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(Don’t touch her,she’s mine)
Now enjoy🍷🍷🍷🍷
“Get her” Len shouted again,making my pounding headache to arrive but surprisingly, his guards never neared me.They flinch back at the mention of Seven’s name.
↘Seven is here.
↘Omg he is so cute in that white hair,just like a Greek god.
↘Seven miles is here in a white tux. I really need to see that god in human clothing”
I heard mumurs that was more of a shout.
Seven is somewhere around here and that’s why Len guards couldn’t do anything.
“Just because Seven is somewhere around here,you cannot do anything.
“Fool,do anything stupid to me and he’s gonna break your goddam hand into pieces”
I said to myself inwardly while facing Len.
“Back off” Len groan in little anger,telling Hus guards to move away.
“Do you still want the job offer???
Miss Chloe asked,breaking the mention prolong silence.
“I don’t want it”
I cut in sharply and walk out on the both of them. I will rather die a poor girl than working with Len.
“You cannot just go like that!!
“What do you think of yourself?
“Who do you think you are???
“You’re just a commoner and you worth nothing”
Len followed me and keep saying hurtful things to me. I ignored His words and keep walking.
“I am talking and you’re walking!!!
He rants to my face and took my hand forcefully. This time, he didn’t twist it,he held it softly like a baby.
“Let it go!!!
I whispered in my faintest voice and slip my hand away from his grip.
“Len stay away!!
“Just stay away because if Seven should catch you again, I won’t beg for your foolish self. I will only tell him to crack your bones that even the doctors will not be able to arrange it”
I rant back boldly to his face.
“You’re now getting bold!!
He shrieked with darkness hovering in his voice.
“You even have the gut to mention Severn’s name in my presence!!!
“What’s your freaking business with that??
I cut in again with the little boldness that I have mustered.
“You this dumb asshole!!
Len shrieked again and before I could figure out anything, I find him pulling my hairs. He dragged my long hair and lock me up in a secret place there in the casino.
“That’s what you get for shouting at me.Now sign this!!!
He smirked and force a small paper through the tiny hole of the door to me.
“Len open this door!!!!
“Open this door!!! I keep shouting while banging my tiny wrist on the door.
“Open this door” I screamed with my bones near breaking points.
No matter how I scream,my voice won’t be heard….its very tiny for shouting.
It’s just like an angel voice and angles do not shout.
“Len open this door!!!
I kicked the door for the last time and drop down on my kneels. I have no strength to scream again. All my nerves,bones and knuckles failed me.
“Are you done signing the papers!!!.
Len grunted with a knock on the door.
Reality struck me and I took the paper and read the content aloud.
“I beauty Dana promise to Serve you Len Pablo for the rest of my life even if it will cost my blood dropping down.
I read it over and over again before dropping it on the floor.
“Have you signed it!!
Len knock at the diir again.
“Yes,I have signed it”
I replied and stand up with the paper on my hand.
“Liar, I didn’t sign anything. Not even in my next life will I try signing an agreement with Len”.
Soon,he open the door for me.
“You signed it!!!
He arched his brows at me in a wicked way.
“I know I can always have what i want. I know you’re gonna sign it. You’re gonna do it. I mean you’re going to work for me and also be my personal maid”
Len uttered with a smile.
“Let me have the paper”
He said and I stretch the paper to him just exactly the way he gave it to me,I didn’t sign any agreement with him.
He took the paper and unwrap it.
“Where did you sign???
He questioned harshly, looking for where I signed.
“Which signature are you talking about????
I asked foolishly, trying to play tricks with him.
The darkness that u hate to see surpassed him while anger moved to His veins. His eyes begin to move in balls of hotness.
“You didn’t sign anything!!!
He shouted and I became weak instantly.
“Sign what?????
I replied him and tried not to loose consciousness.
“You did not sign anything!!!
“What do you take me for??
“A fool or what???
Len keep shouting.
The more he shouts,the more my consciousness was getting out of hold.
“Don’t shout!!!
I speak softly and move away from the dangling door so that he will not lock me up again.
“What do you think you’re doing???
“You’re gonna run away!!!
He questioned with a clench of his fists.
“What does it look like I am doing???
I replied him and took my sandals in my hand.
“Don’t even try running away because all the doors are already locked!!!
Len smirk,giving me a warning look.
“Why won’t I run?!!
“All the goddam doors are locked!!
“Just stand and watch how a commoner will escape”
I replied him again and start running round the huge casino.
He didn’t relent, he keep running after me.
My legs was starting to pain me and I couldn’t run anymore. I stop to catch my breath because I am almost getting to the last stairs.
Again,I start running and was about stepping my feet on the last stairs when I slip,making more red Indians colouring particles to pour on my head.
The sticky particles really stained my white gown while some stick with my hair.
“What have i gotten into???
I said and turned my back,thinking Len is still after me but he was no where to be found.
↘Look,that’s the famous seven mies they are always taking about.
↘Can you not see he looks more of a semi God….
↘Ummm,he’s actually equal to a god.
↘And I heard something!!!
↘That Seven Miles is in love.
↘There is actually someone making him happy.
↘Yes,someone better than Emily.
I continue hearing different rumors from different angles.
“Where’s Seven???
I said and turned sideways, scanning the huge casino but I did not see him.
“I don’t think I am safe here. Len might still be hiding somewhere.
“Ohhhh goodness….
“I need to get out of here!!
I slam my forehead and look back. No one is there buy it looks like someone is really at my back.
“I better get out of here”
I said to myself again and put down my sandals so that I can wear them back. I was about wearing them when I saw someone I never pray to see.
Emily Daniels!!!
Our eyes met….and I can sense the hatred with which she looks at me with.
I didn’t botther wearing my sandals,I took them in my hands again and turned back,thinking Emily will stop looking at me but she never stopped.
She continue sending me look that can actually murder.
Mitchell was behind Emily while Fiona was sitting far away with her legs crossed.
She’s actually smoking wildly like a mad dog.
“Wat have I gotten into?..
I twutch my nose and watch how many people come into the casino.
“Are they hosting billionaires party here????
I questioned aloud.
Soon, many people came in. Even Jariel was among them.
She smiled and I suddenly find myself smiling instead of crying.
The blue dress she wire fitted her perfectly and the bangles on her wrist really look like mine.
“Beauty what are you talking about???.
*your bangles can never be the same. Jariel bangle is pure gold while your own is not even gold at all.
“We can never be sisters???
I tap my head and keep staring at another set of people.
They are all dressed richly.
I uttered and look at my own dress and hair.
Soon,everywhere became quiet. No noise at all.
“Why did they stop talking???
I mumbled again and lit my eyes slowly.
Their faces are fixed on the door like they are expecting someone.
“What’s happening here???
I wondered and watch how the drama unfold.
↘Seven Miles!!!
↘Is that really him!!!
↘Waoow he look good in that white hair and tux”
Slow murmuring came up and I knew what was happening.
They are hosting a party.
Party that is for the billionaire’s only.
I’m not needed here at all and I will rather move away before I get blasted or insulted.
I moved away from my mean position and went to hide in a place that I will not be noticed at all.
Seven did not even see me and that’s what I want.
“There’s actually someone making him smile”
I scratch my sticky hairs and watch him smile back at his fans.
And that Emily, she keep following him like an housefly while Len was looking around.
Soon, I heard bottles breaking,making a very loud shout. I flinch from where I hide and ran away. I glance back to check if Seven is okay but to my greatest surprise,he was fighting with Len.

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