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The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
#Chapter 35
{Wednesday }
**Clara’s POV**
I was panting as I ran, running from the dreadful nightshadows, the human eating mares!
They were so many invoked by Azavira.
Her laugh was so loud and horrifying.
It sounded through the thick dark forest covered in tall trees and wild canopy leaves.
I was breathing hard, and loosing my strenghth, My feet wobbling as I ran. I wasn’t running fast enough and they were getting to me.
Their evil screams filled my ears and I kept running.
Running to where?
I have no idea but I kept running, I knew I was going to fall anytime soon.
I held the gown so tightly so It doesn’t cause me to fall.
I looked back and one was so near. I screamed in fright but then a hand pulled me I screamed louder and I fell further away as I landed on dry leaves.
I looked up to see it was Prince Luor.
His back on me as he fought with the nightshadows, and Mares, destroying them with his long sword, emerging with fire flames.
He destroyed all of them.
Then he stood with his sword in alert, waiting for another evil shadow, but none came, so he sheathed his sword without turning. I stood up and walked to him.
“Thanks Prince Luor,” I said, standingly closely behind him.
He turned and I arched my brow in astonishment.
“Drake!” I shouted.
He shook his head, “Im Prince Luor,” he said.
I shook my head too, “Drake, why are you dressed like Prince Luor!” I asked.
I stared at myself too and wondered why I dressed like a princess.
“No im Prince Luor, let’s go my beloveth,” he said with smiles and stretched out his hand for me to place mine ontop it.
“Prince Luor?” I called.
“Yes my princess?” he answered, smiling.
“You are Drake!” I said.
“No im prince Luor,” he said.
“You are Drake!” I shouted.
He brought down his hand,
“I am Prince Luor!” he shouted back too.
I was suddenly angered.
I pointed my finger at him with anger,“I say you are Drake you liar!” I yelled.
He got angered as well.
“I am Prince Luor!!” his yell was louder than mine.
“You are Drake!”
We began arguing.
“Im prince Luor!”
“You are not!”
“I am!”
I woke, by the sound of the doorbell ringing.
I tossed on my bed, breathing hard.
‘What a nightmare! What kinda scary and confusing nightmare was that?
Drake! Prince Luor!
Must I dream about any horror movie that I watch!
Arghhhh! Thank God it’s morning or I would have been scared like hell!’
I rubbed my eyes and yawned.
‘And who’s even at the door?’
I rolled to the other side of the bed and sighed.
The clock say, 6:05am.
The doorbell rang again.
Who else but Drake. Drake in my nightmare now Drake at the door.
I sighed and sat up, then shifted to the edge of the bed and slide my feet into my slippers. Stood up and walked to the dressing table, drew a face wiper anf cleaned my face, then I walked out.
‘I hope he’s not here to tell me about work out again or maybe he’s here to take his phone and headset.’
I moved to the door and opened it.
He was dressed in the perfect way to show he’s out for a ‘work out’
“Goodmorning Clara,” he greeted.
“Goodmoring Drake, but I don’t wanna work out today,” I said.
He smiled, “Why?”
“Im tired,” I said.
He chuckled, “You can’t be. You just woke up,” he said.
“Yeah but im tired,” I said.
“Okay you didn’t sleep all night? where you scared?” he asked.
“I slept Drake,” I said.
He shrugged, “Alright then.”
I chuckled, “Let me go get your phone,” I said then I left the door to the bedroom, leaving the door open for him.
Im sure he came in.
I walked into my room and changed. I walked into the bathroom and brushed,then came out and wore my canvas, tied the lace, then picked his phone and headset and walked out.
‘Okay don’t even ask me why I had a change of mind cos I don’t even know’
I walked into the sitting room and I saw him sitting on the couch and holding the remote.
He turned and I stretched his things to him.
He smiled. Im sure he smiled because I had a change of mind.
He stood up and walked to me. I thought he did that to take his things but rather he loosened the hairband o my hair and my hair fell to my shoulders.
I raised my brows at him, “Drake?”
“Its loose. I guess you forgot to repack it,” he said and fathered them tightly and held them with his hairband. His body was so close to ke that I thought I could feel his breath!
Why are you being so caring Drake! It’s so much.
You saved me in the dream from the Nightshadows just like you saved me from that bicycle boy.
Are you so caring both physically and spiritually?
He was done and pulled away with a smile.
“It’s tight now,” he said.
I inhaled, “Thanks.”
“Don’t mention,” he said and then took his phone, leaving the headset.
