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( Odeya )
I opened my eye and he gently kissed my cheek then hugged me tight.
what was I busy imagining.. did he want to kiss me? Did he not want to kiss me..I rolled my eye and he chuckled.
Too much of movie’s will soon drive me crazy.
Did I want him to kiss me?
What’s going on with me?
I placed my fingers across my my mouth then removed it.
“Are you okay?”he asked
I smiled and nodded.
“What did Bryan say to you deya”he questioned
“Well..we didn’t get to talk,” I said
His phone rang so he stood up
I waved at him.
“You are ok right?”he asked
I nodded.
And finally when I thought..just maybe..Bryan will start talking to me Kim nana ruined everything..hmph.
I angrily scattered my hair.
I wore this lip gloss to look good and what..Nana is like Lydia
I wiped the lip gloss.
My stupid jacket
I pulled it off.
Even my favourite slipper.
I removed it and closed my eye I started crying again.
Rose said its good to cry when u feel bad.
My first crush talking to me has failed.
I scattered my hair then finally stood up and wore my school bag.
I held my slipper in my hand.
So what if Nana stopped me from showing him the necklace.
Can’t he like me as deya..
Nana was to proud to say”Bryan doesn’t go close to you do don’t force yourself on him” imagine.
I started crying again..I Miss rose.
We already met so many times yet he acts like I am a stranger.
Fine i will stay away..
I arranged this hair for nothing.
Just then I saw Bryan coming.
My eye widened..I hastily wore my slipper.
He walked Down ..He wore black it flattered his skin colour ..I bowed and picked my bag I wore it and tried leaving…
“Uhmm Miss”he said.
“Deya”I said
He nodded
“Deya”he said and I smiled stupidly.. I moved back a bit and maintained my distance.
“Uhmmm did I drop anything”he said and searched his pocket for his phone…”oh no I left it in my room..borrow me your phone ..where is your phone?”he asked
Well nana threw it into the ocean but I can’t say this.
Bryan is taking to me..I better be mindful of my words..
“Well I lost it “I Said
“sowie ..”he said and used his bracelet to tie his hair since it was disturbing his sight.
I just watched him.
I didn’t want to go again.
He moved to the place where he sat before and looked down.
“Uhmmm what are you looking for,”I said ..will he reply.
“My managers key….can u help “he said
I turned back and smiled…
I turned and he was looking at me
Oh no! He woud think I want to go
“Are you…ok?”he said with a confused face.
I tried moving to him but I remembered nana and took two steps back.
What if she sees us together.
I Said I would like him from a distance now I want to move close to him.
I stood still
“I think I found it”he said.
“Oh really,” I didnt even know when I ran to him…I stood still behind him he tried turning I shifted back.
Back back back.
Distance distance
Back back back .
Nana Said I should stay away.
I didn’t even know I had been hoping since.
He chuckled”hey you are hoping like a squirrel”he said.
Omg he chuckled ..
He really chuckled
I swear he chuckled
I used both hands to cover my mouth.
I couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Sir you cracked” I said.
“Ahh I didn’t”he said and rolled his eye.
“you really cracked” i said.
” I didn’t… I really didnt”he said.
It was really getting dark out here.
He turned and I hopped back again.
“Miss I have no such plans ..what you are doing is scary” said
“No no no its not about rape–“I shut my mouth
He chuckled again that was when he saw his key.
Now I understand it all
He never really smiled cos no one made him smile.
Why do I feel like today is the best day of my life.
He deeped the key into his pocket.
I was like a lot of distance away from him.
He tried leaving then he turned
“Uhmm In the future,let’s not see each other again” was what I was expecting.
But in reality
“Deya..deya right?”he said
I nodded
“Kuma`wo”he said in Korea and walked up
I now enjoyed hoping I hopped into Jeremy he smiled..was he watching
“What If I start calling you squirrel”He said
I smiled and he scattered my hair the more I watched Bryan lock his door.
Tomorrow He Wont talk to me..that’s his trend.
I organised my hair which Jeremy scattered
“Will you tell me what the killer bean was saying?”he asked
I smiled and moved closer to him Nora walked out and took his hand
“Jeremy come..I cooked”she said and dragged him
I sighed
My crush didn’t talk to me
“Nora you didn’t see your pizza girl”Jeremy said and drsgged her back
“Oh my! Where is she?”Nora added
I smiled and she hugged me.
What’s happening in my life today..I held her tight.
My realest crush just hugged me…She unlocked and organised my hair.
“Can I borrow your oppa”she said.
