( Odeya )
“Hey! hey! Wait wait,madam where are you dragging me to..hey madam ahhh”I shouted
“Shut up..you are a noise maker”she added
“Am just trying to tell you that you are mistaken huh,Bryan can never look for me. is he drunk? I am sure its Kim nana and not me..I will call her” I said and ran away and she dragged my jacket.
“I can’t forget a face so follow me,quickly.
I laughed..I know it’s not me so I will just follow her bad prove her wrong.
“Ok,let’s go if that’s what you want”I said.
She dragged me until another s-square worker came to us.
“Jane what are you doing..you are here to look after everything the idol’s eat..look its already breakfast time” she said.
“Oh my God,sorry am going to the kitchen right now”she said and the other woman left.
She turned to me
“Whats your name
“You saved Bryan that night right
‘And he is with your necklace right
“Bryan is desperately looking for you,I have never seen him this curios before..am too busy to drag you about and I don’t know your reason for not wanting to tell him the truth but just know that you are someone Bryan is desperately in need of..go and tell him who you are..I will leave today when the boat turns..we are already close to the camp but I trust you to do what’s right. In your own time..tell him who you are”she kissed my cheek and walked out.
Bryan is looking for me
No wonder..no wonder he is always looking at that necklace
But will he be happy to know it’s me…he doesn’t really like me… and am not pretty or classy or even his class..what exactly will he say to someone like me.
But if he finds out who I am will he be my friend..will he talk to me.
I think he hates me,no he doesn’t hate me in particular..just like Mrs Madison said he hated her too at first.
So I will surely tell him the truth,I wonder what his reaction will be.
When we get to the bridge we will cross it
I am so happy..I better go and wash my hair.
Oh what will I wear.
Will I make up
I feel so happy..it’s stupid
I ran into the room smiling.
Nana was looking at her nails.
I opened my bag and brought out the other pendant of the necklace.
I will find a thread and wear this one.
We will both share the same necklace…am leaving that one for bryan.
I don’t need to explain much..I just need to show him the other pendant.
I smiled and placed it in my bag.
I can’t belive this food is still here.
I took one cup of ramyeon and picked the chop stick.
Min ahh took the cup from me I smiled.
Nana stood up and walked out while making a call.
“Ahhhh so hot…this is my favorite” min ah said
I smiled as I picked my towel.
“Are you going to see a guy?”she asked
“Well ..not really”I said and smiled
“Its a guy for sure…you even want to wash your hair”she said I smiled then I nodded
“Shall I make you up
“Ahhhhh no…its not a date.
“I will surely make you up” she shouted.
I smiled and nodded.
Am crazy…ahhh why can’t i stop smiling.
Someone like Bryan was thinking about me… why?
Jeremy’s pov
I was in the guest house…just behind Bryans room though I slept in the hall with the boys.I just took this room because Nora said she is coming and she wanted to stay with me ..so here I am.
I Lay quietly on the bed when her assistant walked in and dropped her bag.
I smiled while expecting her she rushed In.
She wore a white shirt then a black short inside..you would think she wore the shirt alone.
I smiled and waved at her
“Hy”I said
She smiled and locked the door then she fell on the bed and picked her pillow.
“Missed you”she added
“I thought you won’t come”I said
“I was invited”she added
I smiled.
My phone rang ..my manager
“Franco”I said
“Jeremy you need to go home after glamour…your mum called”he said.
“We have the contract confirmation”I said
“Your mum is in town..are U going to let her leave without seeing her”he said.
“Ok so you will represent me”I said.
“Yes..”he added.
“Please don’t annoy Bryan”I said.
“That was in the past”he said.
“Ok,I will inform him”I said.
“Ok”he repiled.
I dropped
“You know Franco and Bryan are not friends”Nora said.
“You know my mum rarely has time for me…I need to meet her if she came”I added.
“But that meeting is important”she said.
“My manager will be there and I will return later at night so I can get his report.”I said.
“Ok”she added.
” Am going to Bryans room”I said and tried standing up she held my hand
“What?”I asked.
“No nothing”she said
I nodded and stood up.
Love is stupid..it just doesn’t let you love whom you want to love.
The heart is crazy…it always falls for the wrong person.
I opened the door without knocking.
