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( Odeya )
Guys dont mind the late post oh,nepa is screwing.
I brought out my badge and used it to cover my face for him to see.
” But we don’t —–“he brought out his phone
“Bryan who are you calling?”Jeremy asked.
He put the call on speaker
this is s-squares complaint comission
” a voice said from the phone
“What!”Jace exclaimed as he took the phone from bryan
” please lay your complaint another voice added
” we just want to say we love s-square”Evan added
“And the new assistant”jace completed.
Bryan sighed and rolled his eye
“So You all want her?”he asked
“Who doesn’t,we all need her”jace said and returned Bryans phone to him.
Bryan nodded.
“Whatever”he said.
He looked like he wasn’t in the mood for trouble.like he just wanted to go and sleep.
He turned to me..and my eye widened.I almost fell down out of shock
“Assistant”he said calmly
“Yes”I said in a little voice
“Move”he said
I realised I was blocking him.
“Oh! bia`nee” I said and shifted.
he walked past me .. then suddenly stopped and took two steps backward.
He turned to me..I shivered
“Sir”I said
“Dont come close to me “he said
i bowed.
He walked up the stairs and i took deep breath.
Stay away from me
Let’s not see each other again
Can’t he ever say something kind? Hmmph.
I turned and bowed to them all.
Jace and evan rushed up while gisting themselves.
Jeremy stood and waved at me I smiled.
He walked up to his room forgetting his wallet and watch.
As a good assistant I picked it up
“Oppa!!” I said and climbed the stair.
I knocked and he opened .
“Ahh kuma`wo” he said and pointed to the table I walked in to keep it.
he locked his door I dropped them on his table and bowed.
He chuckled and sat on his bed to look at me
“Welcome” he said
I smiled.
“Have you eaten?”he asked
“No” i said.
He smiled.
“Really?”he asked
I nodded
He pointed to the fridge and i walked over and opened it different colours came out from nowhere and almost blinded my eye..i finally saw the colour mixed bulb inside the fridge. I smiled
“Its pretty” i shouted
He chuckled.
“just like you” he said and i laughed.
I collected the fruit there …there were so many things i got choiceless.
I rolled over to face him there where i sat on the floor.
” do you like it here”he asked
I nodded
“Really?”he asked
“Well Bryan….He is like the killer bean” I said and Jeremy chuckled
“He will roll over”Jeremy said.
I smiled.
He touched my hair then he walked into his shower
Oopa Is really kind.
I miss my mom.
Now I left dad I feel like an orphan..it’s painful.
I strolled out to the compound and looked at the pool
I sat down on the floor there..it was really late but I guess I wasn’t scared.
I felt someone drop a can drink beside me then he sat down
” aigoo, i thought I was the only one who does this”he said I looked and it as jace I shifted and bowed.He looked up to the sky
“I normally sit here every night if I have a lot on my mind”he said.
“Sorry for occupying your space sir…but what’s on your mind sir “I said and he chuckled.
“Here” he said and handed me the drink
“Me?”I asked
“No us “he said
I smiled and held it tight.
“Thank you”I said
He nodded.
“Welcome”he added
I smiled bowed
“So what’s on my mind,just boldness..I am thinking about boldness”he said and I smiled
“Me too,am easily bullied” i said.
“Really?”he asked
“Yes..but when you are telling the truth..you suddenly get bold” I said and looked up to the sky.
He nodded
“I guess..I just have to tell the truth then” he added making me smile.
“Your mom ,what’s her name?”he asked
“Oh kang hye” i said
” my mum is missing too,uhmm she left too..seems thats a trend” he said and lifted my hand where the drink was he carefully opened it up.
seems he knows I don’t understand the bottle.
I bowed.
He stood and walked inside while picking a call.
I opened the drink.
All of them are angels.
It’s like God knows I have suffered too much so he brought me to angels.
I smiled and gulped down the drink.
That pretty hotness, he Is really difficult… his new name is killer bean.
He doesn’t know am staying next door to him.
