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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 39
[unedited] **Clara’s POV continues**
He widened his eyes as well and drew back.
Funny enough, the music that was playing from his sitting room was the exact music that I was singing in the dream.
I stared at him.
He scratched his hair and let out a funny smile.
“Hey you are awake, goodmorning,” he said.
He was sitting on a stool, he sat just close to my face.
The bedroom illuminated rays of sunlight.
Wait, this isn’t my bedroom.
What im I doing here?
How did I even get here!
I turned to Drake who was up already.
He smiled again but not in a funny way, lemme say, he smiled in a sweet way.
Wait what im I thinking?
the question is how did I get here and that is what I should ask him.
“How do you feel now? Just relax. I’ll go get you breakfast.” he said.
“Is is this your bedroom?” I asked.
“Yeah, I know you might not remember.”
My heart skipped as my eyes instantly went down to my body, I was covered in thick sweater, socks, mittens and duvet.
God. I thought i’d be naked right now. Im so stupid! I recall now I drank that wine!
As if he read my thoughts, he added, “I know you don’t trust me at all but believe me, I did nothing, you drank and fell sick, I had to bring you to sleep here and wear you things to lessen the cold.”
I looked at him, his hair look scattered and his eyes appeared baggy like he didn’t catch a glimpse of sleep.
“Im sorry for everything,” he said and shoved his right hand into his hair with the other akimbo.
“How do you feel now?” he asked.
I inhaled, “fine,” I said
He nodded.
“Thank God. I’ll go get you coffee,” he said, dropped his hands and headed to the door.
“Drake,” I called as he held the doorknob.
He turned. The blue polo he wore ontop the blue pj trouser seem kinda tight as his abs sprouted out.
“Yeah?” he answered with a raised eyebrow.
“Thanks,” I said.
He frowned playfully. “Clara I told you not to thank me on things like this.”
I smiled.
“Im sorry, but you deserve it,” I said.
He smiled.
“I’ll be back,” he said, walked out and shut the door.
“Phew” I heaved.
Drake.. Drake, why are you being this caring!
When found out Im in your room I got really frightened, I thought you had your way with me but you didn’t. You only covered me well so the temperature could calm down.
Drake how can you be this nice?
How can I forget the night Noah had his way with me, I got drunk too or rather both of us but mine was pretty much cos I don’t drink alcohol.
We got home and he dropped me on the bed and next thing, he kissed me, I didn’t object cos I was already inlove with him and drunk as well. He pulled off my clothes and his and we made love.
I sighed as I shook my head. I don’t wanna remember, I don’t.
My thoughts went to the dream, ahh.
Im so confused, Drake had appeared in my dreams to save me. Twice!
Why im I having such dreams? this is the second time!
I sat up and gently removed the duvet and stared at the cute mitten on my two hands.
I touched the hairwarmer on my head and smiled more.
‘Drake you are just the kinda friend I want you to be. Thanks for these. I feel better now, almost fine.’
I got out of the bed and looked down at sweater which appear bulky on me.
It stopped at my laps. I still had the gown that I wore to the party with the grey socks on my feet. I couldn’t believe how I looked in these wears.
I smiled and pulled off the socks and slide my feet into a yellow flops beside the wardrobe then I removed the mittens too.
I feel pressed but im scared Drake might come in to me still at the bathroom.
I sighed and sat back at the edge of the bed but uhnm… I really need to urinate!
I hurried to the bathroom, shut the door, infact, I looked it cos the keys were in the keyhole.
I rushed to the WS and had a pee, and yawned too.
I flushed and walked to the sink, a mirrow was fixed above it.
I turned on the faucet and watched my face.
Then I heard the bedroom door open and close back.
I inhaled.
Why did I even drink that wine last night?
Well I recall now, I felt hurt and pained seeing those lovers having fun.
It hurt to be heartbroken, it really hurt.
I wish I could just get over this once and for all.
Im tired of the pains.
I expected Drake to like call me, but he didn’t and I guess he’s still in the room cos I haven’t heard the bedroom door close again.
I dried my face with one of the five handtowels which hung on the towel rail.
Then walked to the door, stared at the keys for up to two minutes before gently turning it to unlock.
It did and I opened the door and walked into the bedroom to see Drake sitting at the other side of the back, facing the window, his back on the bathroom door.
Hot Coffee made in a mug cup and placed on a saucer stood on the bed.
Drake should know im out but he didn’t turn. Why?
I decided to call him. “Drake?”
“Can I turn?” he asked.
I chuckled, “huh ofcourse, why are you asking, it’s your bedroom,” I said.
He turned with a smile.
“I thought you might wanna change and properly, might come out undressed,” he said.
I chuckled. “When it’s not my house,” I said.
He smiled and pointed at the coffee. “Drink and feel warm,” he said.
I smiled and picked the coffee then sat down on the bed.
“No get more inner and stretch your legs, rest your back on the headboard,” he said and I smiled with the cup on my lips.
Drakeeeeee, you won’t stop to amaze me.
“please do that Clara,” he said.
I moved inner, and stretched out my legs, rested my head on the headboard and drank the hot coffee slowly as he stared at me.
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*Drake’s POV**
I stared at her as she slowly drank the coffee.
I recalled about thirty minutes ago when she woke up to see me staring at her.
She would have been really upset by that.
I hardly had a wink of sleep last night, if I do i’d dream of Clara and wake up, then stare at her till I sleep off again only to dream about her again and wake up.
Maybe because she was right beside me on the bed.
I got tired and decided to sit up and watch her sleep.
