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(The Billionaire’s Toy)


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🙌Seven POV🙌

“Why are you always scared???
“You’re the one making everything difficult, you won’t just want to talk and you’re always hiding yourself from Emily”.

“Nothing,it’s just that I don’t want to get into any trouble. I’m always scared whenever I am around you….
It will be more better if I should rest my head on your chest.
Like that, I won’t get scared” Beauty said and slowly drop her head down on my chest.

“Why won’t she just explain what happened???
She won’t just talk, she like keeping quite and that’s too bad….

“Jake boe many hours left!!
“Just be fast because it’s getting darker” i blurt out to Jake.

“Sir,it’s just 3hours left and we are gonna be in Delhi” Jake replied with his whole attention on the steering.

“Take a shorter route” I snarled back.

2hours 30minutes later

We approached Mumbai in Delhi at my father’s second house. That’s where Knight and few of my relations resides.

“Take the laugages and gifts in” I said to Jake and brought out my phone. No one knows beauty is with me and they might have been looking for her.
I don’t even know her relations,talk less of having their digits”

“Done Sir. It has been packed” Jake signalled.
They are waiting for you inside, especially Knight. He’s so much excited to see you” He added and rush to stand at the door post.

I opened the door and took the sleeping Beauty in my arms. Still in sleep,she’s clutching my red cloth like I am going to run away.
Jake rushed and opened the huge shining door…..

“Indians and their lifestyles”
“Stupid beliefs and traditions” I rolled my eyeballs and step in.

“Look at my grandson!!!
Davesena,your brother is here” my Granny smiled,bringing out a flat plate that contained some red particles,flowers and a short burning candle while Davesena was bringing out a plate of yellow oil.

“No no no, don’t step in”
“Not yet” Knight smirked just like me.

“Yes,you’re right. We need to do some prayers so as to protect you from that wicked Massey…
She killed my daughter and now she’s after my grandchildren!!
I just wish the almighty can open your father’s eyes so that he can see that his sister is evil.”
Granny blink back tears and quickly replaced it with a smile.

She rolled the chandelier 7times in my presence…and throw me some flowers.
That’s the way Indians pray.

“Can I come in now??? I gave a small smile.

“No,you can’t come in!! Knight winked at Beauty who was still sleeping peacefully in my arms.

“Who’s she and why is she holding your cloth like that???
Davesena questioned.

“You don’t need to ask him such questions. It look foolish to me. You should see it that seven is in love” Knight pouted.

“Yes grandma. Go ahead and pour the oil” Davesena took the plate of oil and pour it carefully on the floor.

“Davesena what are you doing with the oil?? I asked.

*pour it on the floor so that you can step in” she replied.

“What’s the meaning of all this nonsense??? I retorted.
I chuckled at their funny tradition of pouring oil on the floor before couples can step in..

“We ain’t couple yet!!! I retorted.

“You ain’t couple and she’s sleeping and at the same time hiding her head in your chest???
“She won’t even leave your clothe!!!
Davesena seethed at beauty’s childish attitude.
“You’re just jealous because she’s more beautiful than you” Knight teased Davesena.

The two are always acting silly. I left them and went to lay beauty in one of the guest room. I kissed her forehead and left her in bed.

“I see what you’re doing?
Knight banged into the guest room.
I arched my brows at him,meaning what do you want.

“Nothing……..she is so beautiful… beautiful like a goddess” knight commended the Sleeping Beauty with his eyes on her long lashes..

“Back off Knight, she’s my property” I speak calmly because I don’t want to be harsh with him.

“Your property!!!
She’s not an asset” he blinked his lashes, and took his eyes off Beauty who was sleeping peacefully in bed.

Anyway Seven, I miss you. I miss you so so much and I wonder how you’re coping with that aggressive Massey” Knight said while we both walked to the back of the house.
It was specially decorated with different country flowers and tiny gem stones.

