The BadBoy Diary
(Helping Her Get Over Him )
Written by, Rejoice
#Chapter 30
**Drake’s POV continues**
I pulled into the apartment and got out of the car to Clara’s door.
I had gone to the hospital to pick her up only to be told that she was given a break and had left.
I clung to the shopping bag and rang the doorbell.
It took her quite awhile to open the door and her stoic face came on, her eyes landed on the shopping bag.
She wore a loosed pink trouser and a matching pink singlet.
She looked just sweet.
“Hey Clara,” I said, feeling so excited. Excited that im back home to stay with her.
Excited that im gonna be there for her.
“Hey Drake,” she said and let me in.
I closed the door and a movie was showing.
“I went to the hospital to pick you up and was told you were given a leave,” I said.
“Yeah,” she said but her expression wasn’t so good.
“What happened?” I asked.
“It’s something that would heal,” she said.
“Tell me,” I said.
We sat down and she told me everything.
I had no idea when I pulled her into me cos she began sobbing.
“It’s okay. It’s so better. Trust me, so you can be home and rest awhile,” I said, with the happiness within me.
At least that doctor would be away from her for days or maybe weeks.
“I don’t wanna stay home. Danelle is back to school. I’d feel really lonely and that’s gonna make me think so much,” I said.
“Hey im here,” I said.
She withdrew and wiped her tears, then stared at the bag on the floor.
I picked it up.
“Well I knew you gonna be hungry, so I got you this. Im hungry as well,” I said and brought out the sandwich.
She took it.
“And I got you this too. A novel by Luanne Rice,” I said and showed it to her.
She smiled, “Summer of Roses,” she read out and took it.
“I like the cover design,” she said.
“Yeah me too,” I said and turned to the tv. She did too.
“Drake did you carry me to the bed last night?” she asked.
I inhaled, “Yeah. you fell asleep,” I said.
“Wake me up next time,” she said.
“Thanks for driving my sister to train station,” she said.
“You don’t need to,” I said.
I decided to tell her.
“I was given two weeks leave.”
“Oh really, why?” she said.
“The manager said that I need it cos i’ve not gotten one since I’ve been working there,” I said.
“So you’ll be here to disturb me right?” she said.
I smiled, “I wouldn’t do that.”
Went on watching the movie untill she slept off with her head on my shoulder.
I smiled and let her lay that way.
It gave me this exciting feeling.
This lingering feeling
I traced my hand to her hair and caressed it.
I don’t wanna wake her up and I don’t even wanna leave her sight..
“Drakee” she muttered.
Then she quickly sat up, and rubbed her eyes.
“Drake go now. Goodnight,” she said and stood up but she staggered back and I sprang up and caught her.
“Be careful,” I said and she withdrew her head that landed on my chest.
She pulled away.
“Thanks. goodnight,” she said, going to the door. I followed and walked out.
“Would you love a work out in the morning?” I asked.
“Uhmm.. I think,” she said, then closed the door.
I breathed out.
I got to my room and fell on my bed as I couldn’t stop thinking about Clara.
The second time she had layed her head on my shoulder while she slept.
The time I caught her and her head came on my chest.
That feeling..
Argh when will I ever have you Clara? im so inlove with you!
{Tuesday }
I woke up.
Wore my trouser and shirt.
Fixed my trainers,
picked my wallet and phone and left to Clara’s door.
I rang the doorbell and she opened in few minutes.
“Hey goodmorning,” I said with a smile.
“Hey goodmorning,” she said with no smile.
“Work out?” I asked.
“So early,” she said and left the door.
I came in and closed the door.
“I’ll go change,” she added and walked to her bedrrom.
I sat down on the couch and waited.
Soon she came out in a black yoka trouser and white shirt and trainers.
It all revealed her wonder shape.
We walked out and soon we were jogging through the walkway.
The sun was just getting out out and the time said ‘6:10am’
We jogged side by side as we headed towards ‘Forever Garden’ which will be about thirty minutes jog from here.
Im just few minutes Clara was already breathing hard and was getting tired.
I smiled.
“Hey let’s stop awhile, so you can catch your breath,” I said and she stopped before I even finished.
She rested her body on the walkway rail, breathing hard.
I checked the time ‘6:30am’
“Thirsty?” I asked.
“Kinda,” she said.
“A kiosk is over there, let’s go,” I said and she loosened her hair and repacked it. It’s so long. I felt like removing that band so it could fall to her shoulders and air would blow through it. I slow motionly imagined it.
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We got to the kiosk and I bought two bottle water and handed her one.
“Thanks,” she said, taking it.
She wanted to drink and I stopped her.
“Huh?” she raised her brow.
“Just few minutes jog to that garden, let’s try that before you drink water,” I said.
She rolled her eyes, “You’re joking Drake, Im thirsty,” she said.