I had no idea she’d wake up that way, without no move.
She just opened her eyes and I was looking really closely at her, I was admiring her lashes, her brows, her nose, her lips and the way her chest rose and fell.
What if I had just wanted to maybe try stealing a kissing?
She would have caught….. and I would have be in trouble.
Ahh I wouldn’t wanna think about such tragic moment.
No one said a word. I watched her as she drank the whole of the coffee and dropped it on the mug on the saucer and touched the hairwarmer on her head.
“I feel warm now. Thanks Drake,” she said and I smiled. The way she smiled at me gave me some hope.
I wonder the kind of hope that was.
I stood up, walked to her and gently placed my hands on her forehead.
The way she looked at my hand when I was bringing it to her forehead.
Why do she always have negative thoughts about my moves, about me, every single thing about me.
The hottness had reduced really much.
I took off my hand.
“Yeah, but you still need to take drugs, I’ll go get you drugs,” I said and smiled when I recalled she’s a nurse.
“Don’t worry about that Drake, i’ll take the drugs that I have,” she said and brought down her feet to the floor, ontop my yellow slippers.
I love her toes. She’s just beautiful in every angle.
She had no toe paint on. Almost every lady paints their toes but Clara doesn’t.
I carried the saucer. “I’ll go drop this,” I said and turned to go out.
“I’d leave to my apartment now, I need to freshen up and change,” she said.
I sighed.
Couldn’t you just stay a little bit more? My apartment wouldn’t bite.
Clara you just don’t trust me.
She slide her feet into the flipflops and stood up from the bed.
“Alright,” I said.
She tried to remove the hairwarmer but I halted her, “No, don’t, it’s really cold outside,” I said.
She smiled and left it. Then looked down at the sweater.
“The sweater too,” I added.
She chuckled. I smiled.
She picked her heels which I dropped beside the bed and began searching for something else.
What’s that?
“What’s that Clara?”
“My purse,” she said.
Oh.. I left it in my car!
“Oh im sorry, I left it in the car, I’ll go get it,” I said.
She nodded.
I let her walk out first before walking out and closing the bedroom door.
“A minute, i’ll go drop these,” I said and hurried to the kitchen.
I dropped the stuffs in the sink and came out to the sitting room where she stood, staring at the three medium wall frames that I fixed just above the tv.
One is the picture of small fishes under the sea and beautiful sea flowers, the other is a cute babygirl, laughing widely.
The third is a sketch art work of a tree.
“There are beautiful,” she said.
“Thanks,” I smiled.
She headed to the door, I followed behind her. She got there and turned to me.
“Thanks Drake for last night and this morning too,” she said.
I smiled. “Can you just stop saying thank you?”
She recalled and chuckled.
“Oh yeah but I just have to say thank you,” she said.
I nodded, “Thank you too,” I said.
She raised her brows, “For what?”
“For saying thank you,” I smiled.
She chuckled, “Thank you for saying thank you. Drake you are quite funny,” she said.
“If it makes you chuckle at least, I will,” I said.
She gave me some look, I can’t point out before leaving the door to me.
I opened it and we walked out.
Mrs Roger was outside, with a broom. She stared at us as we walked to my car. I opened the door and got out Clara’s purse and gave it to her.
“Th-” she was about to say but paused on remembering what I told her.
‘No thank you’
I smiled.
She chuckled, “Thanks,” she did say it.
I frowned and she pushed her lips into her mouth.
“I’ll come check up on you,” I said.
She pulled out her lips and smiled.
I love her smile so much.
I watched her walk to her apartment and went in.
I breathed out and headed back to mine.
“Drakee,” Mrs Roger called. I stopped and looked at her as she began walking forward.
I can’t remember the last time we had a conversion but I think it was because of the loud music I was always playing then.
I wonder what she have to say this time.
I waited till she got to me. She smiled immediately she did.
“Drake you are a verry handsome man and im really impressed with your current behaviours. Uhm, I can see that she’s the reason behind it. She’s a really beautiful lady, you should keep this one please,” she said, without stopping her smile.
I smiled, “I will but ma’am we ain’t dating. We are just friends,” I said.
She smiled, “Friends? just like those other girls? you mean friends with benefits? She doesn’t deserve such Drake. I can see a future of you and her, you’d make a great couple,” she said.
“No not friends with such benefits, okay, the truth ma’am is that I love her but I can’t tell her now because she’s passing through hard times,” I said.
“Oh I understand, she got heartbroken?” she asked.
“Yes ma’am, im waiting for the right time to profess my love to her,” I said.
She nodded.
“Alright, I wish you goodluck dear,” she said.
“Thanks ma’am.” I said.
“And thanks for yesterday’s cupcake, it was awesomely good,” she said.
I smiled.“Uhmm really?”
“Yes it was,” she said.
I smiled. “Thank you,”
She nodded and then walked back to her apartment.
I breathed out.
**Brenda’s POV**
I stared at the pictures of the lady displayed on Nikky’s laptop.
Helen Morgan, a nurse who was currently promoted to GraAvantees hospital’
A doctor Nikky refused to disclose his name to me had paid Nikky to eliminate her today.
“By this time tomorrow, she’ll be as good as dead,” Nikky said with a smile as she sipped from the beer beside.
I sighed and walked out to make coffee.
‘Well, this Brenda here is a flirt, a clubber, a drinker, a smoker, a sex addict but one thing im sure of is that, I don’t have the heart to kill..
But I don’t know if im gonna change this heart of mine soon, because I need to get some girls outta the way for me to have Drake to myself!

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