( Odeya )
I stood up and nana walked out
“Sir isn’t there a misunderstanding here I mean–
“No,its all under probability and deya was chosen”the man said.
Bryan picked a call and walked out
“Roomie do you know how much that jacket cost?”Jessie asked
“No…the one on Bryan?”I asked
“Ohhh he is so dreamy,” she said and hugged me.
I smiled.. then stood up and wore my bag well.
I tied my jacket well too cause the short was just too short
I covered my hair well as I walked down.
“No she can’t be with Bryan..he has preference issues and he can’t stay with a girl he is not used to..do u want him to fall sick”nana said.
“I will call his manager”the man said and nana smiled.
I stood still
“Hey Diego..
“He walked out now..
He dropped the call
who is this deya of a girl?”he said and i raised my hand.”you have been paired with Bryan
“Waaat”nana said.
“I called his manager…like you said”he replied
“Go deya”Jessie shouted.
Everyone looked at me…
I walked further and sat down beside his other phone..
Nana angrily rushed away.
Bryan returned..he saw me and sat down.
“Good morning”I said
“The other phone..Did it ring?”he asked looking at the phone.
“No”I said.
He nodded
“Are you my partner?”he asked
I nodded
“Please take care of me”he said and lay beside me.
I smiled to myself for a while I saw nana looking at me.
She almost cried.
I shifted from him
“What are you doing?”he asked “Well..,”I looked at nana,”I don’t want to suffocate you so uhmm” I shifted again.
He took my hand and dragged me back to sit beside him..
Nana scoffed
” uhmmm sir”I said.
“Just cover Me..the cameras are sickening”he said
I nodded and folded my leg I can’t belive I am this close to him I tried shifting a bit he dragged my jacket.
“Please Dont move”he said and closed his eye.
Is my body a sun shade or better camera shade..but am glad it’s him.
I smiled.
His phone rang again..
He saw the call and looked at nana.
She is not with her phone,did she call him
“Help me give the phone to nana..her dad called”he said.
I nodded
“Uhmmm tell her to tell him not to call my line anymore, if he can’t reach her he can always call min ah.”he said and stood up his guard took his other phone.
I fell on the grass.
I forgot I was with a phone.
I remembered myself when nana was leaving so I ran after her.
I stopped walking to hear the announcement.
” this will the shortest camp in the history of glamor..we hope this natural get together will get together some things in your lives,wishes and dreams.
Everybody clapped.
The main activity for today is nothing else but the search.
But the glory of the victory is individual.
If for instance Jeremy finds the treasure…he will become the glamor king and it will be noted that boys won for the year.
And if Nora finds it it goes vice versa.
So this means that your partner is also your rival.
That being stated ..take a break for departure.
He walked out hastily.
I met nana and she dragged me to a lonely place
“I told you to stay away from Bryan..what are you doing?”she said.
“Ummm Bryan said You should tell your dad to not call him anymore.. he said your dad was calling.” I said.
She gasped for air.
“Bryan sent you to tell me that right?”she asked.
“You keep forgetting that I am his assistant. I am sure he has no bad intentions”I Said.
Nana took his phone from me and angrily smashed his phone then wiped her tears.
Did i say something wrong
“That search , you won’t go as Bryans partner”she said.
“What!! I told you I dont have plans of telling Bryan that I am with that necklace. i am avoiding him and maintaining my distance. ” I said.
“Just don’t attend the search, tell the female solider that your period showed up” she said.
“I don’t —
‘don’t forget your admission, I thought u said dreame high was the best thing in your life…so what’s a search right?”she said.
“Ok..I won’t go” I said and ran away I ran into Jeremy.
Oh my Gaaaaad.
He dragged me by my hand back to nana
“Nana when will you finally grow up…even if you must act your age can’t you act your experience,your exposure.. you are past this for crying out loud” Jeremy said.
“Jeremy this is not your business”nana said.
“But wait, How dare you threaten her admission? How much shares so you have in the board ?Just 70 percent? Yet you bully all students like you are God.I personally have 92 percent of the shares in dream high’s board meaning I can withdraw your admission nana. Should we start the practice?”Jeremy said.
Nana scoffed rudely
“Jeremy why are you standing up for the tramp,are you sleeping with her? cos as long as am concerned there’s no real reason why any guy in his right senses will like her”nana said.
“Am not just standing up for her nana I am warning you to stay away..
“What if I don’t.
“You know me too well to joke with me.
let deya be. Bryan was yours but you ruined him so why not leave him be..how many times will you break him nana.
He said its over…..and he is free to love again..
Jeremy walked out.. is he mad at me.
I rushed out and too
“Why are you mad at me now “I asked calmly.
he walked out I ran behind him
“Oppa”I said.
“Just stay away deya” he said and deeped his phone in his pocket.
“Jeremy”I said.
He turned.
“Are you scared of me too What exactly am I too you? What is your problem deya? Are you in love with pain?
the reason i came so close to you as a friend is because i want to help you, I want to be there to stop anything that would make you sad. I gave you preferentially treatment because i want you to be free with me … why are you so stubborn huh?
How can you cry and slave away for Kim nana?
Who is nana?
Have I ever treated you like a help?
Why didn’t you tell me what was causing you pain
Why didn’t you tell me nana was hurting you that much
Kim Nana threatened your admission?
You let her use ordinary admission to blackmail You.
Are you that stupid.
I can give you that admission 40 times over.
She told you to stay away from Bryan?
When you know being with him makes you happy why did you oblige nana
He has been looking for you and you didn’t tell him the truth all because of Nana.
Dont you have an ex
You should understand who an ex is for crying out loud.
Its been 8 months since nana left Bryan. He is not hers, he is single and he has the right to be with anybody including you.
You are beautiful,perfect and you deserve anything you want.
Why let your fellow girl treat you like that
Do you even know who you are.
Nana and bryan are over…
He doesn’t want her anymore.
Stop being scared of anyone
Be yourself and do what you like
Am right here am not going anywhere
Do you think I will let anyone harm you.
Why did you do this to me..
Why did you let nana hurt you so much
You were hurting me too.
” enough of this…let’s go”he dragged my hand and we both got to the back of the field that was where Bryan sat facing the water.
He was using his other phone and humming a song.
“Tell him what he needs to know…if you return without telling him…I will really flog you..go”he said
I ran down and he waved at me.
I smiled happily and looked up at him.
I wore my bag well and got to where Bryan sat.
I smiled and moved to face him.
“Sir”i said.
“Miss”he said
“Deya”I added
“Sorry”he said.
I smiled and looked at Jeremy he turned and left.
” I want to tell you something now,” I said and smiled while looking down.
He nodded
“I want to listen” he said
I smiled and tucked my hair into my ear.

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