The bad boy diay – part 38

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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 37
[unedited] Lucky Couple
**Drake’s POV**
‘I layed on the bed, with all my thoughts about Clara.
Today had been the most exciting day for me.
Clara had finally said that we are officially friends now.’
I chuckled as I recalled those times at the Mall. When I took those pictures.
I picked my phone and stared at the picture for the hundreth time today.
“You’re so beautiful Clara,” I muttered.
I have no idea when Im gonna have you.
Would I ever?
But she’s free with me now, isn’t that a step?
I wonder why she doesn’t wanna go to the party.
Maybe it will remind her a lot of things.
I just love the way we are now.
I hope it never stop.
I love you so much Clara. I can’t help my love for you.
I wanna keep loving you.
I want this love to last forever but Im afraid it won’t, it will only last forever if you accept me as the third and last man in your life.
I will never hurt you.
I will love you with all my heart because I know that you are rare to find.
I’ll always be truthful to you and never do what would hurt you.
The doorbell rang.
Doorbell? who must it be?
My mind said ‘Clara’ but I waved that off. Clara wouldn’t even think of coming to my aparrment.
“I just hope it isn’t Brenda. Im just gonna deal with her.” I said as I walked down to the door and opened it. I gasped.
My mind was right, it was Clara!
Oh my! wait? Her dressing.. wha??
“Hey,” she called, waving her purse at my face.
“Clara?” I muttered and left the door for her to come in and she did, taking her steps carefully. Maybe cos of her heels. No, It can’t be. Clara’s a fan of heels. I think it’s because this is her first time being here.
I closed the door.
She looked around then turned to me.
“Can we still make it to the party?” she asked.
Jeez! for real Clara?
What happened? why did you change your mind?
But damn you look so hot!
and sexyyy..
She hit my arm with her purse.“Answer me,” she said.
“Yeah yeah.. but what happened, You changed your mind,” I said.
She breathed out, “Was pretty scared.”
I smiled and hurried off.
“Have a seat, i’ll be back in no time,” I said.
I walked into my bedroom and jumped up. “Yes!”
‘I so much want to be at that party with Clara. Who knows! but uhmm I feel that Clara is trying to avoid something that might get her down. It’s fine. I won’t let her feel down by anything. I will be there with her.’
I picked out a black suit (uhm, as they stated in the card) I wore them hurriedly and combed my hair to the perfect style I want it to be. I wore my brogue, spread cologne, then picked everything I needed and walked out.
I walked into the sitting roon to see Clara sitting calmly. She heard my footsteps and turned.
“Im ready, let’s go,” I said, smiling.
She stood up and we walked out.
Soon, we were riding to the party.
**Dr Campbell’s POV**
I[n my car, away from GraAvantees] “Where is my money Dr Tony Campbell?” Helen asked.
“I promise you friday, you gonna get your money,” I said with an assuring smile.
“What trashy promise! I want my money doctor, it seem you don’t love your reputation. Do you even know what that would cost you? you might commit suicide cos you won’t be able to bear the pains and shame, I guess you have no idea.” she said.
“C’mon Helen, you’ll get your money on friday. Fine I’ll double it, 35million,” I said.
She rolled her eyes.
“This isn’t a joke! If I don’t get my monet tomorrow, be expectinh your doom!” she threatened and made to leave but I pulled her back and began to kiss her.
She pushed me away.
“What the heck?” she said, but her eyes were filled with lust.
“Calm down you want it Helen,” I said.
“Ofcourse I do,” she said and pulled me closer by my necktie as we kissed passionately.
But she pushed me away few minutes after and smiled seductively.
“The backseat,” she said.
I smiled.
‘Expect your death soon Helen’
**Drake’s POV**
Soon, we got to the party house and wow… It’s a bliss
the house is reall big andone would mistake it for a mansion.
There is a large swimming pool at the left. I had no idea that the Harey’s would be this wealthy.
I stopped the car at the parking lot or rather where other cars were parked.
Soft music were playing from the building and the party hall was shining with bright lights.
Clara unfastened her seatbelt as I did same.
“What do you have to say?” I asked her.
“About what?” she asked.
I smiled, “Nothing. You look really beautiful tonight,” I said and she chuckled.
“Thanks,” she said.
We came down and walked towards the hall which is at the left side of the first storey.
We got to the door and the security at the door opened the door and we walked in to a large and beautifully decorated party hall.
Red carpets layed from the door to the end of the hall where a large dance floor was made. Tables and chairs at both sides, left and right
There were people dancing.
They were so many people already. I guess because we are pretty late.
I found an empty table. Two chairs for one round table.
“Over there.” I said and we walked to the table and sat down. That was when I noticed that others coming held hands as they walked in. Clara and I held no hands.
I guess Clara noticed too.
What’s wrong with me? We ain’t lovers.