I smiled and she dragged Jeremy away He carefully dragged my jacket for a while making me laugh.
I looked at my room card.
I am supposed to stay with a girl called Jessie.
I rushed up.
walked into my room which I shared with a girl named Jessie,according to my card.
I walked in she’s pretty.
“Deya right,hy am Jessie the presidents last daughter”she said
I nodded
“Your cloth arrived.”she said
I lifted the short first..it’s too shooooort..I lifted the white polo then the jacket..I nodded
“Thank you”I said
She smiled
“Lets sleep so we can follow at least the first car “she said.
I fell on my pillow and faced upward.
I used the pillow to cover my face and slept.
Early the next morning we both rushed out.I tied the jacket around my waist cos of the short.
Students entered different cars
“Is it not one camp,”I asked her.
“No its grouped..we are much so it’s always grouped..I pray we stay where all the idol’s are “she said
I nodded.
Bryan walked out
He wore white too then a white slipper.
Jeremy and jace with Nora and Evan followed.
Jeremy looked around for a while until Nora dragged his hand.
Bryan was walking when nana touched him from behind.
he turned and moved his hair behind his ear.
She opened her Palm and he deeped something into her hand..he tried walking she dragged his hand.
he carefully removed her hand and walked into the car.
Min ah walked in..nana walked in. All idols rushed in..
Jessie dragged my hand
“Hey wait” I said but she already got To the bus.
Everyone was busy witg their phones Jeremy saw me
“Nora help her with her bag so she can come in”Jeremy said.
Nora took my bag and I walked in.
Jace stood up and I walked into the extreme where Bryan sat then jace sat as cover.
Nana’s face was my worst nightmare.
I turned to Bryans He was busy With his phone I turned left jace was busy with his phone.
I faced front nana stopped using her phone she just starred at me.
Bryan opened a gum pack..
Jave stretched his hand and took one.
He turned it to me
But nana…Omg
I tucked my hair into my ear and took one.
“Bryan your dad”Jeremy said and handed nana the phone she gave it to min ah and from min ah to Bryan.
He dropped his other phone on my lap and took Jeremy’s phone.
I held the phone quietly.
“Bryan isnt that place stuffy on you?”nana asked.
He didnt reply rather he picked the call..and sent his dad a text Nana sighed soon we arrived I rushed away..before nana will catch me and kill me
When i returned I mixed In the crowd.
I sat down on the grass beside Jessie
Everyone just chose their position.
Jace and evan where standing and gossiping.
I looked around and saw tenths..are we sleeping in the wild?
I saw Bryan, he lay on the grass quietly with his phone.
Security had to stay beside him cos a crowd of girls where behind him.
Cameras where flashing to his face..how will he breath.
No wonder Nora and jeremy where inside a car.
Nana was with her crew smiling and gisting.
I didn’t see min ah yet
I gently lay my head on Jessies shoulders.
One military man walked out and took the speaker.
” welcome guys, finally the camp has started no resting,it won’t be over until it’s over.
we have alot of exercises for today.
All of you must learn how to survive in the wild.”
“Yes sir!!”they shouted.
“All of you had already been parted into a two man team..boy and girl no discrimination.
I looked at Jessie she was praying for Bryan to be her partner.
I smiled…she doesn’t have a prayer point..I wonder why nana hadn’t Seen the likes of her.
The solider took the Mic again
“Ok guys,listen for your names”he said.
Everyone sat up with expectation.
” Jeremy you have been teamed with nora
Jeremy smiled and Nora stood up and fell into the grass where he sat.
Fate is powerful indeed.
” min ah to Kelvin “min ahh waved her hand she was already lying on him..
It was her boyfriend ..lucky.
fate is crazy..so I guess nana to bryan indeed.
” Zaina to Evan
Evan walked out and dragged zaina she laughed.
Kira to jace
Kira smiled and stood up..she lay beside jace.
” Bryan to–“All the girls started shouting.
Bryan sighed.. and lifted his phone.
They started jumping and shouting. Nana looked at bryan and smiled.
Bryan to–“the scream started again the man smiled.
” Ladies please, he can’t be with all of you at once..it’s just one girl. “the man Said.
The noise stopped
“Bryan to– “the noise started again.
All of the girls were raising their hands..
” Ok..let’s leave Bryan. So Ely to shantel
Shantel stood up.
” Bryan to– “Kim nana stood up already but all we heard was “who Is deya, where is she
Jeremy pointed at me.
All the girls started shouting.
So many started crying.

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