I better be very careful so he won’t get me yes.
I hurried and gently climed the stairs quietly.
Good success.
I pushed my door..no avail
“Please open I whispered as I pushed it quietly.
Bryan opened his door casually while straightening his hair.
He saw me and the door.. He gasped out of shock and he almost fell down.
I bowed hastily
” What the– hey!! Dont tell me— Is this .. no, this can’t be your room”he said
“No me!!”he shouted.
“Oh my!!” I said and placed my hand on my heart,he is making me have heart attack.
He used both hands to move his hair back..He looked frustrated.
He looked at me for a while and walked back into his room then banged his door.
I smiled and started pushing my door.
No way…the door was just hard
” please just open ahh”I shouted and kicked the door. Bryan opened his door again I fell down in shock
“please….get lost” he said.
I nodded and walked two steps back.
He returned to his room.
How can you be so mean?
I ran down to the living room and fell on the couch.
Get lost..get lost..Dont talk to me, lets not see each other again. can you never say something nice to your fellow human being?
I fell asleep.
Early the next morning I found myself in Sora’s room
” unnie?”I said
“How could you stay in the couch..don’t u know boys live here?”she asked
“Well one of the boys is a killer bean”I said and she laughed.
“It’s pretty early..try opening your door now I think bryan is asleep.
I ran off and climbed the stairs.
I pushed the door and it was still stronger
“Door ..please..open Please!…. I want to bath already huh”I shouted and hit the door angrily..
Bryan opened his room door again and looked at me.
“Sorry”i said.
He sighed and moved closer to me.. I couldn’t shift because he was right behind me and I didn’t want touch his body and get him mad…his perfume is awesome.
He removed my hand from my door Handle and carefully pushed the door open.
I turned and he walked down while typing into his phone.
I saw alot of cloths in my room…did Jeremy shop for Me? I smiled and took a quick bath then dressed up.
I ran down and a bottle of cold water landed on my head..it was Sora
“Unnie!”I said
” What are you doing they dressed up before you…go out”she said and handed me the pretty pink basket.
I kept the water inside it and walked out.
They where going out for a jug..They looked so hot.
“Bryan I heard your dad was in school” Jeremy said and threw his can water at me. I caught it and deeped it in the basket.
“I knew he would go “Bryan said and ran off first.
Jace and Evan threw theirs at Me and I caught it.
I ran off after them.
Soon I cought up with Jeremy so I ran past him he smiled.
Then i finally caught up with Evan I tried runing past him but he held my gown making me fall down.
Jace dragged Me up and i bowed.
I ran faster and soon all of them ran past me.
Finally they all stopped in a field.. and lay down.
I watched Bryan move out of my sight.
finally I arrived.
I gave Jeremy his water first
“Kuma`wo”he said and I nodded.
Then jace…
“Thanks”he said.
“Then Evan”..
“Thanks”he said.
I was now looking for Bryan and Jeremy pointed to where he sat.
I bowed and rushed towards a him.
“Sir here Is your cold water”..no that’s too casual.
“Young master ..water is present” no that’s stupid.
“Your majesty..drink the water of life?”… no that’s crazy
“Bryan drink this fucking water and start talking to me” no that’s my ticket to prison.
“Uhmm here is your water Sir..I mean young master..I mean … Ahhh.
I was stupid in my thought I didn’t even know when I arrived.
“Hey watch–“..I tripped on a the rock and fell on bryan.
My hand went over his shoulders as he fell back with one of his legs folded.
My hair fell over his face..
Jesus am dead.
I looked In his face and he suddenly took a breath then looked to the left side in frustration..finally he looked back at Me and rolled his eye.
Ocean Blue eye ,
pointed nose ,
cute full pink lips ,
long lashes ,
golden hair ,
gap teeth ,
pretty skin ,
how can a–
“Miss”.. he said calmly while looking down.
“Mmm”.. I said
“Wont you at least…..stand up?”he asked
” Oh ! Oh my!! Sorry!!”…..

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