The bad boy diary – part 36

The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 36
Officially Friends
**Drake’s POV**
‘Clara wiped my tears.
How on earth is this happening?
Wait. is this happening for real?
No I must be dreaming.
Clara has never been this tender to me. She had never accepted that we are friends anyways. She knows that she still hate me even after telling her my past. She thinks im just after her body and im only being nice just to get her like Noah did.
But look at her here, wiping my tears and holding my hand.
What hight of happiness is more than this moment oh Lord!’
“Stop the tears Drake. You’re a guy you know. They say men don’t really shed tears,” she said, sounding somehow like a kid. Gosh, I love this lady here, I swear.
“You know right?” she asked.
I smiled, staring into her cute brown eyes, “I do.”
‘What does this signify?
Is she getting a feeling for me? or she’s just trying to be the friend she had suddenly accepted to be?
Oh I don’t give a damn. All I care about now is the happiness and excitement that her tenderness gave me. I feel my self in paradise.
Clara can you continue to be this way to me?
Would you just try to stop seeing me as a bad guy?
Would you just give me a chance?
I want so many things I know but please pity me.
Im so inlove with you. I never wanted to fall inlove ever again untill you came.
My heart was padlocked but you found the right key. I have no idea how you found the right key but I just want you to live in my heart, please stay in my heart.
Please see that my heart really need you Clara
“Hey Drake?” she hit my arm slightly, shaking me out of my emotional thoughts. I realized that i’ve been staring at her.
“Hey?” I smiled.
“You’ve been staring too long,” she said. She had unlocked her hand on mine.
I blinked my eyes, “Im sorry, I was carried away by your words and care,” I said.
She smiled, “We are friends. We’ve got to help eachother. I don’t even know but I think your pains are just worse than mine. I still have my mom and my sister but you, you have none,” she said and sighed.
I breathed out,“Being heartbroken twice is a pain that hurts really badly,” I said.
“Yeah I know but loosing yor family forever that’s the worse pain anyone can ever face and then you got heartbroken too, Drake you are really strong,” she said.
I blinked.
‘I want tears to roll down my eyes again so she could wipe them off, so she could hold me. Would she? That moment was the best moment of my life.’
“Yeah I know, I keep living in the pains knowing they are forever. My family would never come back to me. Then I thought I had her. She was my life, the only family I thought I had left but she really shattered me.” tears rolled down my eyes just like I wanted.
‘Clara please wipe them again. I wanna feel that excitement please’
She did.
sensations washed down my spine.
Oh my!!
‘Claraaa.. what’s going on?
What Angel got into you this moment?
God! this is awesomely good! I feel this moment should never end.’
“Drakeee it’s okay. Im sure a girl who would love you forever and never leave would show up someday and you’ll be happy,” she said.
‘A girl like you Clara, you are the girl. You are the only girl for me. I need you Clara. How do I tell you. You won’t accept me. You might even hate me totally. I can’t tell you all this now because you are still trying to get over your heartbreak. I’ll keep being close to you till the time is right.
I smiled at her, “Just like the right guy who would love you, trust you and be sincere to you would show up someday,and you would be forever happy,” I said.
‘And that person is I, Clara’
She faced the windscreen.
I sighed.
‘I know how it hurts but you’ll be fine. Im here for you’
I started the car.
“You are fine?” she asked, glancing at me.
Hah! Clara you are driving me insane with your sudden care.
“I am, thanks Clara,” I said and drove off.
I decided to suprise her by playing Celine Dion’s.
She smiled and sang along. She got a pretty voice.
I joined her, astonishing her. She gasped with wide eyes at me.
I quit claiming that I don’t sing blues. I actually loved them but pain changed it all.
“I thought you don’t sing or listen to blues Drake. You called her songs ‘wack,” she said.
I smiled. “I do but pains made me stop cos listening to them only bring back memories that I don’t wish to remember.” I said.
“Oh but why did you put the music, you might feel more sad listening to it,” he said.
I smiled. “No, let’s sing together, you have a pretty voice,” I said.
