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( Odeya )
She showed me her picture
What whippet
” you should know her she attends dreame high” rose said
I smiled,just the right girl.
“She told me she doesn’t sing”I said
” Yes, she can’t even sing properly anymore. When she’s singing she ends up crying.her dad warned her never to sing and each time she sang he would beat her up. He would bath hot water all over her.
He would give her a painful Mark.So she stopped singing
She is scared to live her dreams.please Dont expose her to the world, If her dad hears that she sang he would lock her up.No one will See her again”rose said
” What!!”i said
” Yes,odeya Is not yet ready to fight..I guess she doesn’t have a reason to fight yet” rose said
I smiled and she bowed.
I walked headed home.
3 hours later
I was about delivering pizza when the rain started.
I already covered it well,i hope I the owner Wont get angry at me.
I feel so cold,am so tired of life and stress.
I keep smiling but it doesn’t mean am okay.
i never expected to meet this rain.
I feel so stupid right now.
Soon I arrived at the mansion in the address.
I uncovered the pizza from the pack and knocked.
He opened the door
” am sorry sir,i didn’t mean to meet the rain, now the pizza–
“Whippet?”he said
I looked up and it was Jeremy. and I just smiled widely when I realized it was Jeremy.
My luck..Jeremy will surely manage.
“Oppa is this your house?”i said
“Yes..my main house.come in”he said
I saw female shoes inside so I delayed
“No am wet and I am late for work..I better go”I said.
“In the rain?”he asked.
“Yes…I need go work to hard” I said and handed him the pizza and tried runing away.
“Come quickly” he said and dragged me inside
I heard her voice from in.
Is that zaina
” Jeremy is pizza delivery really slow here?”she said
Omg its not his own and the pack is wet.. am dead.
“Oppa its not yours?”i said
“Noo,Lets wait till the rain is over.so go into that room and deliver your pizza” he said
I nodded
I was really scared
Is it his girlfriend.
I turned back and he smiled and waved at me.
I walked in and there she sat
Lenora Thompson
I shouted on top of my voice.
This is the only female idol who gives Me hope when she’s singing.
Tears filled my eye..I love her so much.
” unni” I said and she turned.
“Thank you so much,its kinda wet but I can manage” she said
“I love you so much ” I said and gave her a thumb up.
She smiled and Jeremy too watched us from her door.
“Thank you, why are you wet..if you want I have extra clothes” she said
“Ahh no,I might get fired for delaying.”i said.
“Fine change then I will let you go” she said.
I nodded and dropped my phone on the table as well as the list of work places I need to report to today.
I walked into the dressing room with her
” ahhh lets see” she said and handed Me a dry gown.
Jeremy’s pov.
I was really curious so I picked the paper she dropped on the bed.
She was I inside with nora so i had to keep myself busy.
All I saw was different work locations and time
I smiled
How many jobs does this girl work.
Like 13,even by 4am.. what kind of life is that.
She’s really suffering too much.
I need to meet Diego.. I need to tell him about odeya.
I just don’t know if you would want to sing deya but trust me…it will change your life.
I saw her coming out so I dropped everything.
She tied her hair up.
She wore a pretty gown.
Lenora’s clothing suits her.
She looked expensive
The rain already stopped.
” Thank you..but I really need to go”she said and bowed before I could talk she hastily ran away.
“Bye!”I shouted.
Lenora smiled.
I sent Diego a text to meet.
Jace already texted me that bryan is back and he’s better.
I walked back into the guest room to steal her pizza
Zaina’s pov
I feel so bad, why is that girl around Jeremy’s house.I just drove past her I can’t believe she came out of his house.
ODEYA is so cheap and stupid.
I couldn’t even stop my tears threw away my phone from my car window.
I headed home
I met Kim nana..just the right person.
I fell down on her making her kneel on the floor
“What happened, quickly tell me”she said
“She is seeing jeremy nana,that new girl is breaking my heart And I cant even talk back at her jeremy keeps standing up for her” I said.