He walked out from the shower… he wore only a black short..his hair was wet..he went to wash his hair.
“Hey”he said as he brushed oil into his hair.
I fell on the bed.
“Bryan my mom—was a woman here?”I asked
He turned to me on the bed
“Uhmmm what happened with your mum?”he said as he picked the black top on the hanger.
“I asked you a question?”I said.
“It was nothing” he said while pulling the top in.
I picked the waist chain I saw on the bed.
“Who owns this?”I asked
“Do you want Franco to attend the confirmation for you?”he asked while removing his watch
“Did you sleep with nana?”I asked.
“No I didn’t…it’s Ok,Franco will do it”he said.
“Ok..”I replied
“Dont forget to Close the door”he added as he walked out the balcony I left.
Nana you are really more desperate than I thought..
I walked out and it turned out the boat arrived at the camp hotel…we will move to the main camp in the morning. there are no rooms there, we sleep in the wild and glamor calls it training. Imagine.
Nora walked out and took my Hand
“We are here…will you be my partner in the camp games?”she asked
I smiled
“You know it’s all under probability..you never know who you end up with”I said
“Just say yes so I can work my magic”she said
I smiled and nodded.
She dragged my hand and we strolled out.
I couldn’t see deya..i kept looking.
All the students rushed down.
Bryan walked out and met with jace and Evan they now joined I and Nora but where is deya.
I saw min ah..I saw nana
“Jeremy where is our whippet?”jace asked, i smiled
They all rushed past me out.
I saw the military men..I hope this years camp won’t be as scary and hot as last year’s own.
I pray deya is chosen as Bryans partner, He will have no choice than to talk to her by force.
But on the other hand nana will surely manipulate it to favour her.
It’s her perfect chance to be with him as she wants.
And glamour is under her dad.
Well let’s watch fate.
I strolled to the back of the boat where it parked.
Students were Still packing their stuffs
Gossiping and making noise.
I walked back into the boat that was when I saw deya.
Awwwwn ..she was trying to take her bag which was kept up above her…as short as she is..cute. she kept jumping up like a kid.
She washed her hair today, she looked pretty even when she didnt take care of it.
she also applied a red lip-gloss….hmmmm suspicious.
is she going to meet a guy.
She wore a black Jean skirt and a red top. She has a nice figure anyway..nicely set hips then a Tiny waist..her fitness is perfect.
She was trying to take her black school bag.
She wore a white jacket then white hair warmer.
Sooo colour blocking.
I chuckled.
She wore this necklace..
I always saw her wearing it but after sometime I didn’t see it again.
Oh seems she lost the gold chain cos she wore the pendant with another rope.
I smiled and walked over then raised my hand and handed her her bag.. she took her bag and smiled.
I just love everything about this girl.
Shes real. Different..she is just the best of her kind.
We both walked out.
She looked around for a while Bryan was not in sight am sure he is with the boys
“Oppa”she said and wore her school bag well
“Tell me”I said.
“I want to meet Bryan”she said.
“Can you tell him that someone wants to meet him?”she said.
“Why,”I asked.
“I want to tell him something”she said.
Oh no..is she going to confess her feelings….
“Will you help me see him?”she asked.
“Where?”I asked.
“There”she Ponted at the left side. Bushy…
“Ok… I will call bryan”I assured her.
“Ok”she said.
I met bryan in the room
“Bryan a girl wants to see you”i said.
“What!” he exclaimed
“She said she wants to see you there”I pointed at the place, “why not try to —
He walked out and ran off. ….hmmm is he expecting deya.
I walked up to Nora.
I wonder if he came.
I slipped out the necklace well so it would stop falling inside my top.
I ran off to the place.
I carefully walked down the rocks and i saw Bryan.
He sat with both hands on a rock.
I smiled…what’s going to happen to me after this.
Will he embarrass me…accept me..walk out on me.
I am doing this cos its the right thing to do.
I don’t care if I get hurt in the end.
I won’t care if I wasnt what he expected.
I ran down and he turned to look at me.. i bowed and smiled.
“Sir”I said.
He looked around.
“are you the one who wanted to meet me?” He asked.
I noddee.
“Ooh,ok. So Uhmmm what’s your name any way..I don’t really know”he said
I smiled carelessly again
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