where on his shoulders..one was over his neck then into his hair.
I looked in his face quietly and he looked down at my face too..then his eye went down to my lips..isn’t this the first time he ever looked at me like this.
I even forgot that his hand was on my butt.
He gently brushed his fingers from my butt into my waist.
He moved closer to me and looked in my face quietly and seductively as he brushed his fingers under my top from behind… i felt his hands on my bare back
I was shocked but i couldnt run.
his hand felt warm enough…I felt cold and hot at once.
I think I am getting a fever
I widened my eye for a while
I felt his fingers brush deep into my back..Why is he touching my back.

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