(Don’t touch her,she’s mine🍭)


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“Why should I watch my back???
Len has started again. He’s such an idiot but very easy to handle.
It’s only Massey that can do and undo,and to make everything eazy,I will have to put beauty under my nose so that she will not fall into any of their traps.

“Beauty,wait” I waved my hand at her because it’s already raining.

“Seven don’t shout. I can’t come outside again or do you want Elva to see me” She replied through the window and loose her tied hair.

“I won’t take long,just come outside” I snarled, with my hands tuck into my pockets while the water from the atmosphere pour down on me and made me wet.

“No, I can’t come. If I should come, I will get wet and that’s not good for my health or else you want to see me shaking”
She replied and drop her head down.

“Just come outside, I promise the rain water won’t touch you” I smirk with a sweet look she can never deny.

“Okay,I will come out but don’t take long” She said and whirl down the window.

“Aaah,I can’t jump” she uttered,looking for a helping hand.

“Jump,I will catch you” I said and she sat properly on the window.
“Just jump” I gritted,taking off my expensive golden wrist watch.
The rain keep pouring more and more while the flood keep clapping their hands.

She closed her eyes and jump at once. I didn’t miss my target,I caught her on her waist line and make her long hair sweep my face.

Soon, all her hair and became wet.
Gloominess made the rain water drip down her forehead down to her lips,making them to shake at a continuous interval.

I stole a glance at her..
She look awesome with sticky hairs.
Her slanted eyes glittered the more while her lips become even more pink than mine…..
She just look unique with a different skin.

“Can Emily really stand her???

“Scrath that off” I blink my lashes and watch how she cluth her body in the rain.

“You you you tricked me!!
“You said you’re not gonna take long but you’ve taken like forever”
She scolded me and made more water drop on her very exposed waist line.

“Why are you looking like that??
“Can you ever be serious???
She snapped. I ignored her rantings and watch her fume in anger.
She just get angry at silly things.

“Strange” I rolled my eyeballs and walk to her back.

“Seven,what’s happening?
She turned around,trying to figure out what’s happening.

“Severn!!!! She called my name and widen her eyes.

“Who asked you to wear this red saree??? I questioned her.

“Red saree!!
“I choose it myself. Is anything wrong?? She questioned back.

“Nothing,it’s just tgat you look like a monkey” i teased her,thinking of silly pranks to play on her.

“Monkey” she said out and fume in anger. Soon,I saw water dripping from her eyes. I laugh out loud.
My pranks are really working.

“Liar,I do not look like a monkey. Your grandmother said it that I look like an Angel” She replied and move away sadly.

“You do not look like a minket….
“You look like my mother. She has that innocent look just like you” I smiled,looking at her in the rain.

She been in smile and flung her arms around me.

“Let’s stay like this for 5minutes”
I blurt out and smooth her sticky hair.

“5minutes is too much. You know my state of health” She rants in the rain.

“Okay,your 5minutes have been exhausted” she said and I left her. I help her back to the window.
She actually sneak it,smiling as she whirl up the window up with care.

I look away slowly and brought out my phone.

“Watch your back!!
I read the stupid message again. It’s either from my stupid aunt or the idiot Len.

“Watch your front also!!
I replied the text and took off my diamond ear ring.

“Sir,I bought a new towel” Jake said, waving a white silky towel with a bow.

“Never mind”. I rolled my eyeballs and sat at the back seat while he drive.

Soon,we were home.
Jake opened the door for me to step down.All the guards had their head bow down with their hands on their chest. Even Massey did that.

“Sir, you’re wet!!!
They all raise their head up and brought out new towels.
Massey also brought out a new and well wrapped towel.

Our eyes met.
“Foolish aunt” I mumbled under my breath and pierce into her stupid dark gaze.

“Sir,you’re wet” Shiva took the towel from Massey and wanted to wipe my hair.

“Nah,return the towel to Massey, she’s the one to wipe it and I want her in now…. I mean all of you”
I gritted with little anger and move to sit on a white pub in the large house.

Massey dare not disobey my orders since we are at home. She raised the towel to wipe my hair.

“I pop my head away and asked her to leave because her hands are full of dirty character.
I blasted her,disgracing her in the presence of other guards but Massey doesn’t even care.
She drop the towel and left angrily.

Instantly,I stood up and walk into my room and changed into a blue royal robe with just a tibg diamond neckkace. The necklace was from my mom. She gave it out to me when I was 8 before that idiot killed her.

“That idiot killed my mother because of material things and she will not still relent her bad ways.

“Sir, the meeting is about to start”
Shiva stood in front of my glass door and speak.

“I know and I am coming” I rolled my eyeballs at him and took another 1hour in changing my hairstyle and ear ring. They dare not start the meeting in my absence.

Soon,I was dine. The black hair fitted me and gave me a cute hot look.
I joined them in the meeting room.
Sure,Len was present with his informant (Bryce Kali) to discuss business.

“Stupid people” I seethed at Len with strand of anger in my voice.

“You’re taking my time. Do whatever you wanna do and led me get outta here” I speak harshly to Bryce.

“Will make it snappy” Bryce replied and glance back at Len and Massey.
That look only meant evil so far Massey is involved.

“Sir,having checked the reviews and in and outs of the casino’s, we found out that your restaurants and companies are taking the lead.
It’s far ahead of others by 99.99%”
Bryce speak and take another glance at Len. They are up to something evil and I know.

“Go on” my dad gesture at Bryce.

“We find out that your casino’s have great chef with perfect cooking skills and because of that, we wish you can at least let us try in some of your chefs in our restaurant so that we can stand out like you”
Bryce said,giving Len a calm down look.

“Which if my chefs do you wanna try in your casino????
I fume in anger,knowing fully well that it’s Beauty they wanna take away.

“Seven calm down. Is it because of a commoner you’re shouting like that!!!
My Dad cautioned.

“She’s not a commoner!!!!
I blurt out with a bang of my fist.

“Yes,itse beauty Dana we wanna use.And we are gonna pay her three times of what you offer. She actually have perfect cooking skills”
Len bite his lips with a smirk.

“Yes,you can use her” my dad replied Len while Massey clapped her hands.

She’s the one behind this plans.

“Dad it’s my restaurant and I can decide” I retorted, still visibly angry at Massey stupid plan of making Beauty work with the Pablo’s (my rivals) just because they are really lagging behind.

“We are gonna use her”
Massey curved out an innocent look, pretending to be a good aunt when she’s not.

“You’re gonna what!!!!
A big bang recreate in my memory and I left the meeting angrily.

She’s mine…..and no one can take her away.

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