The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 42
Clara’s POV
I closed the door and breathed out.I hastily untied the band on my hair, catching my breathe.
“Clara what is wrong with you? you wanted to tell Drake that you are beginning to like him?.
Do you want him to start thinking that there’s something more than that which there isn’t!”
‘What even got into me? I can’t possibly make this mistake twice. I can’t start liking Drake. No way no way at all.
What Im I tryna do? Do I even like him?
Okay, yeah but I like him like as the friend that he is to me, the way he care. The way he show that he care. He’s nice and funny, playful,.cool.’
I fell on a couch and placed my legs on the table.
‘Butttt, this was just the way Noah cared. He was so nice, he was caring. He made me fall for him without thinking twice and I thought he was the perfect guy but I had no idea he was just a douchebag!!
He lied to me.
He took my love and my trust for granted.
He couldn’t be truthful. It hurt so bad. Very bad!
I know he love me. Yes he do.. I know but why couldn’t he respect my trust? What were his reasons for hiding it from me?
Do he have any reason?’
I sighed.
‘I don’t care about that. Im happy that im getting over him. or rather I’ve gotten over him.
But ahh! I just feel like going to see him. It’s a feeling that began today but I was waving it off.
Maybe he have things to tell me apart from just apologising.
Maybe he has reasons why he never told me who he really is.
It won’t be so bad if at least I go see him.
Im not gonna yell at him like I have planned to but let him know how he had broke my heart and im getting over it but tell him things without shedding a tear.
I can’t wait to tell him how much lessons he thought me. I just wanna spill it out to him and then i’ll leave.’
I sighed and stood up as I headed to my bedroom.
I layed on my bed and covered myself with the duvet.
I sighed.
‘Im not sure I wanna meet Noah now. I might break down.
I might not be able to control the sight and my tears. He’d have nothing to say than lies. Lies!’
I shook my head.
“Im sleepy, I need to sleep,” I muttered and covered the duvet well on my body.
Im supposed to take those drugs tonight. Drake reminded me also before he left.
I sighed.
‘Who’s gonna take those drugs!’
I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but thoughts about going to see Noah kept me awake till eleven pm.
After so much thoughts, I decided that im gonna see him.
At least, to hear the lies he’s gonna say. I wonder how im gonna react.
God! but I’ll try my best not to break down.
I concluded and finally drifted to sleep.
Drake’s POV
[Around 9:pm] I tossed and turned on my bed as I thought about the ‘thing’ Clara almost said.
I kept repeating the uncompleted statement in my head, as I tried to figure out what she wanted to say but I couldn’t do that without shaking my head with a ‘no’
No, Clara can’t like me. She can’t tell me she likes me. She can’t.
‘I don’t just know but I think I- want you to stay with me tonight’
No no It can’t be. Clara won’t even think of it talkmore of trying to say it out.
I wonder what she wanted to say.
Why didn’t she just say it?
Anyways, I loved today like crazy! It was great! Clara got herself back and she was super free with me all day!
She kept smiling and I couldn’t stop staring.
Could you imagine, she even let me hold her.
Hahaha! she kept throwing things at me.
And oh… sweet! We sang together.
This friendship of ours is just so good!
But I want more than just friendship. But im so scared to tell you Clara. When will I be able to tell you. When!
This love is making me go nuts!’
I sighed and tossed to the other side of the bed.
My phone began ringing.
I checked it. ‘Brenda’
I ignored it. Infact, I covered it with a pillow.
‘Clara is all I wanna think about right now. She’s the only one I wanna worry about. She’s the only girl in my heart not you Brenda. You have no space, not even the little of space.
Why not get lost?
I wanna think of how to profess my love to Clara.
She’s making me go crazy.
I need more than just this friendship. I want her love.
I want her heart. I want her hug, her kiss. I want to make loveee to Claraa.
I want to love her like in gonna die if I don’t.
I wanna keep her like im gonna die if I loose her.
Clara I hope when I finally have the boldness to pour out my feelings to you, to profess my undying love for you that you’d accept me. That you’d give me a chance and not shout or yell at me.
I need you Clara. I really do.’
I tossed back to the other side of the bed.
‘I wonder if im gonna get a sleep tonight too. I had no sleep last night cos I stayed awake staring and watching Clara sleep.
She layed right here on this bed.’
I touched the side where she slept and the pillow she slept with and I smiled.
‘Her hair smelt so nice, her eyes-brown and very pretty. Her lips just breathtaking.
She was ill. I was so scared but thank goodness for the drugs.
