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(As long as you love me )
chidinma jerry .m.
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_3
I smiled.
“Ok, win”Bryan said.
I hastily turned down his hand and jumped up.
He chuckled and the whole family hugged me.
This is the best night of my life .
Bryan smiled
“Goodnight guys,Jackie come on”the mum said and the both walked out.
Candice lay quietly with her head on Bryans Lap as he sat back on the couch.
I smiled and turned on the television.
“Bryan what’s your favourite t.v show?”candy asked
“Do I have time to breath not to talk of watch t.v”Bryan said and carefully moved her hair from her fore head.
I smiled..and concentrated on the movie.
Until a kissing scene turned up..ok it was hot kissing.
I smiled and Bryan used his fingers to cover candie’s eye.
She laughed
“Bryan i am 19 here”she said.
Bryan smiled.
It got more intense I carefully looked away.
But Bryan had no plans of doing that.
I smiled and looked at him.
“Sir i want to change it”I said
“Yea do that.”he added
He removed his hand and candie stood up then ran Into her room.
“She left, turn it on”Bryan said and dragged the remote with me.
I kept it behind my back
“No…I can’t watch that..am a kid too”I said.
Bryan chuckled
“I was kidding…goodnight”he said and stood up.
I switched off the t.v and stood up too.
He finally locked his room door.
I knocked for Candice and she showed me the guest room.
Sometimes when I look at bryan i start so wondering wether he is the same person who was so angry recently.
I fell on the bed but I couldn’t sleep cos Bryan wasn’t sleeping.
He kept rolling over and playing music.
I knocked on his door.
He opened what a pretty room.
The bed was sparkling different colours.
The floor was just like heaven…it took me a while to realise it was a wallpaper
The bathroom door was open and the shower water was pure blue…cos of light.
There were some music instruments
One part of the wall was a mirror.
The other part was a television.
Like 7 phones where on his bed and bed holder.
Two laptop’s where on the bed.
The fridge and a white couch.
I looked back at him…he looked tired.
“Uhmmm come on in”he said
I nodded and walked in.
“Sorry if I didn’t let you sleep am just so occupied right now.”he said and picked the laptop
“Sir tell me how to help you, am your assistant” i said.
“can You help me? Thank God,I feel so tired.”he said and handed Me a jotter.
“Just search the song book and send the songs I marked good, send it to this place..the name alone.”he said
I nodded
“Then the ones I didn’t mark send them to this mail”he said.
“Ok sir
“Just stop when you get tired…I will do it when am done with this” he said and picked the other laptop.
I faced the system on this side and he faced the other side.
But this is pretty easy
Same thing we did everyday when I worked at Mark a move and pause for a pizza.
After a while I turned and Bryan slept off
I smiled
He placed his laptop on his tummy.
Then lay on the red pillow.
I moved over and closed the laptop
Now I understand why you were so mad that day.
You told them you were the only slave for a square.
You said s-square has cost you so many things
All through today..it was just calls chat..you rarely remember to eat.
I moved all the books away and arranged them.
I dropped them on the cupboard.
I smiled as I pulled down the eye mask from his hair and covered his eye with it.
His hair fell free so I used my fingers go move his hair behind his ear.
I pulled up the bed cover and covered him fully then he turned.
I faced my laptop and I carefully sent all.
I closed the laptop.
I stood up from his bed and checked my time..3:35.
Omg its morning
I didn’t sleep.
It’s better I don’t sleep than he didnt.
Ever since I came to his world I had happiness.
I slept at night
Someone took care of me
Someone looked in my face
Someone noticed me and what I wanted.
I smiled and rushed away.
I fell on my bed
Sleep please.
I actually enjoy the kind of relationship I have with Bryan.
We always help each other.
He helps me and i help him.
I lifted my phone and turned it on.
I don’t like depending on people.
I wouldn’t have taken this
But I just payed him back with the work I did tonight.
I smiled and slept off
I actually over slept.
Why won’t I
I woke the next morning with Jackie on my bed.
Then food was on the bed
I chuckled and laughed happily.
I laughed for 20 minutes.
“Jackie who dropped this?”i asked
“Bryan”she said
I smiled and opened the plates hastily
She handed me the paper which I hadn’t seen
It had the note
“Thanks for last night,signed Bryan.”
I deeped it in my purse.
So nice.
I touched Jackie hair and we both faced the food after that i bathed and wore my actual cloth.