“Ah not really,” she said.
“You do.”
“Alright thanks.”
I actually played her favourite and we sang together.
Near, far…
Where ever you are..
I believe.. that my heart will go on…
Once more…
You opened that door,
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on, and on…
We kept singing together. I felt so excitement.
‘Today is my happiest dayy’
………………………….. …………………..
I pulled into ‘MAC MALL’ and parked at the parking lot.
“Drake why are we here?” she asked.
I smiled excitedly.
‘I just want to be with you.’
“Let’s go shopping,” I said.
“Why?” she raised her brows.
I shrugged, grinning,“Uhmm I was thinking we should bake today,” I said.
“Bake what?” she asked.
“Anything, uhm maybe cupcake,” I said.
‘I just don’t wanna get home and then you might change to your old self. I don’t want to. Even if you are going to, then let me just feel this tenderness and friendliness for hours before it dies away.’
She was staring at me.
“Cupcake cupcake or anything at all,” I said, unfastening my seatbelt. She did too.
“Uhmm okay,” she said.
We came down, shut the doors and walked into the large mall.
I pushed one shopping trolley to her and took one.
“What are we buying actually, you know the stuffs for baking cupcakes?” I asked, scrolling to my browser to search.
Brenda’s call came and I swiped it.
“You wanted to bake cupcakes, search for it,” she said.
‘Aha? No prob then.’
I scrolled to google search.
“Flour, Sugar, eggs, icing, cups,” she said.
I smiled and slide my phone back to my trouser pocket.
“Great, we can make sandwich too,” I added.
In no time, my trolley and hers were filled but I was still picking every other thing.
Maybe because of the excitement that I was feeling.
She hit my hand hard as I threw the tenth beef into the trolley.
“Drake! what are all these for!” she said and I scrolled to my camera.
Im planning on taking a picture of her.
“Yeah im sorry,” I said and threw a milk can into hers again.
“Drakeee! that’s enough,” she said.
I took two shots of her unaware.
One; she is staring angrily at her filled trolley.
Ah! I laughed. I know she’ll be wondering what’s causing me to laugh.
Then the other; she was saying my name, her mouth open with her eyes on me.
Geeez! this one is sweet! Haha.
“C’mon let’s go around some more,” I said and walked ahead of her so she’ll have no choice than to follow me.
“Drake” she kept calling.
“Do you want teddy bears?” I asked as we got to the teddies.
“No” she said.
“Oh hairwarmers. This one is really cute, it fits your eyes,” I said and picked it out. “I don’t wear that,” she said but I placed it on her head and she chuckled.
“It’s pretty,” she said.
I smiled with so much excitement. I was actually acting like an eighteen years teenager in love.
“Wow, pretty bag, it fits your hair colour, trust me,” I said and dropped it into her trolley.
“Pretty Pajamas, I know you love pajamas alot,” I said and dropped three into my trolley cos hers was over filled now.
“Drake I think you are buying so much,” she said.
I smiled.
‘You have no idea how excited I am.’
We got to the underwears and I turned to her with a grin, “Uhmm undies,” I said.
She threw the hairwarmer at my face.
I laughed as I picked up the hairwamer.
I saw faint smile on her face too.
I dropped the hairwarmer back.
The trolley was over filled.
She kept complaining as we drove home.
“Drake do you carry so much money with you while going out? why buy all that whole stuffs.”
“Well I had the idea of going on shopping today,” I said.
“Really but not all that. there are so much,” she said.
“Clara it’s fine” I said, smiling.
“It’s really not,” she said.
I chuckled.
Few minutes later, she was still talking about it.
“But Drake I still think that you wasted so much,” she said.
“Alright then Clara, keep talking about these,” I said and she didn’t stop anyways.
“You should have just bought few! those stuff might even expire while still in store.”
“Im your friend Drake, im telling you the truth.”
‘Oh Clara just stop. I was only excited.
I decided to give an excuse.
“We are celebrating our friendship,” I said.
She laughed.
We came back.
Clara still didn’t stop talking about the four filled shopping bags.
We spent three hours baking cupcakes and making sandwich too.
It was fun as I told her a really funny movie and we kept laughing.
We had flour all over our body.
It was 7pm already before we rounded off and cleared the messy kitchen too.
The cupcakes were too many so we decided to take to the neighbours.
Clara’s idea tho.
I felt they would reject but I was wrong. I guess they all love Clara’s tender voice and her sweet smile or maybe there is something else.
The first was ‘The Rogers’
“What are you both celebrating?” Mrs Rogers asked.
I left the answer to Clara.
“Neighours’s Love,” Clara said.
Really? Clara you don’t mean it.
Mrs Roger smiled, “Oh great. I knew there was something behind the stopping of loud music each night, Few weeks after you came, he stopped playing them.” she said with all smiles.
Clara only smiled.
“For I and my husband who is inside,” she said and took two.
We headed to the next neighbour.
“She’s a talkative old woman,” I said.
Clara only laughed.
A little stain of flour was on her cheek and I wiped it off.
She rang the doorbell and Mr Evans opened the door.
“Goodevening Mr Evan, Please have this, we are celebrating Neighour’s Love,” Clara said.
He smiled, “Oh awesome, I never thought of something like this, thank you,” he said and took three.
I smiled.
The Johnsons picked three too.
Just one cupcake remained which was meant for Mr Mark, Gina and Kira’s dad who wasn’t back.
We got back in and fell on the couch.
“Are you exausted?” I asked.
“I am,” she said.
“I am too,” I said.
“No dinner then, it should be sleep” she joked.
I laughed and rested my head on the backrest.
“Hey!” she hit me.
I looked at her, “Yeah?”
“Didn’t you hear me?” she asked.
I smiled, “I did. You said no dinner then, just sleep.”
She hit me again, this time harder.
I smiled wider.
“Alright, I will,” I said and got up.
“Help me up,” she said, stretching out her hand.
I smiled, grabbed her hand and pulled her up, she missed step and I caught her.
She smiled. “Thanks,”
I hit her hair playfully, “I told you to stop saying thanks to me.”
She laughed.
She’s so free with me now. I pray it lasts forever.
**Clara’s POV**
We served dinner and settled to eat.
We ate silently, obeying the table manner.
But within me, I was talking.
About Drake.
Im suddenly so free with him.
His pains are so much. I can’t keep trying to avoid him.
He needs a friend and I wanna be his friend.
“So are we officially friends now?” he asked.
I smiled, “Yeah,” I said.
He smiled. “Thanks Clara,” he said and I nodded.
“Can I ask you something,” he said.
“Can we go to the party tonight?”
“No Drake, I need sleep,” I said.
I don’t wanna go to that party. Lovers party. We ain’t lovers! And that crazy boy!
“Alright,” he said.
(An hour later)
After eating, and clearing the dishes, then Drake finished telling me the remaining part of the funny movie, we said ‘goodnight’ and he left.
After awhile that he left, I began feeling scared again.
I walked back to my bedroom, and took off my clothes to take a shower.
I walked into the bathroom and my minds flashed back to the movie.
I brushed, showered and wore my pink pajamas then layed back on the bed.
I closed my eyes to sleep but I thought only about the movie.
I tossed on my bed and tried to think of something else but I ended up thinking about the nightmare I had.
It got worst and I couldn’t help it anymore.
I sprang up from the bed.
“I think going to the party would be better than these!” I said and stood up from the bed.
With a sign, I walked to the wardrobe and picked out a red gown, that’s not so tight but slim sleeved.
I wore it and matched it with silver heels and my silver purse.
I applied a little makeup and packed my hair tightly.
No, I loosened it and left it to fall to my shoulders.
No, I packed it again.
I applied a faint red lipgloss on my lips, then picked my purse and walked out. I shut my door and walked to Drake’s door.
I remembered the time I came here, it was to warn him to stop disturbing the whole neighbour with loud music.
I chuckled at that thought.

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