I told her to take the drugs tonight. I wonder if she will. I don’t think she will.
I’ll check her first thing in the morning.
She need to take the drugs tonight and tomorrow morning.’
I tossed back to the other side of the bed.
It’s obvious sleeping tonight isn’t in my diary, but Clara
Well, I don’t mind thinking about her all night. She’s too beautiful.
Dr T. Campbell’s POV
[Around 10:pm. In my car, away from GraAvantees hospital] I pulled to a stop at a safety spot but not the same spot we’do stay and talk about this ‘bulshit’ that is gonna end tonight.
She gave me a suspicious or maybe scared look and I smiled sweetly at her.
“Why not the usual spot?” she asked.
I smiled.
“Tis is money Nurse Morgan. We have to take it serious and handle it with care,” I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“My money. It must be complete, thirty-five million.” she said.
“Ofcourse it is Helen Morgan,” I said and took out the briefcase and opened it.
she smiled and carried it, stared at it for awhile before closing it and turning to me
“Cool. I’ll do mine now so everything is settled,” she said.
I smiled as she closed the briefase and brought out a laptop and opened it.
She displayed the gay pictures of I and Austin, including sex scenes.
The picture of Taylor and I the night before he died. I hired Nikky to kill him.
He fucked up!
Videos of so many things of me that the world dare not see.
She deleted everything but I ain’t a fool. Im sure there’s two or more left hidden somewhere!
“Done,” she said.
I smiled. “Sure?”
She nodded.
“How do you want me to believe you?” I asked.
“There’s no more pictures or videos, no link, no saved. I’ll leave now,” she said and shut her laptop.
“Not yet,” I said and placed my finger to her lips.
“This red lipgloss made your lip appear much more attractive,” I said with a seductive smile. “..and your black hair, magical. C’mon baby, let’s explore again,” I whispered to her.
She smiled. “That will be lovely,” she said and I brushed my lips hard on hers and took her two hands.
Then I gave a sign to Nikky.
Nikky had been lying flat at the backseat all the while.
She sat up and pointed the gun to Helen’s head.
I smiled as Helen gasped with shock Fear gripped her. She tried turning to see the gun pointer but Nikky grabbed her neck.
“No movee” Nikky sneered at her.
I smiled.
“What the heck is this!” Helen blurted out with fright.
“Well a supriseee, a free road to hell where you belong,” I said with a wider smile.
“Fuck you this is a joke right?” she said.
I glanced at Nikky who had no smile on her face but was doing her job perfectly.
I chuckled at Helen’s question.
“Can you even imagine yourself? who’s joking here, me or the gun pointed at you about to be fired into your empty skull,” I said.
“Tell whoever is this to get this thing outta my head and get her hand off my neck,”Helen said.
I smiled. She’s not really scared like I wanted.
“Why should I tell her? you are dying in the next minute,” I said.
“You think you can play with me huh? You think you can threaten me. How dare you!” I slapped her hard accross her face.
“Who the hell do you think you are to threaten me! Well you had no idea who I am. In your next life, do not threaten people like I.” I jeered.
“You think you can have my thirty five million for this trash!” I said and picked the laptop which fell from her laps.
“This trash,” I scoffed and hit the laptop hard.
“Huh answer me, Helen Morgan, answer me!” I said and gave her another harder slap. She spat out blood.
She looked up with a faint smile at me.
“Who the fuck are you?” I asked.
She spat out blood again.
“Answer me you bitch!” I yelled.
“Why the fuck will I tell you huh?” she sneered and I slapt her again and chuckled.
“Alright then Helen Morgan. I’ve got no business with who you really are, you are dying with it.”I said.
“Shot her!” I ordered and Nikky obeyed immediately as she sent a trigger into her head.
“She’s gone to hell! Bitch!” I laughed and tried taking the briefcase but the pointed gun at my head sent me on a pause.
I shivered with both fear, and astonishment as I turned slowly to look at Nikky.
She smirked.
“You paid five million but here is thirty five million staring at me. Come on, how do you expect me to miss such huge money Doctor Tony. Im sorry but you gotta follow her,” she said.
I shocked with fright.
“Nikky no no don’t please. You can ta-”
The gun shot and a burning pierce into my head was the last sound I heard.
Nikky’s POV
I smiled as I stretched my hand and picked the briefcase.
Money! money! so much money!!
“Goodbye doctor Tony Campbell and Nurse Helen Morgan. May your souls rest in perfect peace,” I prayed, did the cross-sign then stepped out of the car and found my wayyyyy.
( music plays: Man Down-Rihana)

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