“Fine. drink,” I said and she opened the water and gulped down to half of the bottle.
I smiled.
“Let’s jog now,” I said.
“Nop let’s just walk,” she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“We are almost there,” she said.
“No.. you’re tired,” she said.
“Im no-”
A bicycle was speeding towards… it was going to hit Clara.
I pulled Clara to me and the bicyclie sped past and smatched on a wall a little distant away.
I stared at the bicyclist. It’s the same bicycle boy yesterday.
I still held Clara tightly… not letting go.
This boy could have hit her with his damn bicycle!
“Drake?” Clara called and I turned to her.
“You are holding me too tight,” she said.
That was when I got myself and withdrew my hold.
“Are you alright?” I asked.
“Yeah I am,” she said and looked at the boy.
“It’s the same yesterday boy,” I said.
The boy climbed back onto his bicycle and rode forward and I don’t know when I pulled Clara back out of the way for him.
But he stopped in our front and I let go of Clara.
“Hey what’s wrong with you!” I yelled at the boy.
He smiled, “Im very sorry about that. This bicycle is really giving me troubles,” he said.
“Be careful and don’t go hitting people with it!” I said.
“I apologise. Uhmm in Nuel and you too look really perfect. Have fun,” he said and rode off only to land on a refuse dump.
“Crazy!” Clara said.
“Really crazy,” I said and we crossed to the other side.
I had no idea that I was holding her till she tried pulling away.
I stared at our hand intertwined and I let go.
“Im sorry,” I said.
She kept quiet.
Where’s her water?
“Where’s your water?” I asked.
“Fell out then,” she said.
I’ve not opened mine. I stretched it to her.
“Have this one,” I said.
“No im okay,” she said.
I smiled, then noticed something coming behind. I turned to see and it’s the boy again!
I quickly shited Clara out of the way and he stopped in front of us.
“What’s your problem?” I asked.
He smiled, “My problems are really much but there ie one I really need to solve now or I won’t get paid by Madam Haley and her husband,” he said tjen brought out a pink card from his bumbag and stretched it to me.
“Lovers night party by 8pm tomorrow held by Madam Haley and her husband. Im inviting you, please come,” he said, the card still in his hand, stretched to me.
“Drake leave this boy, let’s go,” Clara said.
I glanced at her and she seem upset.
I turned back to the boy.
“We ain’t lovers, we are just friends,” I said even though I wish to take the card.
He arched his brow then breathed out.
“You can just come and act like one. Please the cards are still much and I need to give out the whole cards before I can eat. I love food so much,” he said, the card still stretched out.
I took it and he grinned.
“Thanks.. thanks,” he said. “but you both look just perfect, great, awwwn, please be there, 8pm, it’s gonna be fun..” he held the handlebar and sped off almost knocking a girl down. She screamed and cursed him.
“Jeezz this boy’s gone nut!” Clara said.
I chuckled, “I just think he’s funny,” I said and opened the card.
“Why did you collect it?” she asked.
“He needed us to,” I said.
She shrugged, “It’s not like you must attend the party,” she said.
I smiled, “Right.”
But I so much wish we would.
I’ll convince her.
[From Author Rejoice Books ] “Lovers Night Party, held by Mr and Mrs Haley. Don’t miss it. Time; 8:pm, Venue; Haleys House, 21st Austin’s street,” I read to Clara as we sat at the garden.
“Uhmm cool,” she said.
I closed back the card.
“Ah, look at him again over there!” Clara said.
I looked up to see him talking to a couple at the road.
“He’s doing his job,” I said.
She unpacked her hair and repacked it again.
“You like doing this,” I said.
“I love when it’s tight. When it gets loose, I have to repack it again,” she said.
I smiled.
“I don’t feel like leaving here. It feels so cool here,” she said spreading her hand.
I smiled.
“Yeah it is,” I said
Just the way I won’t ever leave you.
She stared at the ducks in the fountain pool.
“Ain’t you gonna get a phone? You need one,” I said.
“I don’t wanna have anything that would make me think,” she said.
I sighed.
Then I heard talks behind and I listened.
Oh my Daisy, see
Oh yeah, it’s all over the media, they were caught in-
I got up and pulled Clara up.
“Let’s go,” I said and without minding, I pulled her along untill we were far from the two girls.
I withdrew my hand.
“Hey what?” she asked.
“Im sorry,” I said.
“Why did you do that?” she asked.
“I uhm.. im sorry,” I said.
Her face went pale,
“I heard them,” she said.
I sighed, “It’s okay. Let’s go,” I said and took her hand. She pulled it away.
Fine! I understand.
We got to the road and she scanned around with her eyes, “I don’t wanna see that boy!” she said.
I smiled, “You won’t.”
We walked home.
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