” zaina sorry,but you need to move on.Jeremy doesn’t like you he might even have another girl whom he’s serious with” she said
“No,i love jeremy nana.
she’s too proud because Jeremy is standing up for her she thinks no one can stand up to her,she keeps hurting me bes” I said.
“What!, enough of this let’s go to school tommorow, i need to see the girl.” Nana said.
I wiped my tears.
Bella rushed out as well as kira.
She had been begging nana for weeks now so finally I think nana agreed.
Finally i pray nana will hate her when she sees her so she can take her away from school and away from Jeremy’s reach.
Next day
I sat in the cafeteria in school
I felt hot so my jacket was partly open.
I am lucky this chair was empty my favorite.
Min ah walked out and sat beside me.
I kept looking at her skin.
she’s pretty and expensive, she’s so white and rich.
So why does she like me even she knows am a commoner?
I am even scared of touching her I have not touched her before.
we are different persons,am not her level I should be a maid in her house.
I too,i wish to be classy someday.
” deya are u going to keep looking at me?” She said
“No good morning” I said
She smiled..
“Thank you.”she said.
I smiled..
Two boys walked out of our dean’s office.
They are not from our school.
One if them waved at her so she smiled so beautifully.
“Thats my boyfriend”she said
“Hes pretty” I said.
“Yes, he is an idol too,from spiltz”she said.
“Wow what’s his name?”i asked
“Kelvin…the other cute guy is their leader Ian.”She said.
I nodded
“So tell me who’s your boyfriend..huh!!”she said happily while taking my hand.
I smiled shyly
She moved my jacket from my body
“Baby why is your skin like this, where you flogged?”she asked.
I smiled then I hastily covered my jacket well.
“I got flogged alot when I was growing” I said.
“Oh sorry.” She added.
I nodded and placed my book on the table.
I just felt so bad right now
“Min ah why do you like me so Much? I am not your class” I said
She smiled and her phone rang
“He just called..I will meet him outside”she said
I nodded.
I opened my book.
Just then someone tapped the table I looked up.
Kim nana and her crew where walking towards me. students started gathering. Did I offend nana, but I had been avoiding her.
She looked at me with familiarity.
” stand up, nana wants to sit and talk to you” a girl said.
I started packing my books.
Nana scoffed
“I don’t need your chair dear, move with it” nana said,She used her leg to kick down my chair and I fell flat on the floor.
I wiped my tears and all the students started laughing.
Some boys dropped a sit for her and she sat facing me.
” so you are even the same girl who I sent to help Bryan right?”she said.
” am not”I added.
“Shut up,its you.I sent you to help Bryan because you were s-squares staff. Only a commoner can handle such stressful work so how did you get into dream high?” She said.
I stood up and tried packing my books
“I owe you no explanation nana”I said and tried taking my books but her followers where faster.
They took my book
“When I talk,no one talks.
don’t you know?”she said calmly as She took my book one by one from her boys and flinged them into the Bush.
” please stop”I said.
She took my book and started tearing out the pages one by one
it took me so Much to write that note.
” tell me, where u the one who saved bryan that night?”she asked
She tore out another page
“Where u the girl who I met that night”she asked.
She tore out another page.
“U work for s-quare..are you a commoner?” She said.
” Well……
She dropped my book and landed the plate of ice cream on my face.
I smiled and took a deep breath.
“Can you talk now? I just want to know one thing.
where you the girl who saved Bryan.?
” Well I was….
Min ah rushed out.
“Kim nana stop it” she said
Nana smiled
” tell her to talk so I Wont waste resources Investigating her” nana said.
“Nana I thought you over grew this bullying stuff…you too kira I thought you changed and u zaina, all of you; What are you all looking at.
Am so mad at you right now ..so mad” she said and dragged Me up.
” min ah drag the dirt out” nana said.
I cleaned myself and the whole students laughed at me.
Min ah helped me out
I was crying because of my note and my uniform.
Nana walked out and ran into Bryan and Jeremy.
I was shocked to see them.
BRYAN looked at me in such a way that my heart felt electrical shocks.
He looked at me For a long while, he just looked at me..only me.with such a plain emotionless face
Nana tried walking past when one of them held her hand.

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