“Massey is just getting worst each passing day. Even Emily and Len, they are just all over me. And the worst part is that Dad will not just believe that Massey is the beast.
Even you,she has been trying to kill you” I smirk and look into knights eyeball.
I saw myself,the real me.
Same hair,Same eyeball,same lips,same ears,everything.
The difference is just our heights.
I am a bit taller than Knight.

“Masey won’t even dare!!!
She won’t succeed” Knight made a sad face and quickly replace it with a smile.

“And that girl!!! He blurt out to my face.
“Which girl?? I smiled because I know where he’s driving at.

“That girl!! He smiled the more.
“She has the face of a fucking goddess even in sleep” Knight said,referring to Beauty.

“But do you know if Massey have actually find out about her.
She look really disturbed in her sleep like someone is after her. It’s like someone has been threatening her lately. Can’t you see the way she was holding your cloth even in sleep???
Knight mumbled.

Exactly that but the problem is that she does not want to talk…
“She does not want to tell me the person that is threatening her” I voiced out to Knight,sincerely.

“She does not want to talk, then you’re gonna force her to talk. It will be very bad if she continue keeping quite….Seven just do something.
I suspect Len.
Len is a fast thinker and can actually handle girls because he can always read their mind. I’m sure he must have said something evil to her.

That’s the only reason why she can be quiet.. I’m quite sure Emily is going to be a turn in her flesh also”
Knight ruffled his hair.

“Cool” I pouted and start fixing my headset.
Knight left,leaving me to listen to my crazy music.

🎃Knight POV🎃

Seven is in love with another brown haired girl. I just hope he won’t get broken by her childish attitude.

“Where are you????
I heard a tiny shout behind me. I turned in a swift and met her, she’s awake already. She keep walking briskly around the huge house even when she doesn’t know where she’s going to.

“Just get out of here!!!.
“Where are you??? She turned around and push her long hair in frustration.
She speaks just like a toy😯.

“Seven,get out of here” she said in a soft whisper and scan the large hallway door.

“Ohhhh goodness😱😱😱😱
What am I doing here again??
“What has Seven done to me again??
She pouted and placed get head on the wall.

So funny to watch”😎😎😎
I watch how tensed she looked.

“Please do you know where I am???
“Where is Seven????
She rushed to my back and questioned me.

Why are you asking?
I turned back at her and allow her to see me clearly.

Just awesome!!!
Like a goddess.

“Seven!!!,she rant on my face…

“You’re beautiful even when you yell” I chuckle at her cute rant.

“Seven stop it and start telling me where I am!!
She speak calmly and look into my eyeballs. She think that I am Seven,not knowing that I am Knight.

I decided to use that opportunity to find out about who has been threatening her.

“Common,tell me who have been threatening you lately???
I questioned her with a smirk,just exactly the way Seven does.

You’re not Severn….
You only look like him….” She caught me off guard and turned to leave.

“If you’re being quite then you’re killing yourself slowly!!
I gasped at her and it was more of a shout.

She flinched backwards with a pounding heart and leaned against the wall.

Her heart beat increased and her body slump downwards slowly.

“What’s happening here Knight???
“What did you do to her???
Davesena bombarded me with questions.

“Scratch that off,I didn’t touch her”
I replied Davesena who was busy checking her pulse.

Soon, Seven showed up. When he saw beauty lying on the floor with Davesena,his happy mood changed.

“What did you do to her???
He questioned me.

“Buddy I didn’t touch her. I just shouted at her that she should not be quiet” I answered Seven and look at how his heart pound faster.

“You shouted at her!!!!
Seven questioned again, like he does not here what I said earlier.

“Yes,I shouted at her” I replied simply.

“You shouted at her!!
He questioned again.

“What’s happening to her????
She just fainted!!! Davesena shouted the more.

“It’s okay,don’t shout again!!!
Seven said and carried Beauty in a bridal style.

“Yuck…… Seven!!! I called his name.

Knight stay away for a while”
He uttered and went away with her to the guest room.
Again, he turned back.

“Don’t try shouting at her again!!!
He said,trying not to be harsh

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