“I’ll play music, so you listen as we jog,” he said and scrolled through his phone.
He played Rihanna ‘Shine bright like a…
“I don’t want this,” I said.
he smiled.
“Every female listen to Rihanna’s,” he said.
“Except me,” I said.
“All right, Adele,” he said and played it.
**Drake’s POV**
Soon we were on the street, jogging through the long walkway.
Ten minutes later, Clara removed the headset and curled it around her neck.
“I hope not to see that boy today,” she said.
I smiled.
We were at the area we’d see him.
“We might. I think he’s one of the street boys,” I said.
“He’ll be a bag of troubles,” she said.
“That’s his own way of living this life,” I said.
She glanced at me, then looked away as she placed the headset back on her head.
I watched her, jogging beside me, she doesn’t seem like she was getting tired. Her ponytail danced left to right as she jogged. Sweats were visible on her face.
We jogged till we got to the garden.
Immediately we sat down (I made sure it was a bench far from others. I wouldn’t want an encounter likethose yesterday girls), Clara removed the headset, panting and trying to catch her breath.
She kept inhaling and exhaling, then she felt better and wiped the sweats on her face, smiling widely.
“Gosh, the musics were like my strength. I can’t believe I ran that far,” she said.
I smiled, “Yeah music helps alot,” I said.
“I know I know,” she said, catching her breath again.
“Im thirsty,” she said.
Oh my bad!
“Im so sorry, we forgot to get water,” I said.
“I know cos I didn’t stop running,” she said.
I smiled.
“Uhm let’s go get water,” I said.
“I saw your family,” she said.
“They are so lovely,” she added.
I smiled, “Thanks, let’s go.”
“Im not so thirsty,” she said.
“Yeah, I wanna just stay here for awhile,” she said.
I smiled, “Alright.”
“So won’t you scold me for looking into your gallery,” she said.
I chuckled, “Why? gallery isn’t a sectet,” I said. She chuckled too.
“Yeah I know,” she said and turned to the fountain pool.
“I love the way the water falls,” I said.
“It’s pretty and yellow ducks,” I said.
I smiled.
She turned back, “Im thirsty, let’s go.”
I smiled ann we stood up and headed to the cafe close by.
She touched the headset.
“Thanks for thos, it helped me sleep off but I still had a ni-” she paused but I already grabbed it anyways.
But why was she tryna hide it?
“You had a nightmare?” I asked.
She chuckled, “Yeah.”
I sighed, “Was it so scary?”
“Kinda, the nightshadow were chasing me but then Prince Luor saved me,” she narrated and the wau she did made me laugh.
“It isn’t funny. It was a really scary dream just like the movie was,” she said.
“Im sorry Clara, do you dream about movies that you watch? i mean horror? ” I asked.
“Some,” she said.
“im sorry,” I said.
“Stop apologising,” she said.
‘But I thought you said you’ll be fine. I badly wanted to say beside you so you won’t feel scared. I felt really bad knowing Im the reason but you told me you’ll be fine and I had no choice than to leave you with my headset and phone. I couldn’t stay without your approval, so I had to leave.
I didn’t sleep cos I kept tossing on my bed anf thinking and worried-sick about you.
Im sorry you still had a nightmare, the music couldn’t prevent.
I really hope it wouldn’t repeat tonight.’
I bought two bottles of water and handed her one.
“Thanks,” she said.
I smiled, “Stop saying thanks to me on things like this Clara,” I said.
“Doh” she said, smiling.
I laughed as we headed towards home.
She drank half of her water and I drank more than half of mine.
“Let’s jog,” I smirked.
“No,” she said, laughing.
I smiled.
My phone began ringing, I brought it out from my pocket and it wad no one else but Brenda.
I dropped it back in my pocket.
“Oh my! he’s coming,” Clara said, I looked up to see Nuel riding speedily towards.
We made way for him as he stopped in front of us.
“Oh this cute couple, I met you yesterday and I was very lucky, I ate more than two meals, I hope today that lm gonna eat more than three.”
I chuckled, “We ain’t married,” I said.
“Oh okay, you told me but you too can’t be just friends, why not stare at yourself in the mirror. You both fit perefectly, ahh what im I even saying, she must be your girlfriend or maybe you both are planning to be, aha right?”
I smiled, “We are just friends.”
He shook his head.
“I don’t believe that. I’ll ask her,” he said and turned to Clara who was staring at him too.
“He’s lying right? you both are dating right?” he asked her.