Then I ran down to the living room.
Bryan was moving about restlessly.
Moving his hair intervally
He saw me and checked his time
‘Deya we are late…come on” he said so i ran down.
I waved at the family and a entered his car
He carefully locked my seat belt and drove off
I loved the ring he wore, I kept watching his fingers on the steering.
He carefully drove Off.
Then blinded the windscreen.
I guess…he is scared of fans recognizing him
“Thank you”he said
I smiled and nodded.
A call came in he linked it to the car
” who is it?”he said.
“Did you delete my number now”….
Oh thats Nanaa voice
“I was driving,what’s wrong?”he said
“Am sick…I am sick bryan. the doctor just left and i am feeling down plus am home alone…just come” she said.
“Call your dad ..that’s not my business”Bryan added.
“My dad traveled….you know I have nobody else “she said
“Kim nana cut the call”Bryan said
“Waaaaaaaat”she said.
“Drop the call ” he said.
She dropped the call and Bryan placed another call.
“Sir”a woman’s voice said.
“Where is she?”Bryan added
“She’s swimming with her team mates, why?”the woman said.
“Nothing..it’s ok..don’t tell I called”he said and dropped the call.
He looked behind and packed the car very well.
“Come down we arrived”he said to me.
I looked around and then ran out
He packed the car in the garage.
Soon we arrived at the dream Mansion.
Everyone was preparing to leave
“Is deya going?”Evan asked
“Of course, she’s the assistant”jace said
“Or will she stay with sora..”Bryan asked in confusion.
Anyone is ok with me
Jeremy comes out
“It’s better she comes with us”jeremy said
Bryan already ran into his room .
I nodded
just then Mrs Madison Walked in.
Everyone hugged her.
I moved closer and hugged her too
She looked sick, and I suddenly felt sick
“Are you ok mum?”i asked
‘Yes..I am”she said.
“Ok”I said
‘I will be in my room”she said
“I will see you when am done”she said
Mrs Madison’s pov
Oh My quest for odeya.
I have really surfered.
After I found this application named “finding mum”..
I had been traveling to meet different girls who fitted into my description..but none of them was deya
This last girl I went to meet wasn’t my deya too
And after each day I come back home and end up editing my descriptions
its me,mum!
Its been many years deya.
My name is kang hye
We are from north Korea.
Your dad’s name is Blake and he got married to my friend Lydia after I Left.
What more should I say deya.
My tears filled my Lap top as I attached her picture the the text.
Dont you remember our moments together.
Dont you remember anything about me.
how come all the girls i met no one was you.
Aren’t you using this application.
Aren’t you looking for mum.
Dont you remember our song
dreame odeya dream.”
I added the voice clip of the song to the status
Are you even singing
Did Blake stop you from dreaming
The star I didn’t become didn’t you become it too.
I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have a helper
Everyone wanted my body or my money
I couldn’t offer any
I hope you find someone who will bring out your talent deya
Someone who will make you a star.
I uploaded my status description.
The next girl who asks to meet,if it’s not deya then I Will travel to north korea and wait for her at home.
Finally odeya walked in,I really feel at home with this girl.
She sat beside me I smiled and closed my system
“Mum”she said.
I smiled and she just hugged me I held her too.
“BRYAN is getting used to me finally” she said.
I smiled and touched her hair.
“So do you like him now?”i asked.
“Yes”she said
“Have you told him?”i asked
She smiled
“No am scared”she said
I smiled
“Right now…my life is finally making sense. if only mum will show up”she said.
I smiled
“Have you heard about finding mum?”i asked.
“No”she said.
I sent it to her phone and She smiled.
Write all info you have on your mom and upload it as your status.
People who fit into it will come meet you.
Mums are the ones who travel to meet
Kids stay back and wait.
you might be lucky to meet your mum.
You can also take ur time to go throughs the general walls and check their status.
For e.g. if there is word your mum always said and you think she might add it to her status.
Go to the search bar and type uhmmm e.g. “you call me your butterfly”
I searched it and a woman’s status came up.
Deya smiled
“You understand?”i asked.
“She nodded.
“If you want you can chat with them until you think you want to meet but be careful of scammers
She smiled as she looked through my phone pictures
“Can I see your own description too so i will know how to write my own.
I handed her my laptop and opened the description.
“Uhmmm is this…did you write– is this you?”she asked me.
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