A waiter dressed in white shirt and black trouser, walked to us with a tray and dropped two glass of wine on our table, then another came with different meals and dropped it too.
I wondered where Nuel is. I have a package for him.
I looked at Clara and she was staring at all the couples dancing.
I was glad her expression wasn’t displaying sadness.
I stared at the meals, barbeque, fries, casserole, bakes, vegetables, served fruits.
All this meals?
Though they were all in small quantity, each meal two plates, for you and your lover, then forks, spoons, knives.
“Clara,” I called.
“Drake,” she answered.
“Ain’t you eating?” I asked.
“I am,” she said.
I smiled and picked the fork and knife.
“So which are you taking first?” I asked.
“Um fries,” she said.
“Okay,” I said and picked fries with my fork. She did same.
“How do you feel?” I asked.
“Cool,” she answered.
I don’t know but I think she was actually feeling cold due to the slim sleeved she wore.
She held her legs tightly together.
I sighed.
We ate sluggishly and drank slowly as we watched the couples dancing and laughing.
I know Clara would just kill me if I mention ‘Dance’ to her.
We are just friends, had to be here because she was feeling scared.
The music changed as two older couple stepped out from nowhere in sparkling attire.
I needed no one to tell me they are the Haley’s because Nuel walked behind them in a waiter dressing.
They waved as the couples clapped (except Clara and I) till they sat down on the seats speacially prepared for them. Nuel and two other girls stood behind them. Then Mrs Harey whispered something to Nuel and he hurried away with the other two girls.
“I suddenly pity him,” Clara said.
“Why?” I asked, suprised.
“I guess he’s a servant to them,” she said.
“I think so too,” I said.
Nuel and the girls came back with three glass boxes filled with papers. Each person held one.
Mrs Haley and her husband then stepped out to the carpets.
And the clapped rolled again and died away too.
The music stopped and she began, “Welcome beautiful couples to tonight’s lovers party..”
She talked for a little too long then her husband took over, talked and then passed it back to her.
She talked about the Lucky Couple that I pretty didn’t understand then she and her husband walked back to their seat.
Soft music played again as Nuel and the two girls went around with the box as each couple picked one small folded paper.
Nuel saw us and smiled. He came to our table.
“I thought I wasn’t going to see you guys, the crowd is much,” he said.
“What’s that about?”I asked, staring at the box.
“Hello ma’am?” he said to Clara who let out a smile.
Oh he added ‘ma’am’ this time.
“Hey Nuel,” Clara said.
he smiled. “It’s called ‘Lucky Couple’. Among the hundred of folded papers, only two papers have a written content others are blank. If you are the lucky one to pick one of the written paper, you and your lover would step out to the red carpet and answer alot of questions, you’ll be gifted and you both would be asked to dance,” he said.
Oh really? Then I pray I don’t pick one of the written papers. Though I know I won’t pick it. Im sure.
I glanced at Clara and her expression was stoic.
I turned back to Nuel.
“I don’t think I wanna pick any,” I said.
“Nooo you have to. Someone might find out and it would be reported to the Haleys and they will scold me for inviting people who ain’t lovers,” he said.
I glanced at Clara again and didn’t seem to wanna say anything about this.
I finally picked one.
I just hope I didn’t pick any of the two.
“What would the questions even be?” I asked him.
“Uhm how you both met, where. Your first kiss, her hubbies, how you both settle when you have a fight and so many others, it’s fun.” I said.
“Oh okay,” I said.
We don’t need to be the lucky couple. We ain’t couple.
“So goodluck,” he said with a grin.
“No, no goodluck,” I said.
“Everyone’s opening theirs, open yours,” he said.
I stared at the folded paper.
His phone beeped, he glanced at it.
“I’ll go now, come back soon,” he said and ran off.
“OH MY!! WE GOT IT!!!!” A lady screamed from the opposite.
There came rounds of claps for the lucky couple.
No one else shouted.
The claps died away and everyone began muttering;
“Where are the second lucky couple!”
Where are the second lucky couple
Where are the second lucky couple.
Isn’t there no second lucky couple this time?
Aha what’s wrong, no second lucky couple?
Where’s are the second lucky couple!
I almost got deaf!
“Ain’t you going to unfold that?” Clara finally talked after what seem like forever.
Oh my! it’s even true. I have forgotten that I haven’t opened our own paper.
Fear got me.
What if…
Oh no I prayed against that.
No couple had said they are the second lucky couple!
“Clara I just hope this paper isn’t written anything,” I said.
“If it is then you have to hide it. We can’t do that!” she said.
“Huh?” I mumbled.
‘God.. please let this paper be blank.’ I prayed as I unfolded the paper.
Lo and behold, there was it… Written boldly on the body of the paper.
I gasped.
Oh my God! I thought I prayed!
“Just hide it, we can’t do that! we ain’t dating,” Clara said.
I stared at the paper.

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