“He’s right!” Clara snapped. Ah I just think Clara hates him.
Like what? why such snap.
Nuel flinged back in fright but that didn’t still stop him from trying to get on her nerve again.
“Oh you mean me? im right, right?” he said.
I chuckled. Clara eyed him. He turned to me.
“Your girlfriend must have seen me in her dreams,” he said then looked at Clara.
“Did I appear in your dream as a vampire or wolf? tell me please,” he said.
I laughed. This guy’s so funny.
Clara ignored him and drank as she opened her water and began drinking.
He smiled at me,“I don’t think she did. I think she just hates me. So many people do but their leader is Madam Haley but im sure of someone who have no single hate for me, my girlfriend,” he said.
I smiled.
And he’s just cute. I wonder who Madam Haley is to him.
I wish to find out.
“How’s your bicycle, good now?” I asked.
“Perfect,” he said and placed his hands on the handlebar.
“I’ll be going now see you at the party tonight,” he said and rode away but didn’t ride far though, he landed on a parked car.
“What a boy!” Clara breathed out.
“He just need a new bicycle,” I said.
She trashed the empty bottle and I drank mine and did same.
We walked home.
I recalled something.
“What do you think about my brother? was he more handsome than me? What about my dad?” I asked.
She glanced at me.
“Do the memories hurt so bad?” she asked, ignoring my question.
“Yeah, whenever it comes, it hurts so bad. My brother, we do fight alot then cos he was quite stubborn and annoying, and I loved my dad more.” I said as those memories flashed back but I could control it.
I know.
“Im sorry,” she said.
“It’s okay, so answer my question,” I asked.
“You were all looking lovely, I didn’t stare for so long cos I got really sad,” she said.
I smiled.
“I was thinking.. if we could go for a ride,” I said.
“Uhm okay,” she said.
[Fast Forward:] [Few Hours later:] “Drake!” she yelled as I drove speedily down the slope.
“What?” I smirked.
“Get me down if you gonna continue driving this way!” she shouted.
“We are riding!” I said.
She hit my hand.
I laughed.
“Stop right now!” she yelled.
“Clara see that!,” I said and she searched around for whatever I pointed at, “See what?”
“Just kidding,” I said and slowed down the car.
“We are there,” I said and pulled into an open gate.
‘Crystal Zoo’
“Why are we here?” she asked.
“Im gonna tell you,” I said as I unfastened my seatbelt.
She did same.
I bought tickets and we walked around the zoo, staring at different animals in their own cage and taking pictures of them.
“So tell me now,” she said, impatient.
“This was the last place my family and I last went to before they died,” I said.
“Can I ask you something?” she said.
“How did you escape the fire outbreak?” she asked.
“I wasn’t home, I went to play football.. when I came back, our house was on fire, I wanted to go in but so many people held me back. I regretted ever leaving. I should have stayed and died with them, and seriously I hated football cos it was the reason why I didn’t go with them,” I said.
“Im sorry all this happened,” she said.
I smiled, “It’s okay.”
I threw bananas to the monkeys and she did same.
“I pray I don’t loose my mom and my sister, I won’t bear the pains. I would die with them,” she said.
“You won’t,” I said, then I had no idea when I took her hand.
She looked at me and I felt suprised too. I left her hand.
“im sorry,” I said.
I took pictures of the happy monkeys.
**Clara’s POV**
After hours of going round the zoo, we were back in the car.
I fastened my seatbelt.
His lost family was the reason we came here.
I feel so sad for him.
Drake I feel really sad for you.
He drove off.
“Drake just be careful with the slope please,” I said.
“I will,” he said but then didn’t do as he said.
He sped so roughly that I thought the car was going to turn!
“Drake!!!” I shouted.
He pulled to a stop.
“Im sorry Clara. I can’t bear to recall the memories. They hurt so much.” he said.
I saw a tear drop from his eyes.
Im sure he’s been holding them back in there for hours and now he couldn’t just hold them back anymore.
I sighed, “Drake it’s okay,” I said.
“Can it ever be okay? I lost everything,” he cried.
I took his hand, “You didn’t” I said.
He looked at me with teary eyes, “How?”
“Because you got God and you also have a friend and friends help eachother,” I said and wiped his tears with my thumb.
“You did this the times I cried, so there’s no crime if I wipe your tears too Drake. You’ve been helping me all this while to get over my heartbreak and I see no crime if I help you get yourself at the moment from the memories of the past pains,” I said and wiped